High Exposure

(She asked) ‘Is your place available?’

Jake couldn’t quite believe his own ears when Peiqi asked if she could go to his place, just after their fourth date. As much as he couldn’t wait to reach her second base, it was her enthusiasm, and readiness that he couldn’t wrap his head around.

He would never forget their first date, where over dinner, she fed him the ‘highlights’ of her meal, namely the juicy chunks of meat and tasty soup. The way she affectionately placed them on his plate, showed him a glimpse of the ‘perfect wife’.

Reluctant to believe his ‘good’ luck, the next two dates they went on only made him more infatuated with her. He was so smitten, and impressed to the point all he could imagine was how lucky would the man who marries her, be.

Little did he expect, her to invite herself up to his place, only if it was possible.

‘I’m sorry. My parents are home tonight.’

Before he could be disappointed, she caught his attention by holding onto both of his wrists.

‘But do you mind sending me home?’

‘Of course not!’

Her smile allivated any sourness he felt and they made their way to her place, though he foresaw his self-imposed rule to never disrespect the chastity of any woman’s home.

Stepping out of the lift on the highest floor of her block, he unsuspiciously followed her up two more flight of stairs into a tiny plot of empty ground, except for the retractable ladder to access the roof.

Bewildered by her act, she gave him no time to react as she brought him in front of a wall, sticking her body onto his as her hand roamed over his groin. More than shocked, he was perplexed by the morality to reciprocate her advances, which he didn’t believe she was ‘that’ into him.

The moment she slipped a hand into his canvas shorts, he lost grip of his decency and lowered his pants for her. Since her head was tightly stuck in his chest, he could only hugged her closer in his arms as she fondled his cock, to an erection she responded excitedly to.

(She whispered shyly) ‘you’re hard.’

(He whispered in equal gentleness) ‘Thank you.’

Without warning, she kneeled onto the ground and continued stroking endearingly, right next to her cheeks. From an aroused state, Jake was thrown into a frenzy again by the sight of her unnaturally-poised behaviour, as if she had been waiting for this moment.

‘Peiqi.. ‘


‘Have you done this before?’

(She answered embarrassed) ‘No? You’re my first.’

‘Then how are you so.. gooo.. good with.. ahhh.. ‘

The mouth sliding over his cock interrupted his curiosity and he was quick to give in, making feminine, weak moans to the slow, back-forth motion of her head.

Although it wasn’t his first blowjob, the pace she did it at truly stimulated every nerve endings on his shaft. From the super-sensitive, fleshy tip, to the unexpectedly-receptive, stiff base of his penis.

Coupled with alternating handjob, his body gradually slipped downwards onto his butt. Still grinning innocently at him, she stood over his body with both feet on each side of his butt, and sat between his legs while resting her thighs over his.

Rolling her knee-length chiffon skirt upward into a bundle, he was granted his first look at the never-seen-before kind of boyshorts she wore underneath. Besides its conservative coverage of her groin and hips, the zip across her pussy undid all the decency it gained.

(She whispered playfully) ‘Can you open your present?’

The stupefied, dumbfounded boy then reached for the zipper, hand shivering in both excitement and hesitation about what he would unleash behind it. As he cranked open those teeth to the emerging sight of her crotch, the sudden diversion of blood from his big head to his small made him dizzy.

Since her booty was still ‘protected’ from the ground, she was able to slide her pussy nearer, to his cock she pushed downward with her fingertips.

Panting deeply in anticipation, they gripped each other’s waist harder as her warm slit touched the tip of his shiny cock. Their eyes never left their privates as he disappeared into her, a fraction of an inch each time.

By the time she was halfway down, it was her body who could no longer endure the unwitting tease. The last two inches of his cock was engulfed at once into her hot, bumpy vaginal walls, dissolving them of any resistance to ‘take things slow’.

While she remained motionless to let her pussy further relax around him, he was powerless against his animalistic instincts to thrust at her insufficiently moist pussy.

As soon as he began ramming mindlessly into her crotch, the tension inside her disappeared, conforming to his thickness as he systematically lubricated the entire depth of her vagina with her slow-releasing juices.

After slamming their groins incessantly together for some time, he understood the limitations of the position they were in. Without saying a word, he wrapped his arms around her and tucked his feet together, laying themselves into a missionary pose on the dusty floor.

Unbothered, he raised her feet into the air as he jerked his hips back and forth, dipping his cock deeply into her body. The pleasure-filled girl could only moan and groan to his violent domination, which she had never imagined to be this addictive.

(He groaned) ‘You’re.. getting tighter!’

‘Am.. I?’

The orgasm-induced contraction only agitated him further, forcing him to overwhelm the warning bells ringing in his head. It was that one experimental idea she had to squeeze her vaginal walls together, that brought her to new highs she didn’t knew existed.

(She moaned) ‘Are you.. are you cumming.. too?’


His unannounced, backward exit caused her pussy to slap shut, instantly stripping her of all good things in life. Her disappointment was compensated as quickly once he stuck two fingers into her pussy, although he was too distracted by her rising upper-body, to move.

Devouring his cock once again, it was his turn to take a horse-stance while he pulled her face into his cock, fucking her mouth as erratically as he twisted his fingers inside her.

(He grunted weakly) ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

Her teary eyes met his raging ones as they came at the same time, flooding her mouth with his cum while she trapped him knuckles-deep in her pussy. His worry soon faded away once he saw her eyelids curved downward, freeing up some space around his shaft for a grateful smile.

The girl, after being disconnected from his various pointy ‘objects’, dutifully wiped him down with wet tissues, before cuddling in his arms at a corner.

(Jake asked cheekily) ‘How are you so wild?’

‘I’M NOT! It’s just that my parents always have sex in front of me and my sister, even up till now. So I know some tricks.’

‘Did they intentionally do it in front of you?’

(She defended herself) ‘Nope! We just don’t have much privacy in a one-room flat.’

‘Then how did you know about this hideout?’

(She explained) ‘People always.. *they heard footsteps approaching* ..ok. I think we should go.’

Before they could even get on our feet, a couple strolled into our view. While the girl was embarrassed about the encounter, the guy maintained a intrepid expression as he proceeded to bang his partner over the railing.

In a calm, and unassuming manner, they vacated the ‘playhouse’ under the incessant, futile attempts to muffle the dirty noises they were inevitably making.

Sending her right to the doorstep, he zipped her unique pair of boyshorts up as they kissed each other goodbye, in the faint, slapping sounds of her preoccupied parents.

Since she lived just five storeys from the ground floor, he decided to take the stairs where he walked in on a girl squatting in his direction over the shallow drainage groove, oblivious to his presence as she was wholly captivated by the view of her dripping-wet, rapidly-thrusting fingers.

It was about then she flipped her head backwards, coincidentally spotting Jake’s head, just as she squirted vigorously over the concrete floor, forming streaks of dark grey scribbles.

Overwhelmed with fear, she crumbled in a pile and continued twitching as pleasure dissipated for horror.

Jake, being the kind of person who understood and even supported women to discover their own bodies, dashed towards the distressed girl. Upclose, her uncanny resemblence to Peiqi urged him to ask about their relationship, and her mood swiftly improved at his revelation.

After she cleaned herself up, she replaced a finger on her clit and rubbed herself, giving him a logical explanation of ‘regaining her strength’. Hearing her overly-cute moans, he soon fell into her scheme to ‘possess’ her sister’s man.


‘I should get going. You should head home too. Your sister is waiting for you.’

Determined not to stray, he stood up at the moment she yanked his shorts down, untightened since his earlier tryst with her sister. Unable to resist the temptation of the one-year-younger, but way-too-young-body, he stood resolute in his place as she lowered his underwear.

Helping herself to his cock, she licked everywhere her tongue could reach and stroked him to a never-seen-before state of hardness, surprising even himself. Bombarded by the images of her tiny mouth empowering his sexuality, it was impossible for him not to participate.

Unlike her sister, he was barely made a few thrusts into her mouth before she gagged in discomfort. Clueless about her ‘specialty’, his eyes followed her to the steps where she got on her fours, pussy sticking out for his enjoyment.

Without further ado, he went on his knees as well and sank his meat into her vagina, prying her keen walls easily apart. There was no hesitation when it came to her, for she was overly-wet from the moment he plunged into her. It didn’t take long for his hips to find a manageable tempo, to jerk his intoxicated manhood deeply into her.

The adulterous pair fucked so gracefully and beautifully that their impending orgasms were built from peaceful beginnings, into a monstrous high that wouldn’t give way without their permission. Their organic bond created such a baffling gift which none of them knew what to expect once their bodies were ready for it.

(As he panted) ‘Peiwen.. are you ready.. to come?’

(She replied) ‘Oh god yes! Come with me.. come with me.. ‘

Progressively, his cock slammed harder and deeper into her until their hips buckled, for a sustained, slow-mo eruption that consumed both their souls from the inside. Each spurt was timely welcomed with a light suck, at the tip where five, or ten more waves cleansed his body of any guilt.

Peiwen then gently leaned forward to let him slide out of her slippery gap, before she tightened her vaginal lips to contain all of his goodness. In an expression like she has a full bladder, she cringed and writhed until the ‘full’ sensation passed, for my cum to rest blissfully with her sacred form.

(She asked) ‘Tired?’

(He answered) ‘Yes.’

‘I’m sure. Especially after banging my sister at the top floor.’

(In his panicking voice) ‘Huh? How did you know?’

‘I kind set myself up here for you to find when I saw you walking towards the stairs.’

At that moment, Jake knew that it was a simple, but well-planned trap he fell into. After listening to his proposal for her, she could not stop imagining how her pussy would be filled with his cum-glazed, sister’s-juice-covered cock at the end of each day he met Peiqi.

An inescapable win-lose agreement for him.

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