Big Splash

At exactly 8.50pm, Jaden went into the stairwell with a pack of cigarette and lit one up, puffing away as an erection stirred in the loose pair of boxers he had wore for the whole day. One stick later, the timely ding of the lift stopping on that floor caught his attention, to the rightful appearance of a neighbour who lived nearby.

As she walked up to him, the duo couldn’t help but smiled wider and harder, until she was right in front of him. The kiss she gave on his lips, was filled with unimaginable lust as her hands automatically went into his boxers, fondling his already-erected cock to sooth his obedience.

Once she realised that the pee-gap was unbuttoned, she stuck his member through it and went onto her knees, cushioned by the slippers he had removed. Without giving it any kisses, she just took his cock into her mouth and went into a frenzy, pressing her lips so ever lightly onto his shaft as her lower-jaw filled up with saliva.

In no time, he was completely bewitched by the rhythmic descend of her gentle mouth over his dick, going as deep down her throat as she could take without a gag reflex. Bombarded with shocks of pleasure pulsating through his body, most of his cigarette went unsmoked as his hips began to buckle.

Unknown to him, she was fully aware of his immenient orgasm and was ready to finish him off in a special way.

‘Haa.. haa.. I’m.. ca.. cum.. ‘

Before he could finish his sentence, she tightened her grip at the bottom of his shaft and pulled her face away, leaving him high and not-so-dry in the unexplored releam of edging.

‘hey hey hey.. put it back.. ‘

There was nothing the breathless lad could say to change her mind, except that there was something he could physically do, to relief his blue balls.

With his slippers in hand, she made her way to the steps and got into doggystyle, a position he need not question. Despite his uncertainty, the pressure in his balls convinced him to slide his cock into the married woman’s pussy, to swiftly exact the lust-driven revenge.

Playing out just like she had planned, the young man rammed her brains into a pulp, channelling waves after waves of orgasms that further tightened her vagina. Likewise, it was only a matter of minutes before his urge caught up to her, and that, was a moment she was waiting for.

‘cum.. ming.. NOW!’

His last word left his body at the same time his load did, filling her up with seeds he couldn’t afford to bear the responsibilities of. Spurts after spurts, he failed to listen to his body to ‘pull out’, pumping non-stop into her instead, until she was full to the brim.

At once, she straightened her panties to contain as much of his cum as possible and casually made her way down, one floor from where the horrific boy lived.

(WhatsApp message) ‘See you later at 12 midnight.’

Powerless against her request, he was made to sit on the steps with his legs straightened, for her to squat over his cock while she drizzled some of the cum, that was still inside of her, over him.

After that was done, she lowered herself down his cock and rode him slowly, at the same time revealing the addition of her husband’s cum that they were fucking on. Needless to say, Jaden found himself in a dilemma, between his increasingly-aroused cock and the twisted idea of having another man’s semen all over his straight-as-hell penis.

Lesson is, ‘don’t fuck around, or face the discovery of an unknown fetish’, which doesn’t sound too bad right?

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