Sick Truths

(She asked) ‘It looks so big.. ‘

(He pleaded) ‘Can we still try it?’

(She agreed) ‘Mmm.. but be gentle k?’

Following his advice, she took a half-squat stance above his lap and held onto his thighs for support, clueless about his intentions as he drizzled some oil over his fingers. Without taking his gaze away from her undeveloped, slightly-split pussy, he dragged the length of his oil-coated, index finger across the centrefold, excited to see the shivers running through her body.

Without a hint to what was happening, she reacted to the incomprehensible sensation by digging her fingernails deeper into his thighs, though the pain was barely fazing his pedophilic fetish.

As he kept up with the back-forth motion, her arms began to give way to the stimulation, body descending slowly to his stronger grip around her waist. In time, the tip of his cock touched the delicate opening of her vagina, and she was only responding to the growing ache of his penetration.

‘Kor.. it’s too big.. ‘

‘Is it?’

He retracted his knees to support her body, freeing up one of his hands to reach around her waist. Upon sliding a fingertip upward of her slit, he came into contact with her clit that brought more shivers to her. Partly distracted by her first experience with pleasure, the pain became manageable as her squatting-position parted her pelvis far enough for the first inch to pop into her.


(She began moaning) ‘Haa.. haa.. ‘

Contented with her reply, he loosened his grip to let her slip lower, until her fingernails told him of her agony. Shocked by the unexpected response, he lifted her body up until her arms flailed around, relieving him of any worries that he might have hurt her.

Again, he let her down over his shaft and she did it, consuming the entirety of his fully-matured, five-inch long cock inside her tiny frame. Given how tightly they fitted, there was no way she could move without hurting him. And yet, that was what she repeatedly tried to do as it sent overwhelming waves of pleasure through her petite body.

Sure, it took him a dangerously long time to adjust to her tightness, but once he did, she was in control of his morbid agenda. Grinding her waist back and forth, every part of his manhood brushed along every corner of her pussy, hurting and pleasing her so much she couldn’t stop.

The unbearable clutch at the entrance of her pussy, was all that was limiting the amount of euphoria he felt, preventing him from ejaculating – at all. Despite that, he was more aroused by how addicted she was to sex, moving autonomously to keep dousing herself in endorphins.

After what seemed like an eternity, she was moving less agile, urges resisted by some form of stressful sensation. It was then he took hold of the situation, grabbing the underside of her ass to bounce her up and down on his cock.

Organic, stringy, juices, started to show up between where their bodies met, permitting him to speed up his thrusts. Rotating her lifeless body around, he shifted themselves to a flat ground on the staircase, to remain in a seated position as he jerked his groin at hers.

(He whispered as he hugged her) ‘I’m cumming.. I’m cumming inside you.. ‘

As he said that, her vagina released all pressure over his shaft, forming a suction that quite forcefully, extracted his load into her vacuum. Facing the most powerful orgasm he has ever felt in his life, he couldn’t stop his body from writhing and twitching uncontrollably.

Exhausted, he remained inside her until he recovered some of his strength, to carry her to a wall where his softened cock then slipped out of her. Just when sanity resurfaced to remind him of his wrongdoings, the spectacular view of cum, oozing endlessly out of her, degenerated him further down the rabbit hole.

He stayed with her for the thirty minutes she took to be fully conscious, appearing jovial compared to the uncertain expression before they started. Upon seeing how coquettish she had became, it was too easy for him, to teach her how to masturbate – at an age she would never.

For nights to come, they would be fucking their brains out while her dog watched, leashed in a corner. And on those days they could not meet, he would receive videos of her, doing everything he asked her to.

Their unorthodox relationship would then go on for years, past the age she moved out to live on her own, in an apartment he would frequently visit apart from her then-boyfriend, to fuck his personal, sex-addicted slave. It wasn’t until she had her first child, did she break their ties, only because of commitment.

As for her husband, he couldn’t be any luckier(?) to marry a woman who; is always craving for the assuring presence of cum (anywhere inside her), and has never turned down any of his requests, even participating in a gangbang just to fulfil his fantasy.

What would you have done, if you found out of her history? Would you ever want to know?

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