Review: Star Mission (NSFW)

This entry has only one objective, that is to bring an awesome flash game to your daily reads. Less words, more play. You might find it familiar as recommended from another erotica author.

This particular game has a storyline that requires a bit of brains, as well as reflexes. Mini-games within the game puts logic in the absurd progress of other flash games. So your attention will be away from just sexual graphics. Detailed artwork, realistic voices, and properly scaled body movements, makes this one-of-a-kind game to kill time.

The only downside is the lack of a ‘Save’ option in flash (.swf), thus you will have to go through the entire story to ‘revisit’ the girls. The stage-by-stage advancement in the ‘action’ scenes have a good rhythm to masturbate yourselves to. So! Enjoy!

To have a go at the game, visit the creator’s webpage here! I hope this game will become your favourite too!

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