Pipe Dream

In the absence of light, her arms resisted.
The slight glow from the blindfolds, only told her day from night.
A gentle finger runs down her fore, going between her sidewards breasts.

A breath of life filled her tiny chest, gathering force for the tired soul.
The kiss of death warmed her nips, playful tongue, circled her breasts.
A gentle breath runs down her abs, going over her resting pubes.

The rise of knees, bring sigh to please.
His slipperiness, parted her bliss.
A gentle flick runs between her folds, over and under her swollen clit.

His face of play, went away in pants.
A warmer tip, replaced his playful tongue.
A gentle thrust splits her gap, deeper in and in, into her throbbing lust.

Firm pieces of thighs, hit her gluts.
The wide, long stick, brushes her tube.
A gentle groan of air, envelops her snow white skin.

Balls of steel, tap onto her puffs.
He moved faster, beyond her grasp.
A gentle touch of him, triggers the eruption in her.

Hot, sticky cum, rose her mood.
The paused strokes, still sprouting love.
A gentle slide out of her, leaves the satisfying trail.

A kiss lands on her cheeks, filled with care and love.
The tiny squeezes, still come from her.
A gentle stream, let his piping steam, flow out of her pipe dream.

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