#36 DASD-700/ HND-643

Every now and then, I will present some interesting, eye-catching, jaw-dropping JAV clips to aid the compulsory release of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, while we prefer our porn to be ‘raw’ and ‘uncensored’, the most captivating of them might just be hidden behind the occasional mosaic. 


Pardon my crude manner in writing this summary but what if, a ‘fat’ and ‘balding’ you, married Akari Tsumugi as a wife? Playing on that idea of an unattractive male, with a hot wife, this AV builds itself on the various ways a guy might get overly-zealous about his great luck. From making love to her in numerous corners of the house, to filming some of those intimate moments, and even catching her cheat on you with an unknown character (in the video), this clip seemed bent on giving as much leverage to the male actor to ‘exploit’ the perfect actress.

Rating: Stop wondering about what you would do if you had a hot wife and just watch this. And don’t use this for inspiration. It’s just not right.


For all of us who has watched Edge of Tomorrow, this particular JAV does its best to replicate a plot like it, to good effect too. Beginning with an average, salaryman, he had to follow a certain sequence before he died from a heart attack. Taking steps to avoid that predictable demise, he soon discovered that his wife, played by Akari Mitani, to be cheating on him, with different men as his ‘day’ restarts.

However, just when he found a pattern to divert her adultery, it was her turn to restart the same day over and over again. There would obviously be some continuity problems, but an easy answer would be that the couple has been ‘evading’ each other as they progressed in their respective ‘day’, with the male doing his best to turn all the men she would encounter – away, and her mission to cheat with as many men as she could before he could interfere.

Rating: A little exhaustive on the brain to watch, but add full-sex scenes into it and the whole video might be a little more bearable to tide through.

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