(She whispered loudly) ‘hey!’

Slightly taken aback by her call, he broke into a smile as he pressed his hand harder into the wall, where he leaned against while waiting for her.

Like usual, she stood in front of him and planted a kiss on his neck, where she nibbled and sucked while she untied the knot of his berms. Once loosened, she pulled it below his groin and squatted over his feet.

It only took a few strokes of her hand to get him fully erected, where he had no time to notice its size when she popped it into her mouth. Sucking relentlessly on it, all he was allowed to do was moan in agony, as she slithered her tongue in circles.

Moving on quickly to the next phase, she straightened her neck to keep his cock horizontal in her mouth before shoving her face forward, engulfing his manhood in bone-chilling waves of warmth and cold (from the air). The rhythmic, predictable motion slowly steered his mood from high, mind-blowing sensations to an increasingly-volatile one, building up its potency in his balls.

With his eyes glued on the enchanted view of his saliva-coated cock piercing so conveniently between her lightly-pressed lips, he soon met own demise when she raised her tongue onto the underside of his shaft.

(He whispered loudly) ‘oh shit oh shit! cumming!’

He gritted his teeth as copious amount of cum was vented from his body, pouring bountifully into her mouth. After the twitching died down, she tightened her lips and pulled away from him, to thoroughly empty his barrel.

Their brief, yet meaningful encounter ended the same way it started, without any real conversations.

How nice, to be staying in the same block of a cum-hungry lolita.

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