3 Tips to Get (more) Head

Tell me, which guy don’t love getting head? Though some of us are fine without it, others live for it. The soft tissues lining the interior of the mouth is actually the same as the rite of passage babies go through, or if it helps you to understand better – the place where men unload to make life. Perhaps that’s why men are infatuated with getting their partners to go down on them.

While I belong to the type that are overwhelmed by the willingness of the girl to go down on me (before her lips even touches me), I can’t bring myself to let her suck on it for over an hour. Please, I know a few of you can spend an eternity on it if there is such a being capable of blowing it for that long. DON’T BULLY your women that way.

Here, you will find out three tips every guy should know to get more (willing) blowjobs. If you haven’t been getting much, then this might help you out.

3. Chemistry
Most of us treat oral sex as foreplay, and there are more girls ready to go down on men than men on them. There is no such thing as ‘course of nature’ for the use of mouth, because it is vastly dependent on comfort. And what makes her comfortable? Chemistry. Touching parts with hands is the more common method to get one wet or hard, and therotically, blowjob isn’t necessary to make a dick bigger.

Unless you are with a girl whose goal is to suck your life force out of you, it will take a bit of understanding to earn that extra few minutes of liptime on your rod. A simple meal, a little chat, followed by a relaxing walk around (aimlessly is fine). I know you are eager to get started on the sex part, but keep the bigger picture in mind. You want her to be yours for long right? And frankly speaking, you need sex more than her. So proceed with care, it’s her that you need to take care of.

Once the heat has been turned up, do not keep hinting that you want her to suck it. Straightening your body on a seat does NOT do anything to tell her you want it. When you start nudging her head towards your lap, that’s the end. Instead, whisper, ‘would you let my cock feel your lips too?’ and wait for her counter proposal.

You have gotten this far with her, and she’s not looking for an appraisal of her skills. Spending more time on the non-penetrative foreplay will increase the chance of getting head, so tease her all you can without expectations. If she does go down on you, take it as a surprise. Let’s face it, you are getting the better end of the deal. If you wish, you can ask if she is really okay with it. Take it as a treat, enjoy it momentarily. After all, you are not going to run the night by cumming in her mouth right? That’s fucking selfish.

Once you feel that she is tired, or you’ve had enough, stop her. She has bravely tasted your cock and even took a distance into her mouth, kiss her. If you detest how you taste, then start cleaning yourself more thoroughly, or continue reading.

2. Wiping it down.
Nothing earns you more respect than putting hygiene on top of your sexy time to-do-list. Carrying a packet of wet wipes might make you look like a pussy, but when you present her a lavender scented piece of sausage, you won’t regret being called a pussy cause you will be getting some soon.

Use as many as she needs to feel ready. Heck, clean it yourself so she won’t need to worry about hurting you. It might sting a little (if there’s alcohol), it might chaff a little, but her mouth is going to make you feel all better.

There are countless blowjobs happening concurrently to yours, and I bet a large number of them aren’t even done with outmost care, just impromptu sucking that can happen in the dirtiest place. Be a man, take care of yourself and your girl will take care of you. Smegma. Eww. Wipe that off.

In fact, a good way to keep your tool free of any rubbery, chewy bits would be to give yourself a stroke everytime you shower. Train your mind not to give in everytime you touch your cock. Clean it furiously until you are about to shoot – and stop. There, cleaned.

1. Strawberry!
Durex Play has kindly provided an edible, sweetened lubricant for intimate activities. Get a bottle of the Sweet Strawberry lubricant and use it. Other than filling up the room with a pleasant aroma, it might make her hungry just by the fruity smell. Tell her sensually to lick it all up, and reach as far as she can. Give her the excuse that the condom might slip off if there’s lubricant when you cap yourself.

No one wants a condom to slip off. Enjoy her enthusiastic indulgence on a healthy snack while getting yourself ready. Seriously, get a bottle now.

0. Bonus! Deep throat numbing Spray.
A particular shop in SG is carrying a numbing spray to be used orally. It will desensitise the gag reflex and allow a deeper penetration, while tasting like chocolate, mint or cinnamon. It costs a fair bit of money but it is like a plaster in your first aid kit. Best if no one needs it, but when someone do, you are the one with it.

Effectively, she cannot smell your cock once it’s in her mouth, but she can taste all of it. Saliva is an awesome way to lubricate if used in small amount, but in generous amount, it just says she would rather smell her own saliva than your cock.

If you have unloaded inside her mouth, let her decide what to do with it. If the chemistry is deep enough, you wouldn’t need to tell her to swallow it. Or else, onto the floor it goes. Don’t freaking force her to do anything or that will be the last you will see of her.

So while you try hard to get a girl to try these tricks on, you are free to head over to the toys section to buy a pleasure cup to use, training yourself to last longer.

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