‘Massage chair’, was the very term she used whenever she wanted to hop onto my lap, which initially started out as a way to get attention whenever no one was giving her any. As innocently as it began, it was also an increasingly risky behaviour as her body matured, even somewhat faster than her older sister.

I could still remember how light and tiny Yuna (‘Y’ for younger) was, bearing a figure not too unlike Tina (‘T’ for taller, older), especially when they swam actively. By the time they entered secondary school, I was in my late teens, doing my diploma in Business analysis.

Even then, possibly having gone through the mandatory ‘sex education’, they would still jump into my arms, while I burned midnight-oil. It was about then, their firm, perky asses poised a problem for me, at an age where most guys were most – ‘sensitive’.

It was a no-brainer, that both of them could sense my unwanted erection poking into their thin, flimsy shorts they wore for sleep, but neither of them ever said anything. At most, we would just remain silent as I distracted myself with the work on hand.

One night, a particularly late one, Yuna joined me in my budget, gaming chair from Courts. My plan to open my legs for her to sit between, was graciously thwarted as she actually held onto my knees, before sliding her ass over my thighs. At once, I could sense the ‘nakedness’ under her, though there was, respectfully, a pair of panties around her butt.

When she saw that I had some difficulty sliding those old, creaky, unlubricated wheels forward, she helped, by jerking her hips back-and-forth. To put it simply, both the chair, and I, got closer, to different ends.

I barely lasted ten minutes into my project when it started to ache between my legs, largely from her fidgeting to get her legs in a comfortable position. Finally, I could not take any more of this ‘awkward’ habit and let off a deep sigh, at how weird our relationship had become.

‘Kor.. can I ask you something?’


‘Does it feel good?’

(I replied harshly) ‘Not really. The natural angle is up, but it’s not.’

(She cried guilty) ‘What? Really?!’

She immediately slapped her hands on my forearms (which were resting on the armrest), pushed herself up, and relieved my manhood of any more suffering. With a guilty and concerned look, she turned towards me, bent forward for my shorts, and ‘cleverly’ used the few seconds I was stunned (at her bare-chest in a down-blouse view) to right my ‘discomfort’.

That springing effect of my dick, certainly amused her as she swiftly wrapped her fingers around it, and instantly replaced ‘ache’ with ‘pleasure’.

(I snapped) ‘Hey hey.. that’s enough.. ‘

The clueless, inexperienced girl then sent me into another hell as she tightened her grip, pulling too much skin up as she slipped one leg at a time into the space below the armrest, immobilising me with the fear of her, ripping something off.

‘Can you continue your work like this?’

‘No? How could any man?’

The last word, or rather, expression, I heard from her was a giggle, before she tucked my rock-hard manhood into one side of her panties. To that, I must admit, that I was surprised at how un-abrasive her choice of underwear was. It felt really smooth, as I stayed snug under her damp, warm pussy.

‘Yuna.. you went through the sex education class right?’

‘Uh huh.. ‘

In her yet-another, naive attempt to sit closer to me, she firstly slid her hips forward, forcing me deeper into her undies, then arched her back outward (towards her back) to relax, and coincidentally let her soft, delicate opening meet the tip of my penis.

‘Hey hey.. don’t move anymore.. ‘

(Yuna whispered) ‘you’re.. so warm.. ‘

With that, she moved her butt another inch forward, forcing my tip to press so hard into her pussy, that a resulting ‘pop’ opened her world up to someplace more desirable, yet fearfully-mysterious.

(She whispered) ‘are we having sex now?’

‘Al.. ahhffu.. yes.. we are!’

Another inch popped into her and there was nothing else holding me back, from pulling her tiny waist right onto my belly. At that depth, her untrained body fell limp in my arms and I knew better, to quickly relocate her elsewhere before we actually did anything.

Very carefully, I climbed onto my bed with her hugging me like a koala bear, only to find her reluctant to let go.

‘Yuna! let go! quick!’

No amount of ‘shaking’ would free her legs around my waist, at least not until I was tired enough to crash into bed with her. It was at the moment, when my dick went all the way into her vaginal, did she sober up. Instead of listening to me, she pulled my face into hers for a kiss, that kickstarted my engine below my waist.

No more sensible words came out of her that night as we exchanged familiarity for the explosive, indescribable bliss, generated through each push that widened her eyes in a silent scream, and each pull she savoured with her eyes closed.

Thrusting in and out of her gapping vagina, every stroke was sufficiently lubricated for a repeat visit. In more proverbial terms, the baby duckling was turning into beautiful swan, as her shutting vaginal walls made each passing second less bearable.

(I whispered loudly) ‘yun? i’m.. ca.. haa.. haa.. ‘

Before the worst might happen, I yanked my cock out of her and fell backwards, in an upright sitting position. Yuna then proceeded to impress me with a split (of her legs), just so she could place her chest near the bed, head hovering right above my skin-tight shaft.

As soon as she laid a hand on my throbbing pipe, she placed her mouth over it and gave it a hard suck. Seeing that she was doing nothing else besides that, I gently held her head and moved her lips up and down over my cock, until her tongue arrived to stroke the underside of my cock.

‘yun? shooting! shooting now!’

Right at that instant, I fell (back) onto my back as she replaced her small hand around my shaft, jerking so ever lightly to the impending eruption.

(Yuna moaned) ‘Mmm! mmmmmm!’

Hot cum spewed into her mouth, filling her cheeks up like I had never came before. Just as I was about to pick myself up, I noticed a shadow, resembling a head, at the door.

(I asked) ‘Yun? Did you close the door when you came in?’

(Yuna sighed) ‘I don’t think so.’


That was all I thought of myself at the end of it, despite having emptied my balls. I braced myself for the unthinkable and turned the bedside lamp on, to face Tina whose face had this disapproving void.

‘Mei.. go back to your room now.’

Upon hearing that, she straightened her t-shirt and left the room. There was no other word to describe how I felt, except ‘sick’. As ‘agreeable’ as Yuna was to this, there was no reason to subject Tina to such a dilemma (to rat, or hurt through blackmail).

‘Kor.. you lie down.. on your back.. ‘

Whatever she had planned, even if she wanted the same, it would never make up for the wrong I did. Hopeless, I obeyed her instructions and laid down, all to ready to go through her punishment.

Little did I expect, to see Yuna peeping at us, as Tina held my cock vertically upright. Sure, her hand felt good, but it only made things more painful when she flicked her middle finger at the small, brainless head. After one flick, she took her time to soothe the pain, before unleashing another.

The strange, mindless snaps caused an unexpected reaction, of an erection that was harder than before. And as for Tina, she seemed to be enjoying how much power she had over her poor, pitiful brother.

Without any mercy, Tina landed another blow and swiftly gave it a kiss, where her lips then descended to give me a much-needed relief. I was honestly that stupid to expect anything else, when she had intended to bite me for the longest minute of my life.

As the pain overwhelmed any sanity left in me, I grabbed her by her hair and shoved her face into my groin, to the point where she had no choice but to choke on my cock. Once she freed her teeth, I pulled her away and flipped her onto her fours.

It wasn’t until my cock was parked right outside her pussy, in doggy style, did I relax any of my grip on her.

‘Tina.. I know Yun and I.. ‘

(She whispered loudly) ‘JUST.. Fuck me already.. ‘

Once again, I replaced my hands on her waist and brought my hips forward, momentarily poking at the wrong hole before I ‘slipped’ into the right one. That shock almost sent her leaping forward, if not for my grip around her waist.

Having nothing more to lose, I rammed my cock deep and hard into Tina, pounding her at the fastest speed I could manage. Yuna, who was looking from the side, went up to her sister and helped manage her mood, by fondling her breasts to smoothen out the ride.

Unlike Yuna, Tina’s body was so sensitive, and responsive that she reached her second orgasm within three minutes, causing her vagina to collapse so hard I had to concede earlier than I wanted.

Wanting to give her sister what she got, Yuna rolled Tina onto her back and laid on top of her, in missionary-style. With their pussies lined up, I spent some time inside each of them until I was near orgasm. From there, I sandwiched my cock between their hairless, smooth groins and resumed getting myself off.

In the end, we managed to direct my cum into Tina’s mouth, though she just let Yuna suck most of it out. Since the two girls were exhausted beyond rescue, I went to their room to catch my rightful sleep.

Since then, the three of us more or less stayed together, doing what we do for love. Despite our vastly different lifestyles, none of us looked elsewhere (for love), and remained closely ‘bonded’, until I got my own flat.

Because from then, we were (un)officially free to do anything, and everything we ever wanted to, and for each other. And yet, strangely enough, ‘massage chair’ returned, as the girls’ way of hinting ‘quickie’ at any time they wanted to just mount me and ride out an orgasm.

Just imagine.

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