Fair Trade

Written by Her.

(He whispered) ‘good morning baby girl.. ‘

Before I was even awakened, I could already feel the sheets being dragged upwards from my ankle, in the direction his hand was moving along my leg. As he passed my knee, my thighs instinctively widened, as if inviting him to reach between my legs for a spot that secretly desired to be ‘loved’.

Over that distance he made on hand, it was more than suffice to trigger yet another involuntary response from my body, causing fluids to sweat from my vaginal walls, right out to the soft part where he probed with his fingertip, to know if I was being a ‘good girl’.

Once he felt my readiness on the slippery, wet folds of my labia, a slight smile appeared on his face, somehow delighting me as well. There was indeed, nothing to fear as he was someone I knew, and trusted to do what was best for me.

Completely relaxed to his advances, he soon shifted that fingertip upwards of my slit, spreading my juices along the way he took to reach my clit. Like a baby, I fell easily back into a drowsy, weakened state as he massaged on that sensitive nub, gradually flooding my limp body with life.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, my legs kept parting wider until he had the space to slide a finger inside me, going back and forth so rhythmically that my breaths became synchronised with him.

(He asked playfully) ‘good?’

(I uttered) ‘yes.. da.. da.. haaa.. haaa.. ‘

(He cont. taunting) ‘Da what?’

(I sighed) ‘Di.. (daddy) ‘

Powerless against his well-paced, calm-yet-mind-blowing thrusts, my knees fell further apart onto the bed, giving him a full, frontal view of my pubescent vagina – if he could see.


(I moaned) ‘ye.. yes?’

As soon as she replied, he pulled his finger out to replace it with a cold, hard object, that popped so conveniently into her overly-lubricated pussy.

Immediately, she knew what it was, and what it meant. Like clockwork, she sat herself upright, dangling her legs over the length of the bed and gave him a moment, to present his dong.

In the dark, she blindly groped for his leg before she located his manhood, thick, long, and throbbing in her tiny hand. Since there was nothing to see, she kept her eyes closed as she brought her mouth, with its tongue out, towards the hot rod she was holding.

On the first taste of his pre-cum, she knew she hit the spot and gently split her lips around the girth, beginning the daily routine of sucking him off. It was also at that moment, the wireless vibrator inside her went off, channeling a tsumani of energy that only pushed her further down the deep end.

That morning, was another he decided to take control of, gripping her head firmly as he thrust his hips back and forth. Although that very position was meant to be degrading, she felt none of that, having submitted to the ‘equal’ trade of pleasure as shown through her trembling body.

Despite his freedom to be as rough with her as he wanted, he took her on a meriful, sympathetic journey that manifested into the ‘sharing’ kind of mood in her mind. Without pain, nor discomfort, she let him jerk his cock faster, and deeper down her throat, assured of his self-control.

(He gasped) ‘baby.. i’m.. i’m.. ‘

Before he could finish his sentence, she had his balls cupped in one of her hand, to massage them tenderly while she used her other hand to rub one out for herself.

After an intense two minutes, the wait was finally over. Under their hushed, muffled moans, he writhed to the powerful spurts of cum that filled her mouth as she arrived at her own climax as well. The both of them then spent another minute motionless, to recover some strength before they decoupled.

With an acquired palette for his cum, she swallowed all traces of misdemeanour and went about her day, preparing for school and such.

Emerging from the other room, was mummy in an equally-disheveled state like daddy, followed closely by their boy who didn’t look like he had any sleep.

After their two little punks were gone, it was mummy’s turn to get some from daddy, being unsatisfied by the non-creampie clause she implemented on her little boy and herself. In daddy’s case, a ‘creampie’ was the only, allowable method for any cum-disposal.

(Daddy said after sex) ‘You know.. it would still technically be my son, if something ever comes out between you and Zack.’

(Mummy replied) ‘Or so, in your case with Kelly.’

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