Groomed for Fuck

I would say that our first date turned out very well when we found ourselves in the privacy of a secluded staircase, kissing like that was our first romantic encounter. Hands began roaming freely over each other’s bodies, mouths went from lips to necks, thighs blatantly rubbing inbetween legs. We were both so ready to explode and be one right there and then.

Just as I slipped my hands under her shirt, she quickly held them down. It wasn’t too late to stop there, for we have went further than we should for our first meeting. She then looked into my eyes so intensely, that I thought I had screw things up forever. Everything about her was so mesmerising, which made things worse if I had offended her with that silly move.

(She calmly said) ‘I’ve never felt like that with anyone before. Do you want to fuck?’

‘Woah. Wait. I didn’t do all those things just so I can fuck you. If you think we are moving too fast.. ‘

‘No I mean. Do you want to have sex?’

Truth be told, it has been a long time since I felt so bewildered. I knew it wasn’t confusion, since we had deep, meaningful conversations before. Up till then, she proved herself to be a master of words, in terms of intellect and wit. What she just said, must not have been a mistake.

‘I don’t get it. Do you mean pre-marital sex?’

‘Nevermind. I shouldn’t confuse you.’

She cupped her hands on my cheeks and resumed kissing me, though it no longer had the same effect. I reciprocated her advances, but couldn’t shake those vague, straightforward expressions of hers. Soon, her hands were at my belt, undoing them as I slowly returned to our sapiosexually-driven lust. My hands undid her bra, and I did my best to massage those perky small B-cups in my palms.

As you’d imagine things to progress, she went down on her knees and took my cock into her mouth, without so much batting an eyelid. Her gaze was affixed to mine the whole time, closely watching my response. I kept my hands behind my bum and let her did her thing, until she grabbed them to put them over her head.

Still, I did little to disrupt her tempo, enjoying the mind-blowing blowjob she was giving. After some time, she stopped, and remained on her knees. Sensing her tiredness, I went to the steps and waved to her to join me, which she did with a blank look.

‘What’s wrong?’, I just had to ask.

‘Is my blowjob bad?’, she replied with an almost worrying look.

‘No. Not at all.’

‘But you stopped me.. ‘

‘I will never get enough of you if I don’t stop myself.’

And that was all she needed to hear to sit a few steps below me, put her head between my legs and continued sucking me off. From that moment, she was moving much faster, going much deeper, and moaning much sexier. I didn’t know what has gotten into her, but something did seemed off. A minute into the staircase blowjob, she was beginning to tear up.

In such circumstances, anyone, and I mean every guy, would stop her, right? I did just that and she climbed over my lap, crying for some unknown reason into my shoulder.

(I whispered) ‘Hey hey.. what’s wrong? Let’s stop here and go home. I’ll send you home.’

(As she sobbed) ‘No.. sniff I.. am I doing it right?’

‘Yes you are. That was perfect.’

‘Is it really? You won’t hurt me right?’

‘No I will never hurt you. I’m sorry.’

I kept patting her back to reassure her of what I said, and thought nothing when she reached between our groins, since nothing else should be happening then. Instead of nothingness, she actually held my dick in her hand, and rocked her hips forward so she could put it in.

Without a condom between us, I slipped easily right into her, her juicy pussy that I had no idea how it got to that state. Ting was already riding me before I could say anything, and she was smiling as she worked her hips.

How could I remain sad when a girl as petite, pretty and smart as her, was using my cock to help herself feel better? I wasted no opportunity to hold her tiny waist down, as she rocked back and forth over my cock, satisfying me in a fantasy I could only dream about.

Some long, passionate minutes later, she finally stopped and asked me what position do I want her in. ‘Standing doggy’ was my answer and boy, did she surprise me when SHE put me against a wall, and backed her pussy over my cock. For the first time, I noticed the missing link.

I have yet to put in an ounce of effort as far as penetrative intercourse was concerned. She didn’t appear to be a ‘dom’, nor would she be a ‘sub’, given how little control I was given. Or, perhaps I was, when she put my hands over her head during head.

Pinned at the wall, she used the center pillar to support her forceful ‘reverse-fuck’ till I was groaning, for an imminent end I was determined to carry out.

(I whispered loudly) ‘Ting? Stop.’

Immediately, she paused with me balls-deep inside her and everything went silent.

‘That’s enough for tonight.’

When she turned around to look at me, I saw a face filled with worry and fear, coming into my chest as she descended onto her knees, to take me in her mouth.

‘Do you need me to cum tonight?’

‘Mmm-hmm. Can?’


‘Cause that is how I know you are pleased with me.’

That said, she calmly shifted her face down my shaft and into my trimmed pubes, making short-but-rapid thrusts in my groin while her throat contracted around the tip of my cock.

Granted that I had never felt anything so crazy as that before, she made me groan and squirm so sheepishly I was sure she would be laughing at me afterwards. Instead, she caressed my balls at that moment and triggered the explosion she wanted, deep down her throat that was still convulsing around my cock head.

It wasn’t till a full minute later did she pull away, for me to see a penis so wet slide out of her beautiful, lip-sticked mouth. She was smiling, again, this time sincerely from her heart.

After that day, we spoke more than ever about what she went through. A relationship in particular, where she was ‘trained’ to serve her ‘ex-boyfriend’ and his friends, whom he claimed must ‘approve’ her before she would be ‘accepted’. Led on a ton of lies, she ended up having to please four guys, at their calling, at their dispense.

Since the aspect of ‘(romantic) love’ was non-existent in her past, sex has became the illusion where affection, care and concern were built upon.

In the months that followed, chances of recovery proved to be bleak as she constantly placed herself lowly whenever intimacy was involved, submitting to every intentional or unintentional command, humanely feasible or not.

Let’s be honest here. Who would like to know how her ex-boyfriend enslaved her?

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