Family Planning

(Laura asked) ‘Are you ready?’

(Tim replied excitedly) ‘I am, since this morning.’

Upon releasing her hands from his eyes, her new husband was taken aback by the sight of a tattoo-covered, smaller-sized girl, wearing nothing but a mask over her head. As intrigued as he was about her ‘plan’, there were too many questions about the absurdity of such arrangement.

(He asked in disbelief ‘What’s this love?’

‘Your birthday present! Don’t you like it?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, you said that you will do anything I asked.. so.. *she whispered* ..I want you to do her.’

‘Are you really OK with this?’

(Wife whispered) ‘yes I am.. too ok with this.. ‘

As soon as he heard her titillating reply, his inhibitions went straight out of the window. In a swop, ee carried the petite girl to the queen-sized bed (of the hotel room) and dropped her like a ragdoll, overwhelmed by the disturbing imaginations running through his mind.

As he began stripping his clothes away, Laura took a seat in the corner and whipped her phone out, to record his first ever, approved extramarital sex. Like a beast, he uncaringly flipped her onto her chest, raised her hips backwards to his waist-level, and squeezed a generous amount of lubricant over his erection before jamming her pussy full of cock.

Muffled moans then came flooding into the room, as he thrust his cock mindlessly into the girl flailing her arms in agony. The dirty, lip-biting look his wife gave only inspired him to go faster, stretching out the pussy he was quivering to its tightness.

‘DEAR! You can cum inside her.. she’s prepped for that.. ‘

(Tim asked breathless) ‘Real.. really.. you mean it?’

‘Yes.. I won’t allow you to finish anywhere else’

Overwhelmed by such ‘liberty’, he rolled her onto her back and resumed fucking her in missionary style, moving from the bed, to the dresser, and to the basin he could ram his brains off while watching her wirthe.

Somemore, the tight pussy he was in was so fitting, that there wasn’t a single moment he had to pause due to sensitivity. Tim, was effectively pumping his manhood limp as he pushed himself to keep up with the non-stop waves of orgasms.

‘MMM.. MMM.. ‘

(Tim grunted) ‘Coming babe? Are you.. ARGHH.. ARGHH.. COMING?!’


At once, he pulled out of her and dragged her to the chair where his wife was sitting on, bending her over into a standing-doggy stance. Again, he shoved his cock into her and pounded her weak, right in front of his wife who made it all possible.

(He groaned loudly) ‘CUMMING! DE… EAR! I’M.. I’M CAA.. CUMMM.. INGGHHHH!’

In the heat of the moment, he grabbed his doll’s head hard as he buckled to the powerful jets of cum exiting his loin, pouring selflessly into his present. To end things off, Laura gave an obvious kiss to his present, before she unraveling the mask.

Immediately, his eyes recognised the familiar back view, though it was the moment the girl turned her head sideway that made his worst nightmare a reality.

His present, was none other than his step-daughter.

Instinctively, he pulled out of her and fumbled to the bed, where he watched Laura sit Tina on her lap to massage her sore pussy.

(In his disbelief) ‘Why. the. fuck! would you do that?!’

(Laura calmly responded) ‘To have a daughter of our own dear.. bearing your good genes, and her beauty.’

(He snarled) ‘OH FUCK YOU!’

That night, horrors and impossibility of what she had done to him, kept him wide awake. It was also during those few, long hours, she reminded him of her ‘(video) leverage’ on him, forcing him to submit to her preposterous agenda.

An endless supply of Viagra, on top of the raw sex he had with both his wife and step-daughter, it wasn’t long before they were pregnant with his child and grandchild.

As for how he, or they, could afford such a sick, though-genetically-sound family plan, was due to the payouts from her ex-husband, apart from her successful, long-running investment portfolio.

Shortly after the babies were born, he was sterlised, and continued living a life of confinement as a virile, living sex-doll to his ‘wives’.

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