Triumph Card


(Female tenant shouted) ‘来了来了!等一下!’
Translation: Coming coming! Wait!

Lili, the wife of the family who rented two rooms of my apartment, then took a full minute before she answered the door, which revealed a man (I deduced from his voice) of ‘special relations’ to her.

Listening in to their cheesy, affectionate exchange of words, I knew that she was up to no good behind her husband, whom just left the house an hour ago for work.

For the next two hours, the whole house was just filled with hysterical moans, exasperated groans, and loud, intense declaration of lust. The part of me that was perplexed, was also as excited to have such ‘drama’ unfold before my eyes, right in my home.

After the man left, she returned to her room and presumably masturbated herself to two more orgasms, which could be heard clearly as she cried a man’s name out loud.

Despite all that has happened, I could not ignore my hunger (for breakfast!) anymore and left the comfort of my room, only to hear hurried footsteps moving towards the kitchen where I was about to fix myself some food.

(Lili asked worriedly) ‘Jacky, 你一直都在家吗?’
Translation: Jacky, have you been.. home the whole time?

(I replied) ‘是的。’
Translation: That’s right.

(Lili cont.) 那.. 你什么都听到了吧?’
Translation: So, did you hear everything?

Translation: Yupp.

Without saying a word more, she gave me an endearing smile and took over my job of spreading cream cheese over a slice of bread, before feeding it to me. Naturally, I rejected her inappropriate advances and reminded her that her family affairs were ‘none-of-my-business’, except that she didn’t buy it at all.

Powerless against her overwhelming guilt that turned into immense insecurities, which she brought upon herself, there was nothing more I could do besides going about my day.

Once I made myself comfortable on the couch, the irritable lady stood in front of me and removed her t-shirt, exposing the state of undress, along with a stunning, well-maintained figure.

Translation: Tell me, what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything.

Translation: Why don’t you sit down? (like literally not do anything)

To my surprise, she did just that, but not because I had asked her to. She brazenly reached for my shorts and pulled the waistband down, revealing my flaccid, uninterested cock which was clearly not a problem for her. Without any hesitation, she bent her chest over my lap and took my cock into her mouth, kissing, sucking and licking it until I was helpless erect.

Quickly swallowing up my last bite of food, I finally had the chance to make some noise, in retrospect to the long, downward trails she made with her soft, pouty lips. As I got more engrossed, I stretched a hand over to her legs where she quickly repositioned herself to let me touch, all the way up her thighs to the freshly-shaved (and fucked) pussy that was drier than the Sahara.

Translation: Am I wet?

‘Not really.’

She guided my finger lower down her slit where I could sense some moisture, undoubtedly mixed with the cum of an unknown man. As aroused as I was, I made it known to her that there was no way I would have sex with her, and she took it understandably in stride.

‘那没关系。我就一直这样做.. ‘
Translation: It’s fine. I’ll just keep doing this then..

Shifting herself to kneel between my legs, I felt like a king with some huge leverage on someone else’s hotwife, living out my dream to partake in the most effortless kind of pleasure. It was about then when she increased her pace, sucking my cock faster as she jerked the bottom of my shaft, building up an orgasm that was visibly prominent by the thickness of my shaft.

(I groaned) ‘我.. 我要来了!’
Translation: I.. I’M CUMMING!’


In a flash of the moment, I let my cannon, and myself go in her face, pumping out load after load into the safety of her jaws. After sucking me clean, the shocked/ impressed mother of one fell onto her butt and swallowed my cum, as her eyes widened in horror.

Translation: MUM!’

Her daughter, having walked through that door at the worst time possible, was luckily, reasonable enough to hear her mother’s explanation. ‘For sex’, was the reason given by mummy to her activity with the unknown man, and ‘for silence’, was our get-out-of-shit-free card.

After more long, dreadful minutes of a private conversation between the mother-daughter pair, I couldn’t believe how she convinced her teenage daughter to side so firmly with her.

Later that night, the poly student came into my room and we came a few times, in hushed, intense rounds of raw, passionate hot sex. So I guess, her daughter is now tasked to keep me ‘busy’ while her mum gets ‘busy’.

Poor daddy?

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