Stranger Danger

(She asked) ‘Hey.. long time no see?’

‘Yeah. I’ve been busy with work these days. How about you?’

‘Oh. Same same. Not much free time either.’

Beyond formalities, there were hardly any other words exchanged, as we walked side-by-side on the same path, in the direction of the ‘corner’ where we first met. When we ‘overtook’ each other in an alternating, timely-but-subtle manner, it was, more or less, an unanimous decision for ‘it’.

After strolling for another five minutes, we reached the block of silence and boarded the lift, heading straight for the top-most floor where the only, familiarly-eerie unit stood. I have to admit, that it was that exact moment when we entered the lift, that ‘fantastical’ thoughts had began clouding my head.

Standing politely behind the petite, fun-sized woman, it was too easy for my mind to wander, the beauty under that body-hugging t-shirt, neatly tucked into a black, high-waist, buttoned-down, A-line skirt. In the brief, twenty-seconds of privacy the lift gave us, she had managed to twist that very skirt sideway, and unbuttoned the four lowest caps to instantly turn it into a high-slit skirt.

Once we arrived at the same, nice patch of ground one flight (of steps) down, she graciously took a seat and waved me closer. Upon stepping up to her, she carefully undid my pants and whipped my growing erection out of my underwear, before pulling it up again for a quicker ‘turnaround-time’ in case.

Given how it was only our second encounter, I had not expected her to take the lead, much less initiate a gentle, but invigorating massage on my cock. Curling her fingers into a loose fist, she extended a thumb vertically under my shaft and very caringly, ‘milked’ upward. That simple, two-stroke motion, was all I needed, and not expected, to pump even more blood into my pipeline.

Within a few minutes of working her magic, I had a glowing, swollen little head, that a speck of glistening pre-cum was seeping out of. The rest of my dong was, needless to say, solid, or about as stiff as I could get. Despite all that foreplay, I still didn’t feel an ouce of ‘rushed’, or the least bit ‘impatient’. She did, know her way around my little one.

For a moment, she felt more like a well-trained nurse, than the ‘pleaser’ she suddenly unleashed when her lips went over the reddish, marshaling ‘wand’. Like me, I supposed, she displayed no signs of hurry as she pulled my waist forward (in her direction), maintained her gradually-cheerful gaze on my blissed-out expressions of joy, while sucking me high.

On every ‘outward’ stroke, my manhood could almost imagine, itself being drowned in lust as she tightened those luscious lips at the bottom, dragging up and along the entire shaft, with an abundance of saliva ofr lubricant, until the tip ‘popped’ out. In minutes, I was rock hard, ready to return whatever favour she demanded out of me.

Sticking her arms up at me, I swiftly helped her onto her feet and awaited her next cue – though I admittedly should do a little more before she turned her back at me. In that position, she reached from under her legs and caught hold of my dick, thwarting any further attempts to reciprocate her efforts.

Nevertheless, I went along with her and shifted myself closer, to a distance where she could ‘park’ my cock – at an unbelievably wet opening.

My gasp, didn’t went unheard as she immediately slipped me inside, only stopping as far as she could safely reverse into (my motionless body). To our pleasant surprise, she froze right there and then, for a three-second struggle before placing one of her legs three steps higher to ease the ‘tension’.

(She whispered breathlessly) ‘you’re bigger.. than.. hahhhh!’

The evil me didn’t let her complete her sentence when I fastened my hands on her waist, and jammed the rest of my exposed organ into her, for an immediate relief like ActiFast. With that groan diminishing into an exasperated sigh, it was my turn to repay the favour and I continued thrusting my hips, leaving no inch(es) uncovered as her juices trickled down my balls.

For insurance, I cupped one hand over hers on her mouth, and made sure to ram her extra hard, to ‘test’ the noise suppression. I guess it was a good kind of problem, that those muffled cries of sex only made us hornier as her body jerked erratically to my engorged cock splitting her insides apart, over and over again.

Now, as we know how ‘speed’ can muddle sensations, it wasn’t the case then. Because of my sheer size, every thrust felt difficult, in the sense that I could strongly feel her pelvic bones squash-stopping me as I forced my way in – in reluctant willingness.

A few minutes of fast-humping later, I released my hand on her mouth to get a better hold her hips, for a much harder, deeper, and faster pounding to get the best out of her, as we both rightfully deserved. Soon, besides the unmistakable, futile gasps of pure pleasure, we were producing dirty, skin-on-skin slapping noises, representable only by respectively; her mindless, uncontrollable body tremors, and my all-out, cringing facial expressions.

(She gasped) ‘IMMM.. IMMM.. gonna.. kaaa.. mmmghhhhh.. ‘

That groan lasted for as short as her knees gave way, bringing her into a spread-eagle kind of stance (with one leg forward), me onto my knees, and her vagina buckling my dick painfully down to a standstill.

Being the man I am/ was, I went against all odds and resumed making rapid, shallow thrusts into her convulsing pussy, until I was too worryingly thick.

(I whispered breathlessly) ‘shit.. okok.. I’m going to.. take it out slowly.. ‘

In the blink of an eye, we turned into sheep as I, carefully dislodged my cock from her love hole. The exhausted lady then collapsed onto her butt to catch her forgotten breaths, at the same time grasping onto my cock like a slippery eel.

The initial feeling of a cock-block, or blue-balls, soon went away once she started jerking me, to the same rhythm she was rubbing her clit. Switching between her warm mouth and juice-covered hand, my body slanted in every direction until I regained my ‘mood’.

Just about time it felt ‘too long’, my countdown has started and I gave her the final warning. Without risking a mess, she stuffed me into her mouth and let me face-fucked her, for the few seconds until I let go of the sides of her head (I was holding onto).

Like how all good things must come to an end, she pushed her face away from my cock when I was about peak, leaving my twitching, sad cock for ‘all’ to see. Faced with that sort of a snag, I instantly lost all meanings in life, let alone the pity-massage she was giving to my balls.

(She whispered in concern) ‘do you still feel like cumming?’

‘now? not really.. not anymore.’

‘OK.. good.’

By then, my mood has gone from ‘maximum arousal’, to a possible blue-ball event, that not even a sexy hand-blowjob might alleviate. Not wanting one more person to leave disappointed that night, I went along with her request, to sit on the stair while she straddled my lap.

I had supposed, that no matter how much more ‘thrilling’ things might get, too much time and disappointment, have overwhelmed any more enthusiasm I might have.

In short, I no longer felt like cumming.

The determined woman then took her time to rub me hard again, thereafter plopping me back into her pussy. Since she was in a cowgirl position this time, her insides were naturally more relaxed, enveloping me like a weighted-blanket instead of a bear-hug.

After I was ‘tucked’ in place, she reached backwards for my testicles and caressed with them again, in her cold palm while her other hand fondled her clit. It was then, I understood how seconds could feel like minutes, as lucid images of her vaginal walls, squeezing down on my manhood, sprang to life in my head.

In a way, in that particular, cowgirl-style, public display of affection of ours, it was the most discreet, tranquil, unhappening scene, where the breathtaking magic was actually taking place under her displaced skirt.

The tiniest response, from the rhythm of her breaths, to the shifting of her eyes, to the varying distance between her two lips, could not be any more infectious, piling right onto the sensations my dick was bombarded with.

Her helpless breathlessness, made me a little harder, her hopeful, darting gaze, made me a little longer, and her invisible, shy grasps from down under, made me a little thicker. Still, there were no ‘big’ movements by any of us, which only drove me crazier.

A ‘symphony’, would be an understatement to how I was awakened, at the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual level(s). It didn’t seemed too difficult then, for me to be so ready, for whichever, higher-beings out there to claim me.

(She panted) ‘ready?’

(I whispered) ‘yes.. do what.. you have to.. ‘

With that, she wrapped her wet fingers over the base of my exposing shaft as she repositioned her feet to squat, rising just high enough for most of my cock to exit. On her way down, the hand she placed behind her, groped whichever part of me was within reach, from my shaft, to my testicles, and finally to the perineum, where it was knowingly the most sensitive region then. Being engulfed in a hot, throbbing pussy, certainly didn’t went well with the fingertip massage she was doing in that tiny space (between my anus and balls).

The rest, took less than five seconds, before I blew my entire load, plus overdraft, deep into her vagina that left no drops unturned, as she derived her subsequent climax from mine.

Following that wholesome release, the two of us just sat in the unnerving stillness, faces full of satisfaction from the constant ‘squeezing’ and fidgeting to tease our mutually-vulnerable state of weakness.

When we were done, we were really done without any mess caused, save for the drops of wetness she expelled from our doggystyle romp. It was honestly a little worrying, when we found ourselves limping out of the lift, like we just had a good workout and only felt the effects later.

It could be a pity, that the effects of such a mind-blowing, refreshing, fetish-awakening kind of fun, not too different from the unexpected epiphany of choking, slapping, etc., could only be done once.

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