Sleep Paralysis

(She whispered sweetly) ‘randall? dear?’

Though awakened immediately, Randall was unable to move anything apart from his eyes, which weren’t exactly noticeable since his eyelids were still shut. As puzzled as he was about this situation, he didn’t think much of her call until she rolled him on his back.

‘Perhaps, she is just adjusting my position so I won’t fall off’, or so he thought. The next thing he felt was his boxers being stripped off his feet, a gesture he never experienced. Shortly after, she wrapped her fingers around his manhood and began jerking him, into an erection he couldn’t believe was possible (in his state of sleep).

No matter how hard he tried to open his eyes or mouth, he couldn’t move any parts of his body. Besides the handjob she was giving, she was running her other hand all over his chest, teasing his nipples which she knew to be very sensitive.

Once he was rock solid, she conveniently climbed over his waist and pushed on his belly for support, to guide her pussy over his cock. Bit by bit, he was swallowed into a tight, wet hole that was overwhelmingly warm. But the one thing that really bewildered him, was the length she went to have sex with him.

Enthralled by the distinctly-different sensation compared to the sex they had when he was sober, it was easy for him to get lost in her unvoiced fetish. She was just riding him silly as her moans increased in volume, unaware that he could hear them.

The ‘soothing’ ride she began with next gave way to an up-down motion, done in a squat where she let herself slam brutally down over his shaft. Immediately, his head was filled with sharp, clear visualisations of his spear piercing through two, fleshy walls, splitting her right down the middle.

Her hysterical, joyful moans pleased his ears so much that it indirectly affected his hardness, making it – stiffer. The resulting consequence drove her crazy over his cock, throwing her momentum into disarray, in multiple directions.


Unsure of how his orgasm would happen, he just focused on the inspirational, creative visions flashing through his mind, while gloating invisibly to her lewdness. In time, his cock was being squeezed into an impossible gap as she neared climax, bringing him to his own edge as well.

All of a sudden, her pussy came to a complete stop on his groin, and waves after waves of shiver expressed the intense orgasm that gripped his cock in varying pressure. Instinctively, she brought a finger to her clit and rubbed it vigorously, to extend her climax which unknowingly shoved him over the edge.

Hot, powerful jets of cum sprayed into her vagina, hitting some special spots that triggered a mini convulsion. The shock left her defenceless as she collapsed sideway in exhaustion, leaving her just enough energy to replace his boxers.

The married pair then drifted off to sleep, grinning blissfully to their new-found endeavour.

(Randall whispered) ‘good morning dear.’

He did not wait for her reply and slid his morning wood into her cum-lubricated pussy, jolting her awake in a delayed euphoria. After what she had done to him, he had planned to ignored any signs of unwillingness (if any) she showed.

Halfway through the ‘revenge sex’, she overpowered him and rode him to heavens, getting a refuel when he came inside her (again). A good life, indeed.

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