Wheee Hours

(She whispered) ‘heyyy! sorry. I was taking a shower.’

It was ten minutes past the stated timing on the ‘invition’ when the door finally opened, revealing a towel-only-clad girl behind the gate that was still secured by a bolt. It wasn’t until another five seconds later, after she ‘scanned’ me visually up and down, that I was allowed through the gates.

Upon entering, she hurriedly ushered me into the bedroom she rented and sat me down on a stool, in the corner furthest away from her as she removed the towel to bare her petite, slim body for my visual ‘enjoyment’.

To be honest, as ‘enjoyable’ as it was to just stare at her naked body, it was her offer of a collaboration on the topic of ‘A Day in Denise’s Life’ that I was really interested in. As you might have expected, it would surely be the ‘least normal day’ if someone did reach out to me for such a write-up.

After one more boring minute of stillness, she sighed at her futile attempt to ‘lure’ me and resumed dressing up, which I highly suspect was just a test to see if I was really trustworthy.

Once she put on the grey skater dress that was strewn on the bed, it was time for us to leave and given how high she lived in the block, it was undoubtedly suspicious when she chose to take the stairs.

We were about two floors down when I was suddenly told to take a seat, at the topmost step of a flight of stairs, while she waited at the bottom. It was then she signalled for me to whip out my pen and paper, to record what was about to happen.

In my bewildered state of mind, I was beginning to feel like I was ‘punked’ when footsteps began approaching in our direction. For the first time, I felt true fear as scenes of ‘kidnap’, ‘bashing’, ‘torture’, surfaced in my head, except that it was nothing like that.

The footsteps belonged to a well-dressed man who walked past me, like I was invisible, towards Denise. Not a single word was said as he proceeded to unzip his pants, whip his cock out, flipped her dress up, and positioned her hips at his ‘level’.

It was about then Denise lit a cigarette, to taking long drags out of it as the man fucked her in standing-doggy. Moving his hips back and forth into her rear, there was no need to explain what the whole thing was about.

Apart from the occasional clenching of her fists, Denise was mostly silent as the man groaned in a whisper louder than speech. Although there were moments the man slowed himself down, it was the prominent display of her cigarette that spurred him into his last lap.

Loud, slapping noises echoed in the stairwell as he grunted for his life, where ten or so seconds later, ended in a series of deep, forceful thrusts.

It was at that point in time when I realised, that their ‘swiftness’, could possibly be done without protection. Focusing my eyes on the ground under their genitals, I was able to catch the dramatic sight of a few large blobs of cum falling out of her when he pulled out.

After he was done, he shoved some money into her palm and took his leave, for Denise to presumably send a text to her next customer. Like the previous guy, this ‘uncle’, in a singlet, shorts and slippers, came up from the floor below and did the same thing, though he managed to ram her so hard she was brought to her knees.

A total of five men, ‘came’ and went within the five cigarettes she took occasional puffs from, all done before the clock had even struck 5.30am.

This time though, I was there to help her back to her place, for a long nap I couldn’t bring myself to walk away from. By the time she woke up, it was early afternoon, and we made our way to a Starbucks nearby to summarise our article.

True to her word, it was a $400/hr job not every one could handle.

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