‘Do you want to touch mine?’

Jeremy asked shyly as his eyes remained fixated on Kelly, whose face was slightly flushed in a relaxed state, from touching herself. Likewise, he too, looked breathless, as he stroked his cock in an endless cycle of tease.

For the two, it was out of sheer curiosity, that led them from asking each other intimate, personal questions (about their bodies), to eventually end up in a stairwell where they each sat at an end of a step while trading ‘visual information’ about what they have been trying to explain.

To answer Jeremy’s invitation, Kelly gave him a subtle nod and shifted herself across, to sit right next to him. Carefully, she reached between his thighs and grabbed his shaft, so ever lightly that it only caused his erection to turn stiffer. Jeremy, wasn’t someone who would take without giving and stuck an arm across too, pushing the length of his middle finger right between the delicate, wet folds of her vagina.

It didn’t take the both of them long to begin reenacting what they saw each other did, one stroking rhythmically up and down while the other moved his fingertips together, in circles around her clit. Soon, moans were purred into each other’s ears as their arousal heightened, unknowingly increasing their movements until Kelly had to hold him still.

(Jeremy asked) ‘what’s wrong?’

(Kelly whispered) ‘I don’t know.. I think I’ll go crazy if you keep moving.’

‘Let’s try?’

Kelly took a deep breath and freed his wrist, giving him the reins to rub her sensitive nub until a burst of energy swung her backwards in exhaustion. Greatly delighted by the sight of what he understood to be an ‘orgasm’, he just continued massaging her clit that was gradually renewing her strength.

(Kelly said breathlessly) ‘it was.. it was different from doing it myself.. ‘


‘Uh huh.’

‘Me too.’

It was then clear that she was ready to try more, as a smile broke across her weary face into a more eager one. Guided by her enthusiasm, Jeremy moved his ass away from the rails and let her place both feet at his hips, before she bent her knees into a squat.

(Jeremy asked worriedly) ‘Are we having sex?’

‘Do you want to?’

‘Yea.. yes.. ‘

His innocent, clueless expression only intrigued Kelly more, inspiring her to go lower under his cock touched her pussy. Confidently, she grabbed his shaft and aimed it at a certain angle, which she guessed from where her fingers would enter when she masturbated.

Slowly raising and dropping her body, the two students watched in amazement as his hard, unexpressive piece of meat poked into her fleshy, moist hole, splitting a little further apart each time she descended.

(Jeremy gasped in surprise) ‘You are halfway down!’

‘Argh! Why do you have to remind me?!’

Gritting her teeth together, she loosened her grip on his ribs and let herself slipped a little faster, taking all five seconds to full bury his manhood inside her. Instantly, their bodies weakened to the intense flood of pleasure pulsating through their genitals, maturing their minds sooner than they should have.

The constant throbbing of his loin, drove Kelly’s body wild as her vagina, twitching like it was perpetually collapsing, made gentle squeezes along his entire penis. Along with the invisible rush of joy, they noticed the ample leak of her bodily fluids too.

(Kelly asked) ‘So do I start moving?’

‘Let’s try that.’

Little did they expect that when she clenched her legs muscles to pick herself up, she would also tighten her pussy as well, sending him into a trance on her way ‘up’. Kelly took the progress happening before her in good stride and continued bouncing atop him, with a brain overwhelmed with weakness from the deep penetration and the desire for more of such weakness.

It was the repetitive motion of his ramrod, prying her vaginal walls open, that made them hungrier for more action, though obviously not that easy to fulfil from her tired legs.

Taking up the ‘missionary-style’ next, Kelly was in a more comfortable position, only needing to keep her knees up as Jeremy thrust his cock lovingly into her abyss, stretching out the flesh at the deepest end to expose all those nerve-endings she would otherwise not know about.

In time, the toxic doses of euphoria caused him to go faster and deeper, in an attempt to satisfy the new-found sense of immense pleasure. To that, Kelly couldn’t be more than supportive as she worked on her clit, to drive herself (and unconsciously, him) over the edge for an orgasm she could not fantom.

(Jeremy moaned) ‘KEL!’

Immediately after, he yanked his cock out of her and let her hold it in her hand, as she arrived at a climax and launched her body forward. Coming face-to-face with the piece of juicy-looking organ that granted her so much enjoyment, she didn’t hesitate to take him into her mouth, sucking it relentlessly as her body quivered in orgasm.

All it took Jeremy was a few unwarranted jerks (into her mouth), to unleash the seeds of life that pumped so ever generously into her mouth. The thirsty little girl then instinctively swallowed everything, and kept milking him for as long as she took for her body to calm down.

Emptied, wasted, and exhausted, the satiated look on their faces told each other way more than that.

(Kelly asked) ‘can we do this again?’

‘Yes please. Tomorrow?’

‘Umm.. I was thinking.. how about after we rest for a while?’

Her reply, though it sent shivers down his spine, was visibly effective as his cock rose at the quickest, available span of time, readying him for another round.

In doggystyle this time, he thoroughly fucked her brains out through violent, vicious thrusts he didn’t know he was capable of. Her addiction, previously unknown, was awakened when he made her climax one, then two, times in a row, trapping her in the cycle of love-making. After she came, the refreshed, energised girl then sat on him in cowgirl again, fucking the poor, helpless boy until he delivered the creampie she was dying to experience.

After their inexplicable encounter, the pair would come to meet frequently, almost on a daily basis, to have rounds of intense, mind-blowing sex until they could no longer move.

Given how they became boyfriend-girlfriend in their poly years, it was a relief to know that they have at least found a partner competent to satisfy their ever-growing lust, with the occasional participation in threesome and gangbang to keep things spicy.

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