Made Whole Again

Even before she entered the house, Jack could already hear her cries. It was yet another night she returned home drunk, wearing a stunning, body-hugging black dress to mourn, in that somewhat improper manner, her late husband.

Without removing her heels, she tumbled towards him and crashed into his arms, sobbing so hard he could almost feel her breathlessness. Like the other days she returned intoxicated, it was his duty to hear her pour her heart out, as she struggled with his boxers.

(As she cried) ‘Your dad.. the only thing he left was.. was you!’

Once she got through the easy-pee gap in his boxers, she made quick work of wrangling his penis out, barely giving him any time to react before straddling onto his lap.

Sitting face-to-face, he was completely mesmerised by her unrequited love, from someone who was no longer around. All that was left of her family, was just him, and she was fearless about using whatever means to memoralise him.

Swiftly stroking his cock for a few minutes, Jack was soon in a trance-like high, caught between morality and her insatiable desire to ‘revive’ her expired partner. Hanging on tightly onto his erection, she rocked her hips forward, until her dress was hiked high enough to expose her nude lower-body.

Wasting no time, she tucked his cock under her juice-laden pussy and with a slight jerk of her waist, he popped so easily into the warm, loving vagina. Immediately, a rush of energy flooded her exhausted body and she began riding him mindless, slamming her groin into his lap as his cock spread her apart from the inside.

The overwhelming bursts of pleasure then gradually brought those dirty, sexy memories of the times the married couple fucked their brains out, back in the form of indecorous sex she was having with the only living person she could let loose on – their son.

Faced with an ever-contracting vagina, Jack was in fulll control of his orgasm, just like how his father would suppress his urges until she came first.

(As she moaned) ‘Are you.. holding.. in?’

‘Yes mummy.. I am.. for you.. ‘

That very word, ‘mummy’, mysteriously turned her on so much that she came immediately, convulsing in his arms as her body went thoroughly limp. Her quick-witted boy, then carried her into her room, and laid her in her rightful place, cock deeply embedded inside her the whole time.

Little could he ever expect, that that short journey was more than enough to revitalise her, especially when he was throbbing so wildly in her. Since her feet was locked around his back, Jack had no choice but to go all out, ramming his manhood fast and deep until she showed signs of weakness.

His plan to ‘fuck her till she collapse’, couldn’t be more ironic as he neared his own climax, caused by the intentional squeeze she did to keep him in. It was truly a race against time as his balls were ready to blow, at the same time as he was about to be freed from her ‘clutches’.

(He groaned) ‘Ma… mummy! I’M.. I’M GONNA.. ‘

Before he could finish the sentence, she let go of him and he fumbled backwards onto the wall, terminating the incestuous sex they would otherwise realise. Although he was in a daze, she was feeling quite the opposite.

In a seamless twist of event, she jumped out of bed and squatted at his feet, shoving his cock into her mouth where she sucked for her dear life. Poor Jack could only take two minutes of her merciless sucking before his body submitted to his mum’s eagerness, drawing every drop of cum out of his pulsating cock.

Instead of the ‘disgust’ he envisioned, he found himself strangely bedazzled by how her lips were perfectly sealed around his twitching cock, invisibly pumping shots after shots of cum into her mouth.

To finish things up, she took her time to let his cock slide out of her, in a slight suction to thoroughly empty his shaft. The satiated boy-turn-man then helped his drunk mother into bed, for her well-deserved sleep.

The next morning, he was awakened by a hand stroking his morning wood, followed by a slow, sensual blowjob that set him on his first responsibility as the new ‘head of house’. With their long-term financial burdens taken care of by the huge insurance payout, Jack was able to wholly dedicate his time to his mother’s emotional, spiritual and sexual needs.

A broken family made whole again.

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