Breakfast in Bed

As I was so deeply asleep, it wasn’t until I felt my boxers getting yanked downwards that I jolted awake in shock. Before I was even sober enough to react to the random occurrence, a warm, wet mouth quickly relieved me of any strength to put up a fight.

Immediately, I could feel a pair of soft, eager lips sliding up and down with great ease, generously lubricated by a pool of saliva. It was also that moment I got a sense of my morning wood, in particular its size and hardness.

The person going down on me with such vigour, couldn’t be any more easier to identify with a familiar pair of shorts conforming to her petite, perky butt that was right next to me, bent over in doggystyle.

(I whispered aloud) ‘mei! what are you doing?!’

Upon voicing my disbelief, she increased her speed to knock all the air out of me, forcing me to gasp and moan as she took me deeper. In my attempt to keep mum about the crazy shit that was happening right next to our parent’s room, I could only grab at whatever sheets I could lay my hands on, before I decided to ‘fight back’ in my own ways.

By making a 90° bend of my arm that was closest to her, I was able to stick a hand between her thighs, and reached into the gap of her shorts for her groin. Without any panties obstructing me, I pushed my thumb into the centrefold and rubbed on the area I thought her clit might be, skipping the whole ‘exploration’ part in lieu of urgency.

Although it took a while, I couldn’t be more delighted to hear soft moans coming from her, along with the gradual slowdown of the blowjob she was giving me. As she got wetter, she pulled her mouth upwards and away, finally replacing her hand around my morning wood.

Suddenly, right as she began to shiver harder, she retracted her hips away from me and put our sinful activities on a standstill. Since the room was still in complete darkness, I could only rely on my sense of touch to know that she was moving away.

My relief was clearly shortlived once she stepped over my body, and proceeded to squat above where my saliva-covered erection was.

(She whispered in a spiteful tone) ‘you caused this.’

Without any warning, she grabbed my dick and held it upright, for her pussy to slide right down over it, in one swift, merciless stroke. How else, besides being exasperated, could I be when my fully-embedded cock was rocking wild, throbbing waves of womanhood all around it?

Before I could mutter a word, her silhouette appeared over my chest and her hips began slamming up and down on my cock, which couldn’t be more willing to submit to her display territorial dominance. My entire sensory system was flung far into a wreck as my strength came and went, consciousness drifting between awareness, confusion, and pleasure.

More hot juices trickled down my inner thighs as she switched to a grinding motion, rocking her butt back and forth over my growing manhood.

In no time, she collapsed on my chest and was grunting, moaning right into my ear, which only drove me wilder in our already-fucked-up state.

Unable to take anymore of her nonsense, I tipped her over to the empty side of the bed and jumped out of her clutches, for it was my turn to teach her a lesson. Repositioning her in doggystyle, I tucked her knees together before shoving my cock into her pussy, hurting her just a tad when there was some misalignment.

I was sure the pain quickly went away after I started thrusting into her buns that were tightly clamped around my sausage. With her hair in my fist, I rammed the fuck out of her, to the point she turned into a limp, lifeless body that was just twitching involuntarily to my ferocious bumps.

About five, agonising minutes, and an orgasm later, I made the call and jerked my cock out of her exhausted pussy, for her to take full responsibility of the mess she created. Going back to where her head was, I rolled her onto her side and guided my cock into her mouth, where a few more minutes of mindless, face-fucking happened before I pumped a heaping load of breakfast into her gapping mouth.

(I whispered aloud) ‘swallow your breakfast.’

Keeping her lower jaw shut with a hand under her chin, the little sister swallowed everything, and turned onto her back to catch the breathes of air she missed some time back.

(I whispered) ‘now you know.. don’t mess with me like that again.. ‘

In her tired face, she just gave me a grin before hopping out of bed, quite unlike the feeble state she was just in, and returned to her room, but not before she popped her head into my room again.

‘We’ll see about that again, later.’

Guess what was she wearing when I returned home from work..

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