His Wife and I

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‘Come join us for breakfast! GER! You better eat faster! You are going to be late!’

In a lethargic manner, her daughter dropped the last bite of bread on the plate and made her way out of the house, for a school excursion she had no interest in. With no one else, but the two of us, in the house, it was my duty to do the dishes, since she made breakfast for me.

More than pleased to let me do some chores, she left the table and took a shower in the common toilet, a strange behaviour as she has one in her (master) bedroom. Giving no thoughts to her ‘choice’, I brought all the plates to the sink where an unwashed pan sat, to be bathed by me as well.

Although it was just another off day for me, I wasn’t too inconvenienced by the alarms ringing at my usual wake-up time, rewarding me with an abundance of free time.

Halfway through the dishes, she came out and held me by my hips, forcing me to turn around at her towel-clad body.

‘I’ll finish it. You always take a shower in the morning right? Go go.’

Unsure if she was aware of my off day, it wasn’t a bad idea to start my day fresh, instead of showering only before I sleep (on every day off). I fetched my towel and took a shower like she suggested, taking extra time to give myself a deep-skin cleanse down there.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see her at the sink, staring right at me. Awkwardly, I stepped out of the bathroom to see her unravel her towel, holding both ends forward like the wings of a butterfly.

Depriving me of any time to react, she strolled up to me and hugged me within the towel, drying my back as her full, perky, B-cups breasts rubbed over my chest. By the time she was done, my cock was selling my primal instincts out, rising seamlessly to a flag-pole position.

In silence, she rotated my back to the window and stood in front of me, stroking my cock affectionately in an up-down motion. I was immensely caught in a dilemma as I was already in a questionable relationship with her daughter. My erection was hard, but otherwise emotionless as my mind broke out into a war.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘I don’t think.. *taking a deep breath* ..we should be doing this.’

‘Is it about my husband?’

‘Yes.. and also your daughter.’

‘O-K. One; you don’t have to worry about my husband. He rented you the room cheap, only because he saw the good in you. He, knows that I know, of his fling with his boss. That’s why he had to go on the ‘business’ trip. And two; whatever you did with my girl, I just know that she is happier now.’

‘So your husband.. rented the room to me, whom he knows can be trusted to let you cheat with.. safely?’

‘Yes, in short. Plus.. you also have a tool.. that.. ‘

Following her disappearance from my eye-level, a hot, comforting warm immediately soothed my tensed, overworked mind, relieving me of any guilt I had doing such disgraceful acts. My quivering knees could not be more obvious, about her skills compared to her daughter who only reenacted what she saw in pornography.

Groaning harshly to her deepening strokes, I was no longer concerned about others seeing us, being completely immensed in the mind-blowing oral sex she was also moaning to.

As her face went closer and closer to my groin, her throat replaced the calming effect of a blowjob for a more agitating sensation, subtly hitting only the tip of my cock with the back of her throat. In no time, I was antagonised beyond containment and helped her up quickly onto her feet, shifting to a more private location of her choosing – her daughter’s room.

Before I could come up with a position, she pushed me onto the bed and dropped to her knees, caressing my cock lovingly as she continued sucking hard on it. Her attack on my loin bombarded me with so much undescripable emotions that I was spasming out of control.

Once I came to my senses, I put her in a doggy style position over the edge of the bed and shoved my cock into her pussy, impaling her right up to her physical limit in one swift thrust. Desperate, shocked, and overwhelmed by my sudden domiance, I make quick, graceful strokes to sooth her worked up body, relaxing her as I stirred her insides to a raging tsunami.

‘Ahhh.. don’t! don’t.. ahhh ahhh.. sto.. stop!’

Just as she cried out those words, I froze all movements and retracted my hips slowly, taking pleasure away from her eager pussy. Although she didn’t asked for more, I could tell how much she needed it from her fingers she kept rubbing her clit with, to remain wet and aroused for my next round of attention.

(I spoke out of breath) ‘Let’s go.. study tab.. ble.’

Like little girl receiving an ice cream, she skipped to the desk and awaited my instruction, to sit on it. It couldn’t be anymore inviting as she slung her arms around my neck as I stepped up to her, cock sliding easily into her pussy that was unnaturally wet.

Moving our hips together, our lips locked in a never-ending kiss, riding out a wave of orgasm I triggered by simultaneously teasing her clit. In a tighter, much more stimulating vagina, I rammed harder and faster to own her body, which she desperately clung onto through the tongues inside each other’s mouth.

(She moaned) ‘Did you.. did you fuck.. her here too.. ahhh ahhh ahhh.. ‘

(I grunted) ‘What.. do you.. think?’

‘I.. I think yes.. ‘

At the same time my cock got thrown off with the sudden contraction of her vaginal walls, a sombre expression flashed across her face, like she was ready to show me the tigress of her home.

Manhandling my butt with the ball of her feet, I was unsympathetically forced into her unmerciful pussy, as if she only existed to torture me. While I broke down in her violent delight, I could spiritually see the end of me.

(She snapped) ‘CUMMING? CUMMING YET?!’

‘Yes.. soon.. soon.. NOW.. NOW NOW!’

Her smug smile quickly turned into a devious grin when my seeds flooded her chamber, spewing my worth until I was ‘nothing (left)’. Guiding my exit through hand signals, I slid my cock out of her at the same time she sealed the hatch shut, effectively trapping all my cum inside her.

For the next few hours, after taking the blue pill she purchased for her ‘initially-faithful’ husband, we went at it again like bunnies, fucking around of the house, in every positions we could manage.

It wasn’t until 1pm when we showered again, before her daughter returned at two. Out of stupidity or wit, I took mummy’s advice to tell her girl that no one else was home, so she could do anything she wanted.

To that, I agreed to her request to ‘do it’ on her parent’s bed, only if she was blindfolded. Under mummy’s close ‘supervision’, I was asked (in whisperings) to replace my cock with fingers just before I came, shoot everything into mummy’s mouth, then sticking my ‘cleaned’ ramrod back inside her girl to continue pleasuring her.

After poking my shagged out wiener into her daughter for the third time, I was informed of her possession of Plan-B pills, which somehow rejuvenated me to pump the fourth, and final load into her little girl, with appropriate authorisation.

At close to 6pm, I retreated to my room for a well-deserved sleep, only waking up the next morning, afreshed, next to the school girl.

I think it’s time to put a stop to the morning sex we couldn’t stop ourselves from, since it was affecting all of our day-life.

Part 1 | Part 2

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