Cum Mine

‘Good morning fifteen.’

The metal ‘bed’, made up of three smaller ones connected by hinges, moved his strapped body from a horizontal (for sleep) to a sitting position, allowing the nurse to take his vitals.

For one, he was completely healthy, without any need to be hospitalised, nor have his tongue surgically removed. Despite his pink of health, there were four tubes stuck into him (from behind). Three of the smaller ones, ran respectively into his; gastric, arm, and bladder, while the wider one, was embedded in his anus for ‘waste-disposal’.

For one, it wasn’t just ‘sheer bad luck’ that he was admitted into this particular facility, not when his kidnappers had in-depth knowledge of his lifestyle, medical history, and a type of seclusion which helped them avoid detection. After he was dragged into a moving van, an anesthesia was administered to knock him out, so cold that by the time he came to, he was left without a tongue that barely ached.

Following the invasive puncture to retrofit him with what seemed like ‘all he needed’ to live, nothing more was demanded out of him. For the first five or so days, a person who claimed to be a psychiatrist, visited him daily, ‘preaching’ his will-to-live out of the way.

It was also day six (or so), that he finally learnt of his ‘new’ purpose in life.

‘All looks good. Have a good day fifteen.’

As she left the room, he was repositioned upright, by the hydraulics that would change its angles according to the buttons located by the door. In a thoughtless state, he just stared blankly at a concrete wall until voices were heard behind the door, momentarily interesting him at the possibility of some human contact.

(Lady said) ‘I will. Thank you.’

A blonde lady full of smiles then walked through the heavy-sounding sliding door, coming into full view when she stepped up to him. Upclose, he was able to see her flawless skin, long, golden hair, firm, athletic body, bearing the sort of aura that resembled a strong-willed, career woman.

‘Fifteen, they said you were called.’

Immediately, his mood changed as she reminded him of how voiceless he was, unconsciously showcasing her superior knowledge of what was going on there. While he was still trying to wrap his head around things, she suddenly began stripping her clothes off, in front of his very eyes. Bewildered, there was still no way he could make a noise no matter how absurd things were.

The only furniture in the room, a mobile, padded, height-adjustable table with a ‘C’ cut out its middle, didn’t garner much attention from him until she parked it right in front of him. When she in the groove of the cut-out portion and spread her legs apart, did it began to make some sense to him. When she tapped some buttons on her smart-watch, the table would raise and descend accordingly.

The lady, then brazenly held his cock in her hand and fondled it, causing an erection which contradicted his emotionless mood. Unhampered by his lack of affection, she kept teasing him until he was up and twitching, at the same height where her pussy was.


Uncaring about the change in his eyes, she moved the table nearer to let the tip of his cock touch her pussy. After swiping the watch-face for a new set of controls, she tapped on one, that sent the panel behind his bum, to thrust back and forth. The sudden penetration quickly overwhelmed his shock, plunging him into ecstacy as he fucked a stranger mechanically.

The lady, a little shaken by his size, soon took pleasure at each stroke going in and out of her juiced-up pussy, splitting involuntarily at every stab. In no time, she was moaning for her life as his cock grew thicker, being one of the traits he was ‘hired’ for.

(Lady screamed) ‘OH GOD! YOU ARE KILLING ME!’

At once, the sliding door whined opened, only to slam shut when she raised a hand into the air, signifying her ok-ness. Returning her attention to the stud, she gave him a dirty grin as worked her vaginal walls, clamping so ever slightly down on his cock to tease him further.

Without giving any warning, she clicked on a button that moved her table backward, letting his cock slip reluctantly out of her. Very swiftly, she flipped onto her chest and replaced the table, at a distance she could stuff his cock into her pussy.

Again, his hips were forced to move back and forth, making noisy, slapping sounds as he took her doggystyle. In that intense, raw, sexual moment, she stuck a hand down her legs and viciously rubbed her clit, until his cock was suffocating in a climaxing orifice.

No one, especially him, could be more helpless as he felt the impending end to the buildup of euphoria, in the form of cum that was ready to exit his body. In utter silence, and against the rigid movements of the machine he was confined to, his hips buckled as waves of hot cum sprayed into her pussy, urging her to hit the physical red button on the side of her watch.

Instantly, his ‘bed’ stopped moving to let the last bit of cum vacate his balls, into a woman he could only dream of getting in reality. Once she was done collecting his load, she moved the bed forward, and away from her donor.

(She said breathless) ‘Thank you.. fifteen.. for your contribution.’

In time, he lost all perception of a normal, wholesome life and grew attached to the provision of sexual pleasure in his hopeless state of imprisonment.

After she got dressed, she left the room and he was returned to a horizontal position. Later that day, during final checks, he was fed a burger for dinner, as a ‘tip’ from the lady for his outstanding performance.

His licit purpose, in this specialised sperm bank, was to fulfil the ‘man’ word in the first part of the company slogan;

by Man, for Woman

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