Birthday Presents

(Girls in unison) ‘We’re almost there! Are your eyes closed uncle?’

‘Yes they are. I don’t even know who you two are anymore.’

Taking one baby step at a time, Jake’s mind was overloaded by the anticipation of the ‘surprise’ birthday party his daughter, Cindy, had thrown for him, starting from his blindfolded-entrance into the hotel room.

The two girls leading him were Cindy’s best friends, whom he was familiar with from their occasional sleepovers. Apart from being each other’s motivation, they had proved their capability to protect each other in times of uncertainty, or sadness.

Finally, they came to a stop and he was asked to wait, for the longest minute before they picked his hands up again.

His innocent, well-managed expectations took a sharp turn for confusion when his fingertips came in contact with smooth skin, followed by the gentle depression of a soft, fleshy bump into his palms. When the part(s) he touched shivered, he could immediately guess where, or what, they were.

(He shouted) ‘GIRLS!’

Retracting his hands, he peeled the blindfold away to see Samantha and Jacq seated at the edge of the bed, making out playfully as they moved their hands from each other’s necks, over their sensitive breasts, before ‘resting’ between their thighs. The father of one, could never fathom how impeccable their bodies were from the little knowledge he had of their track-and-field CCA.

Divided by lust and his daughter’s trust in him, he didn’t know what to do, and thus stood motionless as they undid his office clothes he wore to mislead her girl.

When he saw Jacq mouthing the word ‘fuck’, a sly grin escaped his otherwise emotionless, thought-filled face – in delight. Together, they brought their lips to his rising dragon and ‘sandwiched’ him, sliding just two times along his staff. Samantha took the lead by going down on him first, while Jacq kneeled on the bed to kiss him.

In this impossible situation, there were only two places his hands could go. One behind Samantha’s bobbing head, and the other around Jacq’s waist. As the girls got increasingly wild, he knew that his ‘fatherly-figure’ was doing something to them, in a beneficial way.

The girls managed to swap positions once before they turned their attention to each other, falling into a girl-on-girl position on the bed. Unable to contain his urge any more, Jake shoved two fingers on each hand into their drooling pussies, fingering them at the same pace as they wailed helplessly.

(Samantha whined) ‘Daddy.. Please put it inside me.. ‘

Without hesitation, he aimed his cock at Samantha and made short, gentle thrusts, burying his manhood bit by bit into the soft opening of the full-bodied girl. Throughout the whole ‘docking process’, Jacq was completely hynotised by Samantha’s tongue ploughing violently in her mouth.

Convinced of Samantha’s submission, he rammed his thick cock into her teenage pussy voraciously, shocking and relieving her in second-long bursts. After three short minutes, she began quivering in his hands and Jake yanked his cock out as her pussy collapsed around him.

Helping Samantha down onto Jacq’s perspiration-covered body, he popped into Jacq’s view and gave her a three-second stare.

(Jake asked) ‘Do you want it?’

Enticed by Samantha’s response, Jacq couldn’t resist the offer of pleasure, and gave him a nod of approval. Upon acknowledgement, he raised Samantha’s body little, to guide one of her arms under, for him to guide two of her fingers into her best friend’s pussy.

As Samantha was positioned slightly higher than Jacq, he was able to raise her knees upwards, exposing her delicate slit for a careful penetration like what he did for Samantha. Since he only entered as quickly as she could relax, Jacq hardly experienced any pain. Instead, she felt satisfying complete with him inside her.


‘Yeah.. ‘

The slim-bodied girl let her moans out as he jerked his hips slowly, at the same time drove her fingers into Samantha who was stirring into sense. As her pussy grew accustomed to his width, he made longer and deeper strokes, until she was whimpering as forcefully as Samantha did from her fingers.

Besides the graceful reception of his cock into her baby-smooth, light pink pussy, sensual moans that resembled a girl younger than her age, Jake was most impressed by how calming, then empowering, her orgasms were.

Following every orgasm, her vagina would shrink ever so slightly, stimulating his shaft for short, brief moments before letting go in a gush of wetness. It was a process which weakened, then strengthened him by her involuntary bodily-response.

It didn’t take more than ten minutes of their sensual fucking to completely wake Samantha, rising onto her knees to invite him in again. Jacq selflessly flipped her wrist and replaced his cock with her fingers, to masturbate himself as he showered Samantha with some love.

After another fifteen minutes of so (of swapping), he had arrived at his destination and the girls couldn’t be more excited for it.

(Jacq asked shyly) ‘How should we do it.. Daddy?’

Another rush of warmth shot up his spine as he stuck his cock into Jacq’s mouth, and told Samantha the base of his shaft as her friend went down on him. For the few minutes leading up to the finale, he got to enjoy their slightly-different blowjob until he blew his load, into the ‘four-leaf clover’ their lips formed while smacked together.

Although both of them had an equal share of his load, only Jacq found it tasteful enough to swallow, and claimed Samantha’s portion as well.

That night, the appearance of Jake’s old friends, colleagues, and Cindy with more friends, genuinely surprised him, though it was the magical moment when he was able to take shots with his little girl, that reminded him of her womanhood through maturity, sensibility, and independence.

After the party, the three best friends tidied everything up before crashing into bed, right next to the snoring dad. With Cindy sleeping inbetween Jacq and Samantha, it was too easy for them to ‘tease’ her exhausted body, facing minimal resistance to their playfulness.

Unable to overpower their combined efforts, Cindy was soon moaning to Jacq’s fingers on her clit, and Samantha’s sensual licking of her nipple. Jake, who was sleeping behind Samantha, was receiving a sloppy handjob when he turned to spoon her, unaware that his daughter was dangerously close.

Very carefully, Samantha picked his hand up and placed it over Cindy’s groin, where his middle finger needed no guidance into her daughter’s moist slit. The two sickos, upon seeing his autonomous reaction, managed to muffle their squeals before they could make a noise.

The incestuous masturbation lasted quite a while before Cindy spread her thighs apart, for daddy to stick a finger into her pussy. Jacq, unimpressed by the lack of progress, took his hand away and rolled Cindy over her chest (in doggystyle). Within seconds, her passionate kissing coaxed Cindy to do the same, unleashing her inner vixen no one knew existed.

Locked in a relentless struggle for each other’s tongues, it was Samantha’s turn to help Jake onto his knees, stationed right behind his girl’s twitching pussy. Thankful for his heavy eyelids, Samantha was able to poke the tip of his cock into Cindy’s fidgety hips before she took him the rest of the way, slamming her butt into his groin.

At once, he slapped his hands on her waist and plowed her brains out, ramming harder and deeper each time she froze up. Unlike the girls’ encounter with him, he was especially desirous of her. In the blink of their dumbstruck eyes, he toppled her onto a side and heaved her knees up into the air, feet planted against his chest as he fucked her in missionary.

(Cindy screamed) ‘DAAA.. DADDDYYY!’

At that instant, he slapped a hand over his eyes as he whispered, ‘fuck’, in agreement of his unsalvagaeble self. The righteous man knew that there was no forgiveness for his actions, no matter how it happened.

Before he could make another move, Cindy pried his hand away and pulled him in for a kiss.

(In Cindy’s trembling voice) ‘Jacq? Sam?’

They caught hold of Cindy’s stretched arms and clenched their hands together, as her legs fell apart sideways.

(Cindy spoke steadily) ‘Daddy.. ‘

(As Jake sobbed) ‘Yes ba.. Baby?’

‘Let’s finish it.’

He let out a loud ‘HEY’ when he felt her vagina squeezing him, reigniting the piston that was pumping her. No more than a second later, he was pounding at full speed, in tears, deep into his daughter’s body.

As she quivered to yet-another orgasm, the gentle grip around his shaft enraged him even further, forcing his hips to start swinging instead of just jerking back and forth.

The girls, were all admiring the silhouette of his penis, disappearing and reappearing from a miniature m-shaped mound. To still be relevant to them, Jacq resumed rubbing on Cindy’s clit, while Samantha took a more daring approach – at her asshole.

Jake instantly lost all strength in his limbs and slumped onto his daughter’s body, both drenched in perspiration.

(Cindy whispered affectionately) ‘you can cum inside me daddy. Don’t stop now.

She didn’t let his mind wander too far off before he resumed jamming his cock into her, both hugging each other tightly as his cum filled her to the brim. The duo laid there for a good few minutes before he arched his hips away from her.

Shortly after their awful coitus, they fell unconscious and woke up in their last position, nakedness reminding them of the fateful evening.

(Jake sighed) ‘fuck.. ‘

It couldn’t have hurt him more to see his daughter smile as she hugged him in her arms, fruitlessly trying to assure him. After what happened last night, his ethics against incest was somewhat thwarted, as seen in the erection growing between their bodies.

What Jake didn’t expect, was her confession towards the same desire, which they promptly lived out in violent-missionary, then barbaric-doggystyle, before she finished him off in a vicious cowgirl stance.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later, when they decided to take a shower, did Jacq and Samantha emerge from the bathroom. Stricken with guilt, they needlessly spent the night in there only to hear the father-daughter pair banging so readily again.

Like the ‘sisters’ they were, his daughter’s best friends came clean with their pre-birthday celebration, much to the delight of Cindy, who sort of threatened them into helping her ‘appreciate’ her dad – through sex.

Jake, on the other hand, couldn’t be more afraid of what their unconventional teamwork would do to him.

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