Just Some Guy

Paul boarded his last bus in a hurry and sat on the chair at the third row. It was those seats facing forward at the driver while passengers could still seat on those chairs facing the back. He placed his shopping bags on the narrow space and started playing on his iPad. He was a long way from home and was tired from the walking to and fro in the mall.

A few stops later, a tall girl wearing a normal t-shirt and FBT shorts appeared and sat opposite him, folding one of her legs over the other. Paul had a fetish for girls in those sexy FBTs and it was considered one of his lucky days to be able to come face to face with one. She plugged in her earphones and slid her body lower to rest her head. By then, Paul had lost all interest in the game and was peeping at her long legs. The raised feet was giving him a good look up her shorts, and he was trying his best to act normal while adjusting his height.

Finally, he found an angle that allowed him to peer all the way up her shorts, surprising himself by the pantyless crotch. A tiny white string was sticking out of the slit and he was still figuring out what was it. The girl had one hand in her clutch and clicking on something, before a little jolt brought her eyes opened.

She stared at Paul who noticed the jump and darted her sight left and right, embarrassed yet unaware that he was enjoying the free show. Moments later, he caught a glimpse of the moist that coated along the thin line of her pussy. The girl still had her eyes closed, and clicking on something in her purse.

Girl: ‘You like peeping at girls? Sicko.’

Paul: ‘Shit. I didn’t mean it. I just.. couldn’t help myself. I’ll change seats if you are offended.’

Girl (laughing): ‘Just poking fun at you luh. You like what you saw?’

Paul couldn’t tell if she was serious or not, and just nodded since anything he said could be used against him. The girl did not change her position but placed one of her feet onto his chair, between his thighs, without the slippers. One kick, and he would be getting the punishment, but she didn’t do that though. Her feet moved into his groin and pushed at his hard on, where pain and pleasure mixed beautifully.

She gave a glance at his feet and stepped on his slippers, causing his feet to slip out before he could dodge.

Girl: ‘Put your leg up too.’

He did as she asked and let her placed his one of his feet at her groin. His toes wriggled itself and she increased her strength of her toes as well, fondling his dick with her toes clamping it. The girl pulled the cloth around her thigh open and stuck his foot in, coming directly into contact with her wet pussy.

Girl: ‘There’s no more stops along the expressway, dare to take it out?’

He wasted no time and hastily lowered his waistband, letting her toes clip onto his hard on. The distant masturbation was so random yet arousing, forcing him to restrain the thoughts of what his toes were going through. Halfway, she stopped him and yanked the wireless vibrator out, dropping it into a handkerchief in her clutch. Now, his toes could poke a little into her and her expression changed to a pleasurable one.

Girl: ‘You’re driving me so crazy I wanna fuck you. Too bad we’re on the bus.’

Paul turned around to check that there was no one around, and took his foot out of her shorts. He glided his back down on the seat and opened his legs wide, hinting a direct message to her – you can sit on me and we will be fucking in no time.

She stuck her head out to see the driver focused on the busy highway, and moved over to Paul’s legs. Paul was quick to pull her shorts aside and exposed her pussy enough to ride him. Imagine what the passing vehicles were missing under the windows. She kept her knees together and lowered herself on top, letting his manhood slip into her clasped pussy.

A moan almost escaped from Paul as his dick penetrated the girl at the tip, sending her on an adventure down his shaft. They were now interlocked at their genitals and what came next was a clever move.

Paul: ‘Keep your body over the chair. I’m going to sit at the edge. Don’t fall k?’

She bent over her seat and he moved his butt to the edge of his chair. In a gentle mode, his hips started thrusting and she was losing control from the exciting sex-in-bus fuck. Her hands had reached for the handles at the top of her backrest and Paul rammed her harder, since time was against them.

She helped him got deeper by sitting back on him while he thrust, and resumed her position whenever he pulled outwards. The silent, hyper speed intercourse remained unseen and thrilling to the two strangers. As the bus zoomed past the now empty roads, traffic lights could be seen from their seats and the fun had to end no matter what.

Paul: ‘Fuck, we won’t have enough time.’

Girl: ‘Stop stop.. I’ve cummed enough. It’s time to finish you off.’

He sat down on his seat and she tidied her shorts, only to exchange places with him at the first traffic light. She tugged his shorts opened and immediately went down on him, forcing her head fast and deep down his rod. Paul had his feet opened and placed on the space beside her, giving her an easier time both to bend her head down and going fast.

The duo embarked on an intense mouth fuck session until they were about two stops away from the interchange. Paul’s head was spinning from her skilled blowjob and the deep throat she gave was unbearable.

Paul: ‘I’m cumming now.’

The girl kept her mouth at his base and let her throat contract against its wishes. A few shallow thrusts into her mouth finally erupted the active volcano, and she swallowed as he emptied his balls. The movements in her throat further teased his sensitive tip and gave her a few extra finishing, before the driver shouted that the bus is docking.

She picked her chest up and licked her lips, satisfied by the enormous amount of cum he had given her. Paul felt a little weak while getting off the bus, but his dick was hiding in joy behind the loose foreskin. Finally at their destination, they paused at the air-conditioned interchange and chatted, still a little breathless from what happened earlier.

Paul: ‘It’s a crazy fuck we just had.’

Girl: ‘Totally unforgettable. Look at the mess leaking down my legs. ‘

Paul: ‘Think we can keep in contact in case we’re heading home at this hour again?’

Girl: ‘Hmm.. ‘

Would she keep it as once in a lifetime occurrence? Or deliberately plan for this to happen again? Nonetheless, they bumped into each other more than once after that night on the same bus, and in the same amount of privacy to let them reenact that fateful night, over and over again.

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