Deep in Love

Lying incapacitated beside Maeve, my outstretched hand was duly neglected as she was fucked by two men, one brazenly pounding her from behind while the other continously jabbed his cock into her mouth. As hard as I tried to recall what led ‘us’ into this situation, I could not help feeling a sense of relief from how she was moaning so passionately.

(Man grunted) ‘CUMMING!’

I watched her body jerked a few times before she was yanked backwards, possibly over the erupting cock. Without anyone behind her, the guy who was face-fucking her, released his grip on her head, revealing the (lack of) coercion when she voluntarily went down on him.

Devastated by her instigation, I could only watch helplessly as she pleased him the way she did for me, tearing bits of the trust I had in her away, one slurp at a time. Halfway through the heartbreak, a man, seemingly unfamiliar, came to the bed and took his position at her lips.

Moving in sync, the men resumed their abuse of my baby love, bombarding her with addictive pleasure as she writhed in gratification. All the strength I was left with only allowed me to roll my eyes; upward at her face raided by a cock, or downward to her curvy butt getting smashed by a stranger.

Soon, it was time for the man behind her to cum, and he finished it off in the same way as the first. The newer man at her mouth then shifted over to her rear and hammered till she collapsed next to me, then emptying his balls in distasteful groans.

Just as I thought it was all over, someone rolled her over onto her back and slumped one of her legs over me. Then, a man appeared between her legs and began fucking her lifeless body, thrusting as forcefully and rapidly as he liked. Once he came, he made way for another man, who did exactly the same.

I knew the best that I could do was to keep count, and remember as many details as I could of this assault. Nonetheless, I was powerless against whatever caused my drowsiness, her voracious hunger, and finally, my unconsciousness.

When I came to, she was already up, and stroking my ‘morning-wood’ while she watched YouTube. We had another round of sex in the morning and nothing could be more ordinary, with an appropriate amount of cum flowing into her hand she used to sip my elixir up.

The ‘biggest’ thing that changed, was her attitude towards me. Not only was she more affectionate, she prioritised my sexual attraction towards her above anything. In a few short weeks, my body was conditioned to react at her slightest hint, erecting a staff she was more than willing to ‘deflate’.

So while I was my own man in her absence, she was my everything in bed.

But! Did it or did it not happen?

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