(Jason pleaded) ‘Be gentle k?!’

(Cindy reassured) ‘I will.. ‘

Jason couldn’t help but let out a gasp as Cindy held his erected cock in her hand, aiming it towards her vagina before giving it a tug to nudge him closer. With all eyes stuck to his manhood, they both took a deep breath of air at the instant his penis touched her pussy, right at the entrance where he would steadily push his dong forward.

For as long as they could remember, they have been visiting countless clinics, hospitals, and even specialists, just to confirm that there was no way to ‘fix’ their unique, unprecedented, genetic condition which rendered them more or less – infertile.

While the siblings were sexually active (with their own partners), the problem(s) only arose when either of them wanted to bear their own children. The outcome of their attempts to conceive, was deemed impossible due to a defective chromosome that existed in both of them, though it happened differently due to their genders.

For Cindy, her body would tag foreign DNA (like sperms) as a ‘virus’ and kill every last one of it before any could reach her ovaries. And in Jason’s case, his sperms would be identified as a ‘virus’ which the female bodies would then eliminate.

Because of that, they had finally come to a conclusion, that none of them would ever have their own children, unless their bodies would naturally ‘right’ each other’s problems.

That, was what led them to this point in time, where Jason was slowly pushing his cock into his younger sister. Apart from the awkwardness of having incestuous intercourse, everything else, from pleasure, to the epiphany of a possible miracle, was running their courses properly.

‘I’m going to start moving now.’

‘O.. kay.. ahhh.. I can’t believe.. ‘


(She whispered) ‘.. how good this feels.. ‘

Delighted at the same thoughts they shared, Jason felt a little more relaxed as he began picking up his pace, shoving his penis deeper and faster into his sister. As the duo gradually fell into the addictive pleasure of sex, they got increasing louder at expressing their love for each other.

The timely, rhythmic internal motion of her vaginal walls matched his thrusts so well, heightening their sense of belonging to new, unknown levels.

Within minutes, he was thrusting according to his desire for her, just as she was moaning for him to keep going. The initial dryness, caused by their restrains for each other, gave way to an ample amount of juices leaking out of her pussy, to lure him deeper.

Soon, the table began to wobble to their repetitive motion, tilting back and forth in his increasingly-graceful strokes. It didn’t take long, for Cindy to lose her sensual moans and make agonising noises, in readiness for an orgasm.

(Jason asked) ‘Mei.. are you.. coming?’


Before she could say another word, he pulled his cock out of her and left her pleading for more. At that point, he helped her off the table and flipped her onto her chest, into standing doggy where he replaced his cock inside her.

Nothing more was said when he swung his hips at her rear, driving his cock as deep as she could take, all the while making voiceless screams of joy.

The pair just fucked their brains out right there and then, in the kitchen filled with dirty, creaking noises. Jason’s erection was strangely on form that night, lasting more than fifteen minutes in their unspoken tryst.

(Jason groaned) ‘MEI! CUMMING! NOW!’

At the moment he made his last push into her, she clenched her fists and tightened her vagina, to create an unbearable pressure that forced him to convulse as his cock pumped out loads after loads of creamy, white cum.

Throughout all that, Cindy maintained her ‘grip’ as she felt his shaft forcing her apart, coincidentally creating more space to store his precious exlir. At last, once he had gone lifeless, did she let him out, along with the excess she couldn’t keep in her pussy.

(As Jason panted) ‘did you just.. purposely.. squeeze.. ‘

‘Yes.. oh my god.. I’m so full now.’

They then returned to his room where she cleaned him up with her mouth, just to know if his ‘special’ cum tasted any different. That night, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, on each other’s naked bodies.

Though that would just mark the first night the brother-sister pair would have mindless, raw, primal sex to have children on their own.

The only person who knew their secret, was her gynecologist, who saw the siblings’ unsurprised expressions when she announced the positive pregnancy test results. Their children, a son and a daughter, suffered no deformities apart from being terminally infertile.

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