Computer Repairs

Being a long time friend to Wayne’s family, Ted wasn’t surprised when his mum, Mdm. Chua called him for help with the shared computer that their family had in the living room. Wayne had been out at work and Ted made his way to his friend’s place, just a few minutes walk away.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Ted, the browser kept crashing when I try to Google something. Can you help me fix it?’

Ted was better in I.T. than her and he did a thorough job of teaching her how to avoid installing malware and also removed the viruses that was lurking for a long time. She was a caring mother to him who cooked delicious food whenever he went over, and occasionally let the two guys indulge in her signature dessert dishes. Her figure was also great for a lady who had two children, allowing her to wear the younger looking clothes without appearing childish. The usual outfit of tank tops and short shorts were familiar to his frequent visits.

She sat next to Ted on a stool and listened attentively to his guidance, spending a long time in front of the computer as she was a slow learner, but never once felt inferior from the respect he had for her. After the clock strike noon, she got up bending forward and he caught a glimpse of her nipple peering out of the loose bra.

Mdm. Chua: ‘I’m going to cook now. Can you stay for lunch?’
Ted: ‘Yes Mdm. Chua, can’t afford to miss your cooking.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘Don’t call me that when my son is not around. It makes me feel old.’
Ted: ‘What should I call you then?’
Mdm. Chua: ‘Cherie will do.’

She headed into the toilet before beginning to cook their lunch, and Ted went to the dining table in the kitchen to wait for her. He had been looking at her body since he realised there was no one else at home, mesmerised by the gorgeous figure that her tank top had been wrapping closely to. Her hips wasn’t that wide too, flowing smoothly from her waist, leading to the fair legs that she was proud to show off.

As Cherie turned to take the condiments, her top was somewhat different from before. There were two pointy tips poking out of it now, and Ted got more excited to see how comfortable she had gotten. The two simple dishes were done in a while to go with the rice, and Ted was in a difficult situation focusing on his meal. Those full bosoms were staring at him, with their ‘eyes’ looking through her top.

Mdm. Chua: ‘I hope you don’t mind. It’s hot when I cook.’

Ted shook his head shyly and emptied his bowl of rice, accidentally dropping his chopsticks onto the floor. Bending down to pick them up, the sight of her opened legs made him notice the lack of extra meat squeezing out of her shorts. That was how toned she was in his eyes.

Once they were done, he did the dishes alongside her to catch more scenes of her downblouse that had no more bra hiding her assets. They went back to the living room and she continued sitting in his class, still braless next to him. After the browser was performing normally, he downloaded some programs to defragment the computer. The search for the file was a bother as countless downloads went into the same folder.

Suddenly, video files with sexual titles appeared and she caught sight of it.

Mdm. Chua: ‘What are these? Can you click on them?’

Ted helplessly opened one of the videos and a clip showing a couple having sex came on screen. He quickly closed it and went on to get his job done, but Mdm. Chua had stopped any progress from him.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Are you hard from watching the video?’
Ted: ‘No.. ‘
Mdm. Chua: ‘Don’t lie. Guys will be guys. I know.’
Ted: ‘It’s really not the video.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘Then?’
Ted: ‘It’s you.’

She suddenly found more interest in him and let him run the programs to defragment the shared desktop, before asking him to the sofa while she prepare some ice cream for him. The bowl was served in the most awkward silence and he ate quietly in front of the TV.

Cherie sat beside him playing with her permed hair, with a totally different look at him. She could not believe that she could get someone as young as Ted horny, and the little devil in her wanted to tease him more.

Mdm. Chua: ‘So.. which part of me turned you on?’
Ted: ‘You’re braless?’
Mdm. Chua: ‘I see I see.’

She reached her hand over his bulge and held it tightly, jolting him while his hands were holding onto the cup and spoon. The constant kneading wasn’t met with any resistance from him as he continued eating.

So, with her other hand, she pulled her shirt up stopping just below her chest, and asked if this would get him any harder. Ted responded with a nod but did not dare to look any longer at her.

Mdm. Chua: ‘You know, I haven’t tried someone your age before.’
Ted:’ You shouldn’t Mdm. Chua. Wayne is my good friend and you’re his mum.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘You won’t tell him right?’

He shook his head again and everything was safe between them now. The hand on his pants went to his thigh and she dug her way up, gliding into his underwear and coming in skin contact with his dick. He finished dessert in a few large mouths and remained seated, unsure of what to do.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Want to suck on them?’

She took his cold hand and placed it at her waist, whispering to him to remove her top. The embarrassed guy pulled the tank top off and came face to face with her brown small nipples.

This time, Ted did not say or do anything, but buried his face into her cleavage. His mouth went over her nipples and sucked hungrily on them, at the same time trembling to her hand jerking him off. The floral scent from her body made him hornier and his rod grew even bigger. The MILF was moaning into his ears as he continued feasting on her boobs, forgoing all the restraints he had on her.

As things got more intense, they hastily removed their bottoms and things looked unfair with her fully naked but not him. She led him into Wayne’s room and made him lie on it, while she sat between his opened legs.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Has any girl sucked on this before?’
Ted: ‘Just my girlfriend.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘And me.’

Her mouth sank down his shaft and she worked her lips up and down his rod, sending waves of thrills up his spine. The sensation of sucking a guy twenty years younger than her gave her a sense of achievement, and the motherly love of seeing how he enjoyed himself urged her to do more. With saliva generously coated all over his groin, her own groin was getting wetter without any stimulation.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Come, it’s your turn to please me.’

Ted switched place while still light headed and sat between her thighs. His fingers went first to tease her clit, pinching and rolling it until she was leaking on her own. Sensing her desperation, he dipped his fingers into her pussy and was taken aback by the gentle contractions occurring within. His dick was nodding excitedly, rushing him to quickly put it in. But he was not done with exploring his friend’s mum yet. He rotated his fingers inside her to get a feel of her vagina, and to find out which area felt best to her too.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Ted, do you want to put it in? I’m all wet and ready.’

Ted was silent from the awkwardness of his groaning earlier, and knelt over her body, while his hips lowered. His dick poked precisely into her hole and Cherie just let him penetrate her faithful pussy at his pace. Her slim legs and waist did not cause any obstructions, and more importantly, gave him all the space required to go deep.

The confused looking boy began thrusting his rod in and out, basking in the random squeezes of her pussy. His vigour really shook her up as the energetic boy pumped fast into her, reminiscing the experience of how her husband made the two kids. Ted was the same size as her husband when he was at his age, but the stress from work had shrunk him distinctively down. Now, the strong dick brought everything back, making her feel the age where she was still young and wild.

After a few minutes of mindless pounding, she wrapped her legs around Ted and rolled over, sitting on top of his fit body. Her hands went beside his ears and her knees stayed by his hips. The cowgirl was riding him in a well-trained manner, working up a belly dance grind that threw his senses off balance. The sweat covered bodies remained in that position with her excuse that she needed exercise, and Ted was to lie still and enjoy.

His dickhead was already numbing from the constant rubbing at her pussy and Cherie was also going through the intense orgasms from time to time. It was so much easier to climax when she pictured him as her husband, who loved her dearly since they met. The pleasure flooding her body was so addictive in a way it brought sweet memories back to her.

Remembering how her husband liked to be ride till he cummed, she moved her hips faster and clenched her pussy together. Ted’s agonising look was oblivious to her closed eyes and he could only moan to express the discomfort.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Are you cumming?’
Ted: ‘Soon soon.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘That’s not the right answer.’

She leaned forward over his chest and only let her hips move, sliding back and forth over his rod that was at its maximum width. The change in angle threw out all of his inhabitation and he quickly changed his answer.

Ted: ‘Cherie! I’m cumming!’

She stopped in her tracks and got off him, in a slow and gentle manner so as not to trigger the bomb. He watched dumbfounded without knowledge of what she was about to do, and she turned her face away from him, facing the foot of the bed in doggie position.

Mdm. Chua: ‘C’mon, don’t wait.’

He got up and rammed his cock in, pumping her so fast that an orgasm came and stayed, all the way knocking her self-control out of her. The mother was fucked so hard that her eyes had gone white and drool was dripping out of her mouth.

Ted: ‘It’s cumming now.’

He jerked her body back hard over his shaft as the hot load flushed into her body, forcing her orgasmic pussy to push some of it out. Although he had paused in his ejaculation, she was riding him by pushing her body backwards. The overpowering climax Ted felt rendered him weak and he just let her continued, all the way till he was sitting on the bed and she was just riding him in reverse cowgirl.

Ted: ‘Cherie, I can’t take it anymore. I need to rest.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘Just like my hubby.’

She leaned forward to let his dick out and laid beside him, burying her face in his neck. Ted turned his face to kiss her while her eyes were closed, recollecting the same thing her husband did every night. Her hand had instinctively reached for his rod and played with it, massaging it like a good after-sex service.

Mdm. Chua: ‘Don’t tell anyone about this k?’
Ted: ‘I won’t. I want to keep doing this with you too.’
Mdm. Chua: ‘That’s my boy.’

They rested for a while before getting cleaned and dressed, this time, with her bra on. Ted stayed at her place until the computer was fixed. Wayne and his father had came home just in time for dinner and the four of them had a hearty chat till late into the night.

Upon reaching home, Ted unpacked his sling bag that he brought along and found a pair of moist panties tucked messily in it, with a note that read;

This was how wet I got when you sucked me. Is it still wet? ;)

Looks like the family will be getting much closer from now, with Ted mysteriously visiting the lonely mum more frequently. Wayne’s dad, who looked faithful and respectable, had secretly installed cameras all over their house for theft prevention. That night he stayed up on his laptop, he had watched how his dear wife fucked their good friend crazy, and he had actually enjoyed how his woman found a way to relieve her stress.

While Ted and Wayne slept soundly, Mdm. Chua was being fucked silly with a gag ball over her mouth in the middle of the night, creampied so many times that she lost consciousness before her husband gave up. It was the night that she would remember as her man felt bigger and more energetic than before, for reasons unknown to her (he was so turned on watching his wife doing another man).

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