Sunday Mess

(Eda asked) ‘Oh! The mall is closing. Let me go use the toilet first.’

(I replied) ‘Ok. I’ll wait for you here?’

‘No la. Come with me.. ‘

With that, Eda dragged me by my wrist into the handicap-toilet and left me by the door as she went about her business, stripping off her panties and shorts before releasing a loud stream of pee.

Given how she had ‘invited’ me to the scene of one of her more-private moments, I kept my gaze affixed on her as she relieved herself, flashing me a shy look before wiping herself down.

Once she was done, she got up, lowered the lid, flushed the toilet, and sat back down. How could I resist, when she waved for me to go closer to her?

Nothing more needed to be said once she undid my pants, took my cock in her hand, and gave it a gentle massage to wake it completely up. It was so easy for me to get caught up in her careful, unhurried strokes, though we were definitely in a ‘rush’. Once my flagpole was erected, she locked her eyes onto mine until I looked at her, for the precise moment when she gave the very tip of my cock – a kiss.

I could see the arousal setting into her as she parted her lucious, red lips to fit me inside, for the much-needed relief from a whole day of window shopping. There wasn’t much to say about how relaxed she made me felt, apart from my tightened grip on the railing behind me for support.

In time, I realised that she was probably as tired as I was, so I stopped her at the part when she took a break. Quite naturally, she got up and climbed over the toilet bowl, into the doggystyle position that needed no introduction.

After a condom was snuggly-fitted between us, I swiftly brought my cock to her pussy, and slipped the very first inch in to see if she was wet enough. By the sight of my drenched-and-slippery-tip, we already knew how late I was.

Without wasting a second more, I plunged all of it, straight in to make up for my delay, and she had no choice but to cover her mouth with her hand as I continued thrusting my hips. Her extreme-wetness, had somehow diminished the pleasurable sensation on my cock, though it was only, very slightly.

In return, it meant that she was well-lubricated for me to go all out, pounding and shoving my cock as deeply as I wanted without the fear of an early-ejaculation. With both hands gripping her waist firmly, my mind was suspended in an euphoric state as she grew tighter around my manhood, which didn’t have any immediate effect due to the amount of juices she was leaking.

‘Ca.. I’m.. ca.. minggg.. ‘

In less than three minutes of my relentless, violent thrusts, she had reached her first orgasm that completely overwhelmed her in a small fit that I had to hold onto her so she wouldn’t lose her balance.

She was obviously overworked by the time she had caught her breaths, and there was no other positions than the missionary to finish up what we had started. As we were still in a public amentity, there wasn’t much time to spare.

I quickly replaced my cock inside her once she was comfortably set down on her back, head resting against the wall so she wouldn’t fall.

Like a machine, I slammed my waist as far as I could go into her and went at it like a bunny, in her less-wet pussy from our earlier, wild sex. We spent another five minutes in our blissful, sexed up mood before I felt the urge, for an overdue discharge.

‘I’m shooting.’

Her feeble body leaned over to the sink where her panties were and she unfolded it flat onto her palm, a clear statement to where I should finish.

Before I reached the end, I pulled out of her, removed the condom, and rested my swollen cock in the middle of her undies. Eda then carefully wrapped my cock in it and proceeded to jerk me off, at the same rhythm as I jerked my hips into that hand.

In a minute or so, I let off a deep grunt and promptly sprayed my warm load into her undergarment, which obviously couldn’t soak up the entire load. Almost as soon as we were done, we quickly cleaned ourselves up and I stepped out of the toilet, leaving her alone to clean herself up.

After that, we boarded the train and left in our separate directions for home, minds filled with an unbelievable experience for a plain Sunday evening.

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