Rental Perks

(Screaming under covered mouth) ‘MMM!’

Waking up to a hand over my mouth, I was completely overpowered by the fitter, stronger landlady whom I could see was grinning slyly above me. Without any break in her movements, she yanked my shorts down to expose my morning wood and climbed over my groin, legs naturally spread to seamlessly descend down my unfathomable-hard erection.

Within a minute, she was on top of me and riding my brains out, while keep my mouth shut with her moisturiser-coated palm. Given how abrupt it happened, my body was drained of all energy before I could even resist, not that I could with my exercise-less lifestyle.

From a shock state of mind, I was fucked into oblivion as my vision went black, then white, over and over again as her pussy slammed onto my cock.

Who could have guessed, that the pole-dancer, yoga-trained wife would be so tight, though it was mostly her conscious effort to ‘squeeze’ my manhood into a pulp.

(As she panted) ‘holy shi.. you’re not.. cumming yet?’

‘MMM.. MMM!’

Grinning cheekily at me once again, my little hopes of escape was blown to smitterins as I watched her lean backwards onto her hands, leaving the task of ‘silencing’ me to her vagina that was starting to drift between an ‘ache’ and ‘eruption’.

(She moaned) ‘ready?.. you.. ready?’

(I groaned) ‘NNNGH! NNNGH!’

That, was all the noise I could make when her pussy suddenly relaxed, forming an unbelievably soft, fleshy tube where a vacuum kept ‘sucking’ me in. No more than two minutes later, my body gave way to her magic tunnel, and filled her void with ample, rich, creamy cum I only saw a tiny blob of (when I pulled out of her).

Moving as stealthily as she entered my room, she disappeared into the dark and the next sound I heard was her advances on the sleeping husband, who was probably ‘raped’ judging from the continuous creaking of their bed.

Exhausted, I slept for as long as it took her husband to leave for work, which after she appeared in my room again – naked. Though, it was my turn to show her who the boss was, of the room at least.

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