2 Apps (over)Used

This post is out of date as of 29/4/2020. Refer to ‘Articles’ under the ‘Texts’ category for newer apps!

When it comes to productivity, efficiency is the top of my list. Energy is a precious resource like time, and complexity (which consumes time), is sometimes necessary to reduce hassle at later parts. To get around my (almost) daily routine to write, there are some apps I cannot do without, but will find an alternative if they do disappear (or disappoint).

Please note that I do most of my writing on iPad, but some apps are available for Android too.

2. WordPress

As many of you could have guessed, Phantacee.com is powered by WordPress. Compared to Blogger, Ghost (which was so tempting) and many other platforms, WP is can easily be one of the most complex tool if you are just starting out.

After the recent update disappointed me, this APP is now only used to check my site’s stats. But before it went wrong, I use their app heavily to publish my entries as soon as they are done. Skipping the use of Dropbox completely. The Android version is still good though.

1. iA Writer

To have your device crash is the worst fear of many. iA Writer is one app that backs up every word you type. It is truly an app designed for authors, without any intrusive grahics. Black texts on white background, there is no other way to write without distractions.

Cleverly linked to Dropbox (or local storage), I sync all my stories to be posted later (through my desktop). I can’t bold or italicise here, but my programming background taught me enough to implement codes around those important texts. Basic info like word/ character count are available on a tap, else, there is little difference between how you write on paper and on this app.

(There is a ‘focus’ mode that fades out the completed paragraphs, only keeping your current sentence in dark fonts. Another occasionally used feature).

0. Dropbox

Although not necessary to have for iA Writer, it is still a good idea to double check if my stories are correctly synced. In times without my physical inspirational thumbdrive, this app allows me to peep at (outdated) images and videos in really dire times. Please note that iA Writer do REQUIRE a DropBox account to push files into your online storage.

Writing on a computer has been really unproductive for me since I am someone who is easily distracted. I am somewhat grateful for Apple NOT to have multiple windows on their devices, focusing my attention on the current app I am using. As far as efficiency is concerned, I am planning to use an Android tablet for the still-functioning WP app, if not a Microsoft powered tablet to just write directly on my website.

Thinking back, I don’t even need the WordPress app since I don’t use it much huh? If you have an app to recommend, please do so as soon as you can. Cause everyone benefits from more stories! A better future is coming (I hope)!

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