Out of Control

Rynn (whispering): ‘C’mon man, she won’t know.’
Jeff (whispering): ‘Fuck lah! You really drugged her drink?’
Rynn (whispering): ‘Then? And why the fuck are we whispering?’
Jeff: ‘Bro, if she finds out, we’re in deep shit!’
Rynn: ‘You and I know she’s a bitch. Always telling us about the guys she went home with, and you fucking know she’s as easy as shit.’
Jeff: ‘She gets to choose who she wants to fuck. It has never been us guys to decide.’
Rynn: ‘If you’re not going for it, then I will.’
Jeff: ‘Seriously?!’
Rynn: ‘Then? Steal S$50 from her to pay for the pill ah? Or you paying for her?’
Jeff: ‘Fuck! Then I might as well join you. I’m not going to pay for that shit. We’re in this together. Don’t sabo me hor.’
Rynn: ‘What are bros for?’

The two guys stripped their beach shorts off and went to the bed where Jolin was dead asleep. Rynn began undoing her translucent sarong and Jeff went for her g-string that was showing clearly under that slutty one piece dress. The three of them returned to the chalet early from a beach swim, leaving the rest of the couples still frolicking in the pounding waves.

Having stripped her of all the clothing, they went for her boobs and sucked on them to the disorientated movements of her limbs. Jolin was murmuring inaudibly and the two guys knew the drug was in full swing. Lying on each of her sides, they spread her legs and went to fondle her pussy, one hand was rubbing her clit vigorously while the other was fingering her dry hole to get it wet.

As time was against them, Jeff asked Rynn to go first and he went to get the video camera he brought for the stay. Rynn raised her calves to his shoulders and slipped his cock in, thrusting shortly after he enjoyed a brief pause in that freshly showered pussy. Ramming with all his might, the handycam’s illumination lamp served as the only source of light to admire her body jerking to his tempo, and the occasional kneading of her breasts.

Jolin was lifeless throughout but moaned as her body acknowledged the pleasure, all done without her awakening. In the heat of the moment, Rynn was chanting vulgarities as the number of guys she had fucked while his dick slurped continuously into her. At times, he would groan when her body started shivering from a mild to an intense state, signalling an orgasm was happening in the subconscious mind.

After five minutes of hard pounding, Rynn waved to Jeff for his camera and aimed it at his thrusting dick, ready to capture the spectacular moment on camera. About ten strokes later, he pulled halfway out of her pussy and held the camera steady, to the twitching of his dick that was in the cumming mode. Once done, he hurriedly exited and let Jeff take his turn.

Jeff: ‘You think can get her into doggie?’
Rynn: ‘I’ll help you.’

They flipped her body onto her chest and adjusted her knees to go below her stomach. It had taken them some effort to get her into the ideal position and Jeff immediately went behind for his share of fun. Rynn parked himself at her head that was turned to a side, stuffing his dick into her while Jeff was busy doing the same thing, at a different hole.

An embarrassing groan came from Jeff shortly and he displayed an agonising look on his face.

Jeff: ‘She is so fucking tight.’
Rynn: ‘That’s why I couldn’t last long at all. Faster.’

Without wasting anymore time, Jeff pounded her rear and shook her body back and forth, guiding her mouth around Rynn’s rod. For a ‘dead’ body, Rynn had been on his knees and moving his hips too, in the direction of her mouth, making her suck him with that bit of success.

Jeff, known as the loud but timid guy in the group, banged her so hard that his hips grew sore, yet driven to overwhelm himself with that free fuck. The rest of the hour had much less changes in their positions and Jeff was just on the countdown to his ejaculation.

Jeff: ‘Rynn, you unloaded inside right?’
Rynn: ‘Yeah. Why?’
Jeff: ‘Will she notice if there is too much cum inside?’
Rynn: ‘Don’t throw my face leh. Just empty it in her.’
Jeff: ‘Okok.’

Pumping with his might for the last lap, Jeff paused inside of her as his cum flooded her pussy, forcing some of Rynn’s fluid out of her. Rynn did not cum the second time but it was the least of his priorities. After that minute of Jeff’s unloading – or loading, the guys rolled her onto her back and wore her clothes back, paying more attention to her g-strings that they planned to hold all of their load. Thankfully, the coagulation of their cum made things easy and the rest of her clothes were returned to their original place.

With everything as good as before, they laid on the mattress next to the bed and popped two cans of beer, celebrating their little trophy who was stirring awake.

Jolin: ‘Guys?’
Rynn: ‘Yes?’
Jolin: ‘Can you turn on the lights for me?’

Jeff got up to flick the switch and went to the girl, who was holding her forehead as though in some kind of pain.

Jeff: ‘Are you okay?’
Jolin: ‘Yeah. I had the weirdest dream.’
Jeff: ‘About?’
Jolin (whispering): ‘I dreamt that I was fucked by two guys. Don’t tell anyone k?’
Jeff: ‘Luckily it’s just a dream.’

She went into the bathroom and emptied her bladder, where a few drops of cum fell into the toilet without her noticing. She changed her soiled garments after realising the awkward ‘juices’ leaking and went back to bed, bidding the two guys a goodnight before falling asleep again.

In the darkness lit by a blue light from a USB charger, the two guys brofisted each other and went out of the room, just in time to begin another night of drinking with the group that returned, all in translucent clothes from the swim.

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