Sex on High

(She moaned softly) ‘kor.. you awake?’

After what seemed like a long night of deep, peaceful sleep, I woke up to the weird sensation of some weights being placed on my chest. As I sobered up, I realised that it was my very own sister that was lying on top of me, along with a slow revelation that my cock was inside of her.

My first reaction to push her away went in vain as I couldn’t move any of my limbs, along with a thorax that couldn’t make any sound no matter how hard I tried. Somehow, she had sensed my movements and picked herself upright, only to ride me like that was what wore her out in the first place.

The trance-like look on her face, could only signify the use of drugs, whichever kind that pushed her so far to incapacitate me for sex. Unlike the rest of my body, I was fully functional in my groin area, though it was most unneeded seeing how wild and high she was rocking her pussy back and forth.

My feeble attempts were all futile as she moaned right into my ear, expressing how good she felt over my cock that was throbbing so vividly inside of her.

Like a ragdoll, she was able to fuck me for a long time in cowgirl stance before switching to an up-down motion, squeezing along my shaft for an immenient end.

(She whispered loudly) ‘kor! kor! I’m going to climax!’

Suddenly, a sly grin appeared across her face as she slammed her pussy one last time down into my groin, undoing my floodgates which held my load in.

In the midst of a mind-blowing, forceful ejaculation, I regained strength in all of my limbs and swung my upper-body upright, tipping her onto her back where I then involuntarily, began fucking.

Who could have thought, that I was wrong about gaining any control, given how my body moved on its own, fucking my little sister so hard and deep that she drifted in and out of consciousness.

On my second load, I blacked out as abruptly as I had awakened to find her on top of me.

The next morning, I woke up alone in bed, without any signs of ‘activity’. In the living room, was my little sister devouring breakfast like the hungry monster she was.

(Dad asked) ‘Slept well last night?’

‘Yeah. I think so.’

Later that afternoon, my sister entered my room, to ask if we did anything last night that resulted in her vagina being filled with a thick, whitish substance.

Did we?

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