It Slipped

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Mavis (Whatsapp): ‘You around my place? I’m reaching home from clubbing.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. I’ll wait for you at the usual place.’

I headed over to her block after picking my iPad up and continued writing as I waited for her. After fifteen minutes, she appeared in a pink sleeveless dress, decent looking yet short and low-cut enough to appear adventurous.

Me: ‘You didn’t wear bra?’
Mavis (exclaiming): ‘Huh!’

She looked down on her breasts and realised that her nipples were poking at her dress. The next few seconds was spent in deep thoughts as she recalled why guys were so friendly that night, and a few of them even tried to eat her ‘toufu’ (a term for getting touchy). A quick grab of my hand and we went up a few flight of stairs before she plopped herself down on a step to adjust her nipple cover back.

Now that we were in a private place, there wasn’t a need for that since she was just a few floors away from home. Still, I watched her finish before finding out more about the flush of pinkness across her cheeks.

Me: ‘You drank a lot?’
Mavis: ‘And I was wondering why guys keep buying drinks for me.’

I laughed at her serious looking face and gave her a hug to reassure that it was nothing too serious and she rested in my arms for some time. With that few minutes spent calming her down, my hand wriggled into the thick shoulder strap splitting the V cut and moved down to her breast, where her nipples were shielded.

Me (whispering): ‘Can I peel them off? No point wearing it here right?’
Mavis: ‘Are you always that horny?’
Me: ‘Only when you appear so cute.’
Mavis: ‘What cute?! I didn’t notice it till now.’

She grabbed my dick through my shorts and held them tightly, until the blood pressure spiked high enough to let me feel the bursting pipe. Seeing that I only had one way to stop her, I pinched on her nipples and rolled them between my fingers. Her moans soon grew louder as her hand relaxed, shifting to my thigh so she could reach under my shorts.

Mavis (whispering): ‘You always have a way with me huh?’

Me: ‘Until you found someone you like, he would have his way with you too.’

My other hand dived into her neckline and massaged her breast with my palm, warming it to fight the cold wind blowing. As I continued the soothing massage, her hand was stroking me faster, driving me crazy for a deeper intimacy.

Mavis: ‘Oh ya.. can we not have sex today?’
Me: ‘Why?’
Mavis: ‘Just don’t feel like it.’
Me: ‘Alright. So.. I can go all out as long as no sex?’
Mavis: ‘I guess.. ‘

I moved a few steps lower and rolled her dress up with her help, stripping the nude coloured panties off her legs. Raising one of her feet to the step she was on, I spread her legs enough for me to dive in for the juicy oyster and she nicely responded with a subtle moan as my tongue touched her clit.

Remembering how she liked being licked, I flicked her clit vigorously with my tip and sucked on it when I needed a short break. My other hand was kept busy as well, poking about an inch into her and thrusting so ever gently that drove her body to move on its own. Moments later, her hands were all over my head, guiding me to savour those raw areas that needed some attention. It was just so sexy to feel her finding herself as someone so willingly served her like a princess.

Mavis: ‘You know.. I had stopped using those social apps cause I know I can rely on you when I needed it. I’m just glad you took the time to figure out where it felt.. ahh

An orgasm stopped her in her tracks as my finger curled upwards to stimulate the underside of her pussy. She pushed my mouth away as her legs tried to close themselves but was kept opened by my arms. It was one of those beautiful memories that I could not forget when her pussy moved on its own, covered in a glistering liquid like an oyster topped with lemon juice.

Mavis: ‘I.. I think I have enough for tonight.’
Me: ‘I guess so too. You look tired.’
Mavis: ‘And you know how I look when I’m tired?’
Me: ‘No. But you are usually tired.’

That area under her groin had a patch of wetness and I moved along the steps to change to a dryer spot. It was more than the usual one-climax rule that told me she was tired, somehow, the struggle to show her never-tired state conflicted with her energy levels and let slipped the weaker side of her. If anyone else had seen her right then, it would be so easy to just pounce on her with just a slight struggle.

I got up and sat next to her, while she placed her feet on the lower steps to return the favour. As soon as she moved one level down, I pulled her back into my arms and embraced her, this time, with a different mindset. I had so much wanted to tell her, it’s time to rest. For those of you who was hoping that the guy (me) have a happy ending, I’m sorry to disappoint.

Mavis is a girl who had been fighting against herself for the longest time, to prove that she does not need to rely on anyone. All those battles took their toil on her and yet, she did not give up. At her most vulnerable (which was right then), her tired mind whispered to me to do something for her.

Me: ‘Mavis. I’ve had enough today too. Go home and sleep early. So you will have strength tomorrow.’
Mavis: ‘Are you sure?’
Me: ‘Yes. You already took more than what you can afford to into your hands. You can leave my dick to me.’

I handed her the panties and she left the stairs, giving me a wave of goodbye while I stole glances at her swaying ass. Shortly after, I began my peaceful walk home, satisfied by my deed not to cum that evening.

Mavis (Whatsapp): ‘J, the last hug you gave me.. I felt something different. Thanks for telling me I usually had enough after one orgasm although you saw my tiredness in my eyes. And that bit of strength you saved up for me will see me through tomorrow. Here’s a reward for you.’

A picture followed that message shortly and the sight of her petite body covered in foam, told me enough – at least the shower part. I did not reply her that night, but the following day, she invited me to her place to prepare a dinner for the two of us, with a round of mutual eat-out challenge for dessert.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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