‘Such a slut huh?’, he whispered in a conceited tone into her ear as he slipped one hand over her ass under the short skirt with no resistance, while he continued grinding his bulge over her curvy hips. Unknown to him, all, but one word of that phrase offended her, and she knew exactly how to put him back in his place.

Without hesitation, she grabbed him by the collar, pulled him close, and reminded him, that ‘I’m only allowing you to do that cause my boyfriend says so.’ Immediately after that, she released her grip, swung both arms behind (around) him and firmly held onto his hips, to make sure he could feel how ‘deep’ she could put his hard on between her ass crack.

The shocked, jealous, and beaten-down clubber could only follow her lead, if he wanted more ‘treats’. Sure enough, he was no more than two steps behind her as she left the dance floor, making her way out of the club for someplace else.

Both high on the effects of alcohol, it took them a while to reach the shopping mall a few minutes away, and even more time to find a dark, quiet spot at the second, topmost floor. Just as a man, presumably her boyfriend, showed up around the corner, she quickly turned his attention towards her, by placing his hands under her D-cups as she stripped her thongs off from under her skirt.

‘He allows you to do this too?’, he asked in a doubtful tone, as if she would disobey her man. A simple ‘uh-huh’ awakened the hardest erection he had for the night, that was promptly relieved from the tight confines of his jeans into her caring, gentle hands. Lucky for the wall behind him, he had something to lean against as she massaged his cock, in long, lasting-upward strokes while he expressed pleasure in the varying volume of his groans.

Out of goodwill, she allowed him to touch between her legs, in turn giving her clit some kind of motivation while she weakened him even further. It wasn’t until five minutes (of the torturous handjob) later, did he whisper his deepest desire, ‘am I allowed to fu.. have sex with you?’, with perhaps, the most pitiful look.

Her spiteful and playful vibe went away at once, and he wouldn’t be wrong if he thought he had screwed it up. Clenching her fist a little tighter around his cock, she snapped her teeth at him and hissed, ‘No. But I’m allowed to fuck you. Do you want me to?’

How else do you think he responded?

Still out in the open, she dragged him by the cock into the handicap toilet, shoved him onto the toilet bowl, went down on her knees and gave him an unforgettable, taste of her powress. Almost immediately, he let off a loud grunt as her lips sunk right down his shaft, to the tensed-up balls, before she made her way ‘up’ so ever slowly to push him over the edge.

It was about that time she began her little feast, that her man popped his head into their activity space, to alert her of his presence, and also assure her of their privacy. With less to worry about, she went even faster and harder on his cock, drawing out his strength as he squirmed in the ‘comfort’ of his seat.

Listening to the dirty, erotic noises coming from within, the man outside, couldn’t help but reminisce, about his girl’s soft lips, gently wrapping around his manhood before prescribing pure bliss. There was no denying, that it was the abundance, excess, and thickened-texture of her saliva, that made her blowjob so ‘effective’. Wet, warm, and slippery, the way she made him feel never fail to make him shudder in excitement.

The tired, dishevelled man was almost lifeless when she decided to go for more, by straddling herself over his cock – raw. As soon as his cock slid into her overly-wet vagina, he was mentally disabled, literally. Except for his dick that remained rock-solid, the rest of that gentleman, was swiftly reduced to a moaning, groaning and twitching pile of meat, at the mercy of her relentless, hard bouncing.

Feeling that thick, hard piece of fleshing diving in and out of her erogenous walls, it was difficult for her not to climax, as much as she wanted to save it for her rightful man. Within minutes, she let off an exasperated moan as she shrunk around his hotrod, whose throbbing only extended her joy.

Once she resumed rocking her hips on his lap, it was a matter of seconds, before he started making strange noises. As expected, it was his turn to cum and as the sexually, well-trained woman she was, she alighted the ride with nanoseconds to spare, despite her immutable craving to be filled with his warm, white substance.

Replacing her pussy with hands, she aimed his cock upwards as she jerked him off, using some saliva to hasten the process. Fast enough, the man came, and went (limp) as cum sprayed into the air, and landed onto his inner thighs. As the thoughtful girl she was, she wiped him as clean as she could before leaving, with her man to another corner nearby for more raw, unprotected sex that would deliver his cum to its rightful spot (and depth).

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