Good Receptivity

A receptionist would be someone who receives people, often a pretty face behind a desk, ideally with a sweet voice too. Sarah was one of them, for a small company, married to a lucky guy. They were home deciding what to do for the night when her hubby suggested they reminisce the old times by… Read more Good Receptivity

Sick 2

Part 1 | Part 2 As Mummy was overseas for a few days due to work, Jenny and Philip had all the time with their father. Since that night of sex education, they had not touched each other without daddy’s permission, and all he had allowed them to do was to let Jenny had her night… Read more Sick 2

Untypical Day

It was a usual day for the 16 year old Vivian as she walked home through the dark alley to get home faster. Lessons ended early that day but she stayed back with two of her friends to rush a project and it was almost 9pm when they were done. As she walked, she heard… Read more Untypical Day


Part 1 | Part 2 Daddy had slipped a few sleeping pills into Mummy’s drink before sleep and it was only 10pm when she was in full effect of the drug. Dressed in her usually sleeping dress, her pussy was well shaved and freshly showered too. It was time for lesson. Daddy: ‘Philip! Jenny! Come over… Read more Sick