White Liquid-Gold

(Cynthia whispered) ‘I’m sorry baby.. ‘

‘What for? I’m excited about this too!’

Seated naked on the carpeted floor in front of the bed, my wrists were cuffed, wide apart to both supporting legs at the foot (of the bed). Being ‘trapped’ in this position, how could I not be excited for what she had planned for me, considering how little time we could spare for such ‘staycations’ and sorts.

While my imagination ran amok under the blindfold she had placed over my eyes, it wasn’t long before her footsteps disappear into the distance. Fully aware that there wasn’t going to be anyone else in the room, I sat motionless in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Before I knew it, a kiss landed on my cheeks and a hand moved sensually up my bare thigh, into my groin where her fingers then gently wrapped itself around the shaft. Gasping in surprise, my tensed body was slowly worked to a pulp as she stroked my manhood endearingly, into a stiffness that was still short of my ‘best’.

After she took her hand away, I was nudged at my hips to sit lower, from a ‘slouch’ into lying flat on the ground. Barely a second later, a hot, wet mouth engulfed my cock and sent my mind into a fuzz, which I was unable to get out of under her ‘spell’.

Groaning and writhing helplessly, I could literally feel myself getting too big for my foreskin. I guessed, she could sense that too given how swiftly she took her mouth away, for the next step of standing over my body.

There was no way I could hold my cheeky grin in once her soft, delicate opening met the tip of my cock, splitting her impassively as wide as my girth. Before we had a chance to connect at her deepest end, she had already gone feral, bouncing, slamming, grinding me in every direction inside of her. Needless to say, in a few minutes of her crazy performance, I was at the edge of ejaculation, if not for some angles that ‘rubbed me wrongly’.

But beyond that, I was too close for comfort and made my call, only to have her nails dig into my shoulder blades as she rocked even harder, in a back-forth motion to let her vaginal walls mash my manhood in an equally-forceful manner.

In between my breathlessness and incapacity to hold anymore, I could only struggle so much before I lined her pussy with my cum, in a such an explosion that I had never felt before, from perhaps the bondage she put me in.

Like each time I came inside her, she took her time to pull herself away and stood slowly up, disappearing into the distance to supposedly clean herself. As for me, I just laid there weak and satisfied, from all that she had done to make my day.

A few minutes later, she took the blindfold off and gave me the longest, most passionate kiss I have ever had. That evening, she just paid extreme care for my well-expended penis, maintaining its semi-erected form until it was time for bed.

Little did I expect that, after her midnight-pee run, she would get frisky again, and even demanded I ‘hurt her, just a little’. Since I always slept with a blindfold, I was spared from all sights of agony, as I manhandled her into doggystyle. In less than five seconds, she was screaming to all of my six inches pounding relentlessly into her. Although she felt a little tighter, there was nothing that a good, long session of fierce, somewhat-violent sex couldn’t loosen.

Our heated copulation lasted for close to ten minutes, only switching to one other position – missionary-style, before her pussy extracted a second load out of me, no thanks to her legs that kept me deeply embedded against my uncertainty. Having worn ourselves out in the most tidy, fuss-free way, I had no more strength for any after-sex affection and promptly fell asleep while she left for the bathroom.

The next morning, we were awakened by incessant knocking on our door, which revealed two of her girl friends when we answered it. Over the breakfast they brought, the girls just engaged in their small talks, mostly describing how much their partners came inside them the previous night.

At that very moment Cynthia went to the bathroom, one of them broke the kind of morning news I didn’t know how to feel for.

(Girl 1 whispering ‘you know, Cynthia did fuck you twice last night, by letting us fuck you when you were blindfolded.’

(Girl 2 whispering ‘Doesn’t ‘she’ feel ‘different’?’

I bet, the look on my face could not have been any more comical as the girls gave Cynthia sly grins, hinting at my knowledge of their expose. At once, Cynthia broke down and confessed to her misdeed, which was their only demand to repay ‘the loan she owed them’, in my sperms they sought for pro-creating babies with my ‘good’ genes.

Much to the surprise of all three girls, I gave my commitment to fulfil the wishes of those two girls. Immediately after breakfast, the (two) girls and I began fucking at their ‘dreams’, this time in front of Cynthia whose eyes were filled with tears at my selflessness.

At times when the girls didn’t feel like having sex, it would be Cynthia’s job to bring me near climax, before I would stick it up one of them and ejaculate. While it may sound ‘erotic’ at first, it wouldn’t me take long before I felt like a cum-tank, who is only good for his DNA.

Who could have known, that it would take me twelve, whole months to finally close Cynthia’s tab.

Talk about a baby mill.

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