‘Oh don’t bother!’

Before Kate could even step out of the five-inch, killer heels she wore for her bachelorette night, she was led to the bed where they held onto her hands, for perhaps another surprise, that she wasn’t too surprised for. After some rushing about to get into ‘position’, AA, pulled a blindfold over her eyes and laid her flat on the bed with BB’s help.

As ‘crazy’ as the evening was, Kate knew the girls well enough, to entrust them with her final night of freedom. Lying in bed with AA and BB, it wasn’t until two minutes later when the door of the hotel room swung open, for a seemingly-endless line of men to stroll through.

(Kate asked in disbelief) ‘WHAT? A strip-show?’

The men appear to be undressing like she had thought but they didn’t just stop at their undies, instead, going all the way until they were completely nude – and stroking their dicks.

By then, Kate’s defensive mechanisms had kicked in, in the form of a struggle that the girls easily overpowered. When the first of the men stepped up to the bed, another two sisters, namely CC and DD, had took up their positions at her legs, and effortlessly held them apart for all to see the thongs she wore beneath.

(Kate screamed) ‘HEY HEY! WHAT THE FUCK! AA! CC!’

The designated ‘first’ guy, crawled up to her (pussy), ripped her panties off, and in the blink of an eye, forced his cock deep into her disagreeing vagina. Without a flinch, he then proceeded to fuck the crying, pleading girl in missionary, for the rest of the men to watch.

Sobbing as her pussy was ravaged by a dick larger than her fiancée, Kate was fighting against the orgasm that was building up so quickly inside her, from all the violent, pleasurable friction caused between her vaginal walls and his vein-lined shaft. Pounding and slamming his hips hard onto her groin, she was helplessly compelled into a climax where he came unfazed into the engaged lady.

Once he was done, he pulled out and left the bed, for another man to take his place inside her. This time, it was a thinner, but longer cock that stretched her innards deeply, spreading out her sensitive walls for more incessant rubs that only muddled her senses further.

(She cried weakly) ‘BB.. DD.. help.. me.. haaa.. haa.. sheee.. ‘

Once again, an orgasm overwhelmed her mind and tightened that exact spot, shutting far enough for the man to exert his final bit of strength before he blew the second load into her.

A third man, stepped forth and took control of her unresponsive legs, holding them mid-air while he tucked his swollen penis into her tight buns.

It wasn’t before long, Kate stopped struggling and let her ‘sisters’, did what they want, letting more men enjoy, taint her chastity, before filling her up with their dirty semen. When the seventh guy parked his meat into her, she was already lying in a puddle of cum, moisturing her ass as her body jerked lifelessly to the fuckers defiling her.

Some time in between all that, she was rolled over onto her chest, to lubricate her front as well while another guy fucked her in doggystyle. The minutes, that felt like hours, covered her in more cum than clean, untouched skin.

(AA asked) ‘Are you the last?’

(Kate mumbled) ‘last?’

(BB replied) ‘Last four!’

For a few seconds, there was no movements, but it sadly didn’t take them too long to get a dick back inside her pussy, two at both hands, and one more at her face. Possibly the bravest of the men, he shoved his anticipating cock into her mouth and wasted no time in face-fucking her, while the others went about the gangbang.

That last part, was truly a free-for-all as the guy banging her came sooner than any of them, followed by a near-instant replacement that came almost as quickly. One by one, up to the second-last guy, poured their cum into her overflowing pussy, and stayed around to hold her down while the cock in her mouth exploded.

At half-past-midnight, the ordeal was over and the sisters made their sickly way out of the sex-stenched room.

(CC on phone) ‘.. Hello? Jake? You know where we are? ..Yeah. Can you come to room 421? ..Yupp. Kate is waiting for you here. ..OK ..Bye!’

With that, the room was cleared except for Kate, and the pool of scum she had no strength to climb out of. That night, no one could imagine what the two went through, as they learnt that none of the so-called ‘sisters’, or ‘brothers’, were really interested to attend their wedding.

Whatever happened to Kate, while unbelievable, wasn’t as bad as the decision she had to make, about having wild, raw sex with her husband, whom has been tested HIV-positive from the one-time, unprotected-sex he had with a carrier while high on drugs.

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