Not Too Much

Barely a second after the GrabCar started moving, Maeve kicked her heels off and placed both her feet on the seat, before she carefully removed her panties from underneath. As surprised as I was to her behaviour, I was more concerned about her safety, especially in the presence of a stranger (the drive).

Once her bottom was bared, she lunged forward onto her fours and went daringly for my pants, which I of course was reluctant to give in. In the midst of the struggle, the driver could obviously tell what we were up to, and glared deeply through the rear-view mirror at me.

‘Sir, this is a special ride chartered for you two. Lie back and enjoy yourself.’

Though I was puzzled by his statement, my mind knew that it was safe, to stop resisting her advances and let her undo my pants. Within seconds, her mouth was all over my meat-stick, licking, kissing, and savouring every inch, unlike the ways she has always done to me.

I was swiftly, brought to a new high as she spared no foreskin unturned, sliding her lips as far down as my balls once she started bobbing her head up and down over my shaft. The fine-tuned tension, unmessy lubrication by her saliva, momentarily diverted that ‘blowjob’ into an experience, as immersive as how she would feel whenever I was inside her.

Maeve certainly set a new record as I was left limp and breathless in mere minutes, too weak to overpower her submersion in the untouched depth of pleasure. Each time I felt like I had enough, she would drop her mouth all the way down and let her throat quiver, heating my meat with such warmth only her pussy could deliver.

Once I was adequately drained, she helped me to the center of the seat, and plopped her pussy over my deranged cock. For the first time, she was taking her time to ride me. Every inward-stroke, pushed me to such a depth that I wanted it to last for eternity, then followed by an outward-pull, in a tight grip that awakened the monster in me.

The whole process took as long as the driver needed to park the car, in the yard of a private house that I didn’t recognise.

‘We’re here.’

Like a child, Maeve jumped out of my lap and led me into the posh, three-storey building, but not before she stripped herself naked behind the closed door. We made our way to a room on the first floor, where a canopy-bed awaited us. In place of curtains, long, padded leather straps draped over the strong, metal frame, clearly designed for BDSM.

Somehow, Maeve seemed all too familiar with the set up when she fastened two straps around her shoulders, two around her inner thighs, and wore the thickest of them around her waist like a belt. With the help of the ‘driver’, she was hoisted into midair like a paraglider.

‘Baby.. come in front of me.’

Still in a little shock, I stepped up to her face and let her take my cock into her mouth, naively oblivious to her plan for the evening.

We had about five minutes to ourselves before the heavy, wooden door opened again, this time, to a masked, able-bodied young man whom I guessed was Asian (from their skin colour).

(Man asked) ‘Maeve?’

‘Yes.. stop talking, and do what you are supposed to.’

Without hesitation, and probably in much haste, the tanned guy hopped into bed and went straight into her. Maeve quickly took me back into her mouth and let his jerking momentum guide her blowjob, though she was more than capable to just twist her body to avoid too much movement.

So there I stood, firmly on the bed, watching that unknown man fuck my precious little girl, at a speed he could barely catch up with, in such raging vigour like that was all he has been waiting for. From the way he called her name out earlier, I knew that they were acquainted, but I was clueless about her identity until Maeve moaned a familiar, but well-understood name.

‘Da.. Dan.. ‘

Her one-time fling, had now turned ‘two’. Given how excited he was, it was no wonder he came quickly, into the condom he repeatedly squashed as he kept on pounding her. When Maeve took a pause on my dick, I knew she was up to something. Something that sent Dan groaning as he came harder than the first time, before he tumbled out of bed.

After he made his way out, a bigger, fairer, masked man entered. At once, I knew who he was. It was without a doubt her classmate, whom was a bit rude in his correspondence to her.

(I asked) ‘Shaun?’

‘Uh-huh. SHAUN? You know what to do?’

(I commanded) ‘Wait.’

I then ushered him to where I was, her face, and invited him to take off the rubber. Immediately, Maeve knew what to do and pulled herself towards his crotch, taking his cock around her lips without a flinch. As for me, I went behind her and slipped my raw, saliva-slathered cock into her pussy, and banged her at a rhythm that didn’t disrupt her indulgence.

Prying her vaginal walls apart with her rightful dick over and over again, I could tell from her moans that she was enjoying herself, like he was to her examplary display of lust for me. As ‘big’ as he was, she was taking him balls-deep, slowly syncing her tempo to the speed I was thrusting.

It was a pity, that he couldn’t last any longer when I made use of my fingers, to tickle her clit as I slide that thick piece of meat in and out of her. He too, wasn’t shy about grabbing her head to face-fuck her, going all the way till he blew his load into her mouth.


That impolite spit was more than we could give to his unrespectful act, which sent him darting out of the room in a joyful-spite. A third man, then made his way in, and none of could guess who he was.

(He asked) ‘Maeve?’

‘That’s me. And you are?’

I went up to Maeve’s face so I wouldn’t miss what she said, if she did. Although we didn’t know him, I was more distracted with what he had. Beneath the condom around his dick, would be a size that Maeve would never expect.

Nonchalently, I waved him to come over and he did what the others did, rubbing the tip of his cock over her pussy before he gently wedged it in, summoning the deepest gasps, and hardest grasps I didn’t know she could.

Seeing the crazy, eye-rolling-white, distraught mood Maeve was in, I couldn’t be more pleased with this arrangement. The burly, white man just kept commenting on her tightness as he fucked her in fast, tensed, shallow strokes. However far he went, she was too much his little (big) head.

Soon, the room was filled with exasperating sighs and groans, mainly caused by the unintentional edging, by his sheer thickness that brought upon her unvoluntary tightness. Still, he managed to cum in the end, and left us the cum-balloon he so neatly tied.

The rest of the night consisted of similarly well-endowed men, plunging her into darkness, then dragging her out into the light with intense orgasms. At some point, Maeve became a lifeless body that the men still sportingly engaged, closely monitored by yours truly.

Despite her exhaustion, I could see how much she liked it, from her blissful smiles, occasional gasps, and frequent kisses on my concerned face.

At the end of the night, we were sent home by the same driver, who was totally cool with me messing around in the backseat. I, for one, would not let her go (home) unappreciated, and lacking my cum. I dutifully took up my place in missionary-style and kept going until I emptied my load in her, thereafter watched that fatigue, semi-conscious lady suck those clingy-thick, whitish cum off the fingers she kept stuffing inside herself.

It was a night to remember, for the X number of us.

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