No! Me First!

Drenched in perspiration, Yun and I walked to the block of flat nearby, with a bottle of H-two-o in our hands. Upon reaching her house, she immediately pulled her soaked tank-top and shorts off, leaving only her caged bra and beige, seamless panties on.

(She asked) ‘Do you want to take a shower?’

‘Huh? I didn’t bring any clothes along.’


With her cute, pouted lips, she skipped behind me and forcibly took my shirt off, hastily pushing me towards the common bathroom where my shorts were then yanked out from my feet. In the shower, she removed the rest of her clothes and rained warm, clean water over our bodies.

Seeing her move so urgently, caused me to panic as I lathered her body up, coating soap all over until she began ‘scrubbing’ my penis extra thoroughly. Just as I slipped a hand between her legs, another loud ‘tsk’ sent me for the shower head, pouring clear water over our bodies again, as she stroked my erection.

Right at that moment, a voice came from the living room, shouting ‘I’M HOME JIE!’. At once, she pasted a finger over her lips and froze her hand, waiting for a few seconds before the bathroom door slammed open.


Her secondary-school aged sister then hopped into the shower fully clothed, hugging me from behind to wrench her sister’s hand off my manhood. The ‘family feud’ sort of ended when I was led out of the shower, into her sister’s bedroom where the two of them jumped on my naked body.

Ying, the younger of the two, climbed over my face as her sister violently cupped my cock with her mouth, sucking me into an ecstacy that translated into rapid-tongue flicks at the pussy above me.

(I moaned) ‘MMM MMM MMM!’

The blowjob, combined with vengeful stroking of my cock, quickly brought me to climax into Yun’s magically tireless mouth, filling her up with a serving of protein she ‘shook’ out of me.

At that vulnerable moment, the both of them released me at the same time, though it was for another ‘fight’. Yun, satisfied with her upper-hand, left the room to Ying, who was clearly irked by my expenditure.

With little remaining strength, it was mostly Ying who did the relaxed work, of lying next to me and making out until my erection filled her palm again. This time, after she locked the door, she did the one, forbidden act her sister had warned her against.

Taking full advantage of my drowsiness, I had thought that she was stepping over my body when her pussy suddenly descended upon my cock, which required minimal effort to nudge it in the right direction.


My undescriptive groans went unheard as she combed her hair back, grinding her hips back and forth as my cock slipped ravenously in and out of her unjustified wetness. Although she did me ‘gracefully’, I could see the spite in her grin, a silly smile she knew her sister could do nothing about as my face grew increasingly cringey.

(She whispered) ‘are you cumming? soon?’

‘Yee.. yeahh.. soo.. sooon.. ‘

Trying my best to regulate my breathing, she was all fired up, in and out of her. The final straw came when she cupped my balls in her hand, fondling them as contradictory-gently as opposed to her impatient body language.

(She whispered louder) ‘I’m gonna come first if you doo.. don’t!’

Once again, the peace was broken when a key clicked the door unlock, sending the raging sister into the room. In the blink of an eye, she was grabbed off me by her arm, cock springing out of her like the hair-flick challenge.

Yun, with a disappointed look, stormed out of the bedroom and returned with a toiletry bag. From it, she whipped out a blister pack containing a single tablet, possibly named ‘Ella’. Ying knew what her actions meant and swallowed the pill, guilt-filled eyes still fixated on her sister.

She dragged her sister back to my side, bent her over to the bed, and fished out another pill I didn’t see, to shove it into Ying’s vagina.

‘JIE! What did you just do?! What is that?!’


She left the room again and came back with her Panasonic GH5, ready to make my worst nightmare come true. After five minutes of unbearable silence, Ying’s back began to arch up and down, before she crawled in a hynotic state onto the bed.

Within seconds, she was riding me again, more much energetically and.. unwillingly. Swerving in and out of a ‘sane’ and ‘demonised’ mind, her facial expressions changed as horrifyingly as she slammed her tightening pussy over my cock.

(I cried out) ‘YUN! WHAT’S.. ARGHH.. HAPP.. HAPPENING?!’

(She replied smugly) ‘Huh? She wanted to fuck you right? I’m helping her. She’s on the pill now. You can cum insider her as many times as she wants.’

(I called out) ‘WHAT THE FUUU.. FUAHHH!’

An eerie smile broke across Ying’s face as she batted an eyelid, to clamp her opening onto my cock before she climaxed. Somehow, she managed to squirt and I was soaked once more, in her bodily fluid.

Just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, she snapped into an unimaginable, vicious body once she touched her clit, sending her hips rocking mercilessly over my groin.

At that point, I could no longer take anymore of her abuse and came uneventfully into her, followed by the subsequent leaking of my cum out of her cock-stuffed cunt.

Lying helpless to her insatiable hunger, I knew there was nothing Ying could do to get me up in time, mood sinking into an endless pit as she switched to her fingers. I felt my heart shattered when she gazed pitifully into my eyes, wishing that she could help herself from this self-abuse.

True enough, ‘help’ came when a dildo was flung into the bed, for Ying to ram it desperately up her pussy. As she fucked herself powerlessly, Yun brought the camera over to film upclose. Holding ourselves liable for her perverted punishment, none of us knew what to say until she rotated the camera around.

Aimed at my flaccid, semi-erection, she recorded herself going down on my juic-covered twine, mysteriously aroused by her erratic suction. I couldn’t believe how effective it was when she bit (carefully) down on my cock, jolting it, almost instantly, into life.

The unimpressed student then lunged herself at my renewed-growth, reversing her ass until she popped me back inside her. This time, I rose onto my knees and hammered her hard, momentarily relieving her of any duties as she moaned hysterical.

Yun then stuck an arm under her belly and tucked her fingertip into her clit, vibrating rapidly to drive her sister crazy, again. Ying’s hips then jerked backwards to sit me back down, before she bounced wildly on my over-filled cock.

Discharge of any effort, I just massaged her boobs as she pumped me with her vagina, that was still unnaturally contracting to the effects of the pill. It wasn’t until I was about to cum again that the camera-woman sprinted at us, toppled her sister forward, to take a ‘stand’ over my cock. Into the ‘new’ body I went, and the poor, powerless girl sadly attended to her unquenchable desire with the dildo.

At Yun’s command, I fucked her in missionary as her sister watched, tearfully as I pumped my third load into ‘another’ pussy.

After that, I was led out of the moan-filled room to retrieve a douche, which was then used to flush the last quarter of the pill out of her underage sister. To keep her restrained for the effects to wear off, I alternated my fingers between her clit and pussy, also her anus at the insistence of Yun.

No one, not even Yun, could expect Ying to climax from her first anal fingering. The two of them didn’t take long to fall asleep, to finally let me go home, situated just across their unit.

‘What can I do in future to avoid causing any discourse between the sisters?’, I didn’t stay awake long to come up with an answer to that thought.

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