Rebuilding a Family

As surprised as I was by the hand suddenly going over my mouth, I felt nothing but gratefulness as I knew, or rather, we knew, better than to make any noise, especially in the middle of the night. While I had that ‘surprise’ to wrap my head around, she was already going for my boxers, lowering them just far enough, to pop my cock out for a breath of cold, morning air.

Being a single parent, there was nothing more fortunate than meeting another, who was as easy-going, positive, and trustworthy, despite being of the opposite gender. As far as ’empathy’ went, we were, kind of, in the same situation, but thankfully made less-harrowing once we decided to live together.

Our unconventional cohabitation, proved greatly helpful as we both had jobs (luckily, at different timings), and could share one-too-many things we would otherwise double-spend on. All in all, we lived – like a family.

Over the brief period of a month, we had grew accustomed, and were comfortable with each other, like how our children were with us. We became tolerant of many things, except for being so ‘under-dressed’ at times that we knew was unintentional, yet helpless against. Of all the things we ever spoke of, we never once brought up the probably-important(?), issue of ‘sexual need’. As adults, I assumed that she has that taken care of, although I couldn’t see any obvious changes in her behaviour if she was truly seeing someone.

Nonetheless, I won’t deny that I had, erections that were caused by her ‘carelessness (a.k.a. flashing)’ around the house.

Leaving myself in her ‘care’, I was suspended in anticipation until her lips finally went down on me, flooding my little head with the soothing warmth of pleasure. Sucking so ever gently, she released the hand on my mouth and wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft, stroking it in opposing directions to her bobbing head.

Any attempts to touch her were fiercely flicked away, trimming down my guesses (of her game) down to one that meant for me to ‘stay still’ or ‘lie back and enjoy’.

Stripped of ego and tasks, I kept still and only writhed and twitched to her varying strokes, from the slow, playful, tip-lick, to desperately-agonising handjob, and sudden, sustained deep-throat which she would only lift her head up when she gagged.

Long enough, she figured out what made me tick, and also what pleased me most. Right after a series of deep, rapid, face-fuck depth blowjob, she jumped into bed and squatted over my groin, all done while on her feet.

Before I realised, my dick head was in contact with her soft, wet pussy, parked right at the opening where her labia had began to split down its middle. Having never seen her so careful, it was surely a moment to savour as I heard her soft, airy moans, expressing (dis)comfort as the third inch of my stiffened cock disappeared into her.

Long after, like two minutes, our groins finally touched, alongside my regretful misunderstanding that a woman of her age would be less – tight. No more time was wasted as she picked herself up, making gruelling, grunting noises, and letting off satisfied moans on the way down.

While she gradually found the tempo to keep ‘bouncing’ up and down my slippery shaft, my mind was thrown in disarray by her varying, ‘colourful’ transitions of her pussy. It almost looked like an old, Windows screensaver, where a triangle would bounce around the edges of the screen, leaving a trail in its path.

That, was exactly what it looked like when I closed my eyes, in limbo as her vagina tightened, relaxed, milked upward, then downward, queefed, then drooled a lot, before turning soft and ever-mushy inside.

On that final ‘stage’, I finally saw the ‘woman’ in her, while slowly edging closer to climax.

(I whispered) ‘cumming!’

Upon hearing that warning, she dropped herself one last time down my cock and then slowly pulled herself away. She quickly returned to the side of my bed and replaced her mouth over my cock, resuming the jerk-suck trick she did earlier.

In a minute, I let off an ever-liberating sigh and pumped my balls empty, into her mouth where I knew would dispose of my baby-making juice properly. Little did I foresee, to hear a ‘mmm’, an indicator of how, or rather, where, my cum went.

Right around that time, the familiar sound of an alarm clock went off, and she darted out of the room to shut it off. That last part, where she sucked me so carefully to extract all of my cum, occupied my mind for such a long time, until I heard everyone waking up.

During breakfast, the same alarm clock went off again, forcing Mabel to turn it off again.

Right. Why would mummy turn off the alarm the first time if it was meant to wake Mabel up? Unless, Mabel was supposed to be in her room when she wasn’t.

After the kids went to school, we got dressed as well, and mummy, got my full attention when she pulled me into her arms at the shoe cabinet, the furniture we rocked really hard as I rammed my cock into her pantyless pussy, in doggystyle under her tight, black office skirt.

At around the same time that night, I was awakened by a hand going over my mouth, but not before I heard mummy’s voice. Relieved by the clarity, I let her undid my pants and went down on me, before locking our lips in passion.

Not long after, she rotated her body into 69 and deep throated me while I ate her out, to the point where she was squirming and moaning too hard to keep sucking me. It was also then, when she sat upright to let me have my fun – or not.

Never would I imagine, that another pussy, likely belonging to the only other girl in the house, to go over my cock as I was being restrained, by the threat of suffocation (by mummy over my face).

Uncaring about my plight, the two of them just went all out on my manhood, swapping her daughter’s pussy for her mouth and taking over mummy with her hands. Dragging my mood through unthinkable hell, it was only a matter of time before I had to cum.

(My muffled cries) ‘MMMHHH! MMMHHH!’

(Mummy whispered) ‘I think he is cumming. Can you feel it?’

At that point, I had nothing more to lose. So I let Mabel take me all the way until I blew my load into her, filling up her small pussy so quickly that some began to ooze out of her. The excited mummy hastily bent over to start licking up what she could get, at the same time Mabel pulled herself away from me.

Seeing how mummy ate Mabel out for all the cum’s worth, I didn’t know if it was still considered sexy. By the time they were done, Mabel was understandably exhausted, partly by whatever she was fed. As for mummy, she took a few more minutes to suck me dry, before concluding their fun at my expense.

On their way out, mummy collected the GoPro, that was hanging by a lanyard at the doorknob. That leverage, meant that nothing happened within these four walls.

(Mummy whispered to me) ‘we will have our moment before work.’

So, it was me, who is fucked.

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