His Daughter and I

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For the low rent I paid, it was an unspoken ‘deal’ to partake a little household duties, like doing the sink of dirty dishes left by my landlord’s teenage daughter. Due to our age gap, I saw her as my ‘daughter’, or younger sister at best.

As a day-shift manager, my work started early, and end at 2pm. It was a daily sight to see her idling on her phone around the house, dressed so loosely without the slightest effort of hiding her underwear-less state.

Standing in front of the sink, I was in a daze as I bathed the plates, unaware of her presence behind me. In one fell swop, she wrapped her arms around my waist and stuck her hands into my bottoms, a pair of running shorts which I leveraged on its built-in netting to go underwear-less.

Unable to wrestle her off simultaneously, she cupped my balls under her palm as she used her other hand to stroke my manhood. Her intrusion marked the first time in my life I actually got violent with a woman, twisting and jerking my hips to throw her off.

Still, I couldn’t ignore her tight grips on my shaft and very-vulnerable testicles, forcing me to just hang onto the kitchen counter as she discovered my masculinity.

(She whispered) ‘It’s bigger than the one in the video.’

‘What video?’

(She whispered seductively) ‘porn.. ‘

Cautioned by my innate instinct to escape this sticky situation, she kept one hand on me at all times as I followed her instructions to ‘turn around’. Standing in front of the kitchen windows, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone caught her, pulling down my shorts only to duck from my springing dick.

My eyes were fixated on her every move, including the silent ‘wow’ when she saw the monstrosity of my penis. There was nothing either of us could do, about my twenty-year seniority from her age.

After spitting a blob of saliva into her free hand, she drizzled them over the entire length of my cock as she lubricated my shaft, in a jerking motion. All I was allowed to do was to stand unyielding to her curious eyes, exploring a male, sex organ upclose.

As her fist continued to slide easily up and down my erection, groans began to escape my tight-pressed lips. Immediately, her attention was turned to my clear signs of submission, weathered-body fall prey to her temptation.

From the pair of eyes I tried to show ‘anger’, ‘frustration’, and the likes, through, I caught her biting her lower lips, as if my pleasure-induced response was turning her on. Looking at her increasingly spiteful face, she brought her lips close enough to my dick that I had to hold her forehead back, though a vengeful squeeze of my balls quickly nullified my reluctance.

(She said sternly) ‘Don’t you dare touch me again.’

Every muscle I had knew better to ignore her warning than let her have her way, but it was too late when a long sigh left my mouth on her descend of my cock. Saliva provided the necessary lube she needed to drag those soft, thin lips along my cock as I clenched my fists harder, determined to keep myself from making any more noise.

Once she synced up her sucking pace to the rhythmic caress of my balls, my body surrendered all controls to her impressive, unseen tongue. Pushing upward lightly on the underside of my penis, she thoroughly soothed the most-susceptible vein(s) on my body, relaxing and agitating me in rapid succession.

Within five minutes, my shivering knees were ready to give way to her unexpected performance of lust. Upon seeing my lightheaded mood, she rose upright and smothered my cock under her perky, FBT-clad ass, wriggling in a weird manner until my tip ‘accidentally’ found its way into one of two wide openings for her thighs.

On contact with her moist, warm lady-part, my (big) head instantly went numb, overwhelmed by both my inexcusable compliance and fantastical encounter of the unimaginable. Carefully, she repositioned my dick between her thigh gap before twerking only as far as my ‘length’.

After a few, long minutes of p-on-p masturbation, that simple, straightforward, back-forth motion proved incapable to quench her escalating thirst as she pressed my cock deeper into the folds of her pussy, trying to get more stimulation from what ironically caused her ‘itch’.

The ambitious young lady then put a foot forward, arched her lower-back in, stuck her ass out, and propped my cock between two fingers as she leaned backwards. I couldn’t believe how my imagination managed to visualise a soft, stiff piece of meat into an equally-fleshy centrefold, thereafter splitting the small gap around the unforgiving pole.

Throughout the whole invasion, she kept her hands on mine, fingernails digging into my skin as her body autonomously conjoined us. Wincing in a supposed mixed of pain and pleasure, her involuntary movements caused unintentional probing (of my cock) inside her.

The minute we stood stationary in our grounds, paid off when I felt the pressure weakening around my shaft.

(I asked) ‘Do you.. still want to continue?’

Turning her head sharply at me, she bit her lips again as she swung her hips backwards over my cock. At once, the empowering wave of pleasure brought my hands to her waist, locking our bodies at an angle she wouldn’t slip out of.

Soon, my body took over her tireless workout and claimed her pussy for itself, shoving my dick in and out of her ravenous (wo)man-cave. Hammering her from the kitchen to her bedroom, she swiftly hopped onto her study table and let me reenter her from the front, this time swinging our hips at each other to get most out of me.

Her increasingly hard grip on my arms grew unbearable as her expression changed, into a voiceless, distressed, worked up look, warning me of an impending orgasm. To that, the effects of our shameless tryst could be felt across my cock, faced with more resistance on each inward thrust.

(She moaned loudly) ‘I.. I.. COME.. COMINGHHHH.. NOWAHHHH!’

I managed to catch her before she fell backwards and hastened my strokes into her, pumping her harder than ever to meet my own end. After ten short seconds, still deeply embedded in her collapsed vagina, I yanked my cock out as my balls snapped for an titillating release.

In the chaotic moment, she managed to lift her shirt high enough to evade all of my importunate sprinkling, staining her abdomen instead. For the while we took to regain our composure, we playfully daubed the organic moisturiser all over her body before showering separately.

At five, her parents returned and dragged some luggage to the door, ready to go on some trip.

(Father said to me) ‘I’ll be going on a business trip to Germany. Can you help me take care of them.. *whispering* ..especially my daughter.. while I’m away? I’ll bring something back for you.’

‘I’ll do what I can. They are pretty independent anyway. Just get me something small, use the rest of your luggage space for them.’

With that, his wife followed to see him off at the airport, leaving their precious daughter with me – for a few more hours.

Part 1 | Part 2

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