Coming Out on Top

(Maeve whispered) ‘you said I could do anything I want right?’

‘Right now?’

While I took a closer look around us, she stuck a hand into my shorts that she knew I would not wear an underwear under, and began stroking my cock. As it grew larger, she bent her chest over to my side and took me into her mouth in one stroke, making soft slurping noises as saliva trickled down my shaft.

Drifting in and out of sanity, I could barely keep my eyes open as her lips gracefully trailed along my manhood, taking her time to channel my cum upwards. When she tickled the tip of my cock with her tongue, I lost control of myself and gasped to the unwanted attention from couple a few seats in front of us, forcing me to put on a straight face as she bobbed her head up and down.

It didn’t take her long to put her hand to use, pumping me up and down in the opposite direction of her mouth. Under the combined magic of her wondrous hand-blowjob, I was left trembling helplessly to her increasing tempo.

(I whispered aloud) ‘maeve! I’m gonna haaaa! ngh! ngh! ngh!’

As powerful contractions emptied my balls of cum, she hummed to the continuous squirts that filled her cheeks up nicely. Just as she pulled her head away, more passengers arrived to fill the seats at the upper deck.

‘J? And Maeve?’

The man whom took the seat right in front of us asked and we were duly surprised by his impeccable timing.

‘Yes. Let’s move to the back.’

The three of us sat right at the far end and we, the guys, promptly covered our groins with our respective jackets. Maeve slipped both her hands under the covers and once again, began jerking me off.

The gentleman on the other side of us was soon writhing and panting as his jacket fluttered up and down, at the same momentum she was pumping my cock.

Without any protection (like rubber), he was completely unshielded from her playful fingers, which I assumed she teased us the same way out of convenience. When I felt her thumb digging into my pee hole, I heard our third wheel gasped, then letting off an agonising grunt which lasted as long as she pried our penises from the top.

Once she resumed the handjob(s), he was quick to pull her hand out from under, only to hastily ask us for ’tissues’. Maeve, being the prepared one, offered him two and he finished himself off for her.

After our guest was due, it was my turn to cum and she let me unload (upwards) into her palm where she then licked my semen off.

(Man said) ‘I should get off now. Thank you guys for the treat.’

With that, he left the entire length of rear seats to us and that was where she drained the rest of my strength with a 30-minute long tease for us to get home.

But we didn’t get home immediately either, at least not until I came another time into her mouth at a random staircase.

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