Extra-Curricular Sex-tivity

(She whispered) ‘I think I’ll let her sleep for a while more. I need some time to myself too.’

With a sigh of relief, the tired, working mum crashed into the couch where I was working at and took a sip of wine from my glass, clearly exhausted from her own, long day. That evening, was just one of many which I brought her daughter home (with my son), for dinner while she worked O.T. for a bit more cash.

Apart from being long-time neighbours, it wasn’t too much trouble to cook for one more kid, although she had quite an appetite for my spaghetti. Since we (the adults) were considered ‘close’, I was completely cool with her ‘inappropriateness’ in my home.

Paying little attention to her, I continued my work (on the laptop) until she shifted herself closer to me, before sliding a hand over my lap to my groin. Shocked by her action, I was about to push her away when her body just toppled over mine, trapping me under her as she pecked away on my neck.

That ‘attack’, coupled with the hand incessantly roaming at my groin, took away any strength I had to resist. One thing quickly led to another and her hands were soon in my shorts, while I did what a man should(n’t), unbuttoning her blouse to expose those full bosoms to grasp at.

Our lips finally met and I have to say, it was filled with so much lust and desires that we quickly lost control of ourselves, stripping the necessary undergarments away from each other. In our hurried attempt for some foreplay, she rotated herself to put us in a 69-ish position and swiftly took my cock into her mouth, while I stuck an arm between her legs to fondle that sweet, salivating lower-lips of hers.

The two of us couldn’t stop moaning and gasping as she squirmed to my agile fingers, which drove her mouth faster and deeper down my shaft. For some reason, it was so easy for me to vividly imagine how she looked like as she went down on me, with her white blouse undone all the way and black, knee-length skirt hiked up over her ass, which I had one hand under as I fingered her carelessly.

(She moaned) ‘Haa.. I can’t take it anymore!’

With that said, she hopped off the couch, stood over my weakened state of undress, and lowered her pussy over my cock. In a swift, heartless descend, I was instantly overwhelmed by a hot, throbbing tunnel of flesh that was contracting involuntarily along my shaft.

Upon slamming her butt onto my groin, the shock wave channeled some strength back into me, although it took a few more minutes of riding before I had enough to ‘overthrow’ her. Turning us over onto her back, I raised one of her legs over the headrest before ramming her pussy full of cock, relentlessly pounding her silly as she tried to catch her breath.


As soon as I heard that, I yanked my cock out and she automatically assumed a doggystyle stance, sticking her ass out at the same time I slipped my manhood back into her. Without wasting a second, I resumed banging her non-stop, while doing my best to ‘last’ in front of a shapely, young mother whose pussy was getting pumped sore.

(She groaned loudly) ‘I.. I.. CAN’T.. ANYMORE! SHIT!’

From the back, I saw her clenching her fists as her vaginal walls collapsed, at the same time along the entirety of my dong. I too, was nearing my limit as she approached climax.

(I moaned) ‘I’M.. CA.. CUMMINGGGGG!’

Her upper-body suddenly swung upwards for me to hold against my chest as we exhaled exasperated breathes of sex, spending exactly three seconds in that position before I blew my load deep into her vagina.

It was also that split second when guilt overcame our sexually gratified bodies, forcing us to disengage and in the shortest time possible, return our clothes to their rightful place.



Just in the nick of time, our kids ran into our arms and we split without saying more than we should. It was about 11pm, past her daughter’s bedtime, did I receive a message from her.

(She texted) ‘Still awake?’

(I texted) ‘Yeah. And I want to apologise about earlier.. ‘

(She texted) ‘Meet me on the 12th floor stairs. We can apologise there.’

It would seem, that she had no intent to ‘talk’ when she appeared in a see-through, black, translucent nightie which was quickly pushed out of the way as we went for another round of hush-hush sex – in plain sight of nobody.

Never again, would we do such things in front of our children, opting for the numerous ‘hideouts’ around our block instead.

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