Slip and Fall

I hurried along the sheltered walkways connecting to my block and saw a girl running in the heavy rain, drenched from head to toe. As she took the last step into the shelter I was walking under, she tripped over the curb and landed hard on her face. I did the one thing anyone would do, and not taking a photo, rushed towards the screaming girl and helped her up. Seeing her bleeding toes, I picked her laptop and bag from the floor, pushing it into her arms. My lazy arms went to work and picked her up from the ground, carrying her to the void deck where the tiled table and chairs were slightly wet.

Girl: ‘Thank you so much. My foot fucking hurts.. fuck!’
Me: ‘Rest for a while k? I don’t have anything to wrap it up with.’
Girl: ‘Shit. Sorry for my language. It’s just really painful.’
Me: ‘Where do you live? I can help you home.’
Girl: ‘I don’t live around here. Was about to go home when the rain came.’
Me: ‘Come, I’ll help you over to the rain and wash the blood away.’

Without any other options, she let me walk her to the rain and stuck her foot out, rinsing the blood off. The scratch on her face was the least of her concern but I was not about to let this sweet looking girl get a scar. I used my shirt to gently pat the dust away and blew air to relieve the pain. As if the pain in her leg had gone away, she was giggling at my gesture and playfully nudged my shoulders away.

Girl: ‘You think I’m a little girl?’
Me: ‘No.. I’d do that for anyone at any age.’

The smile lightened my worries and I sat with her, massaging the area around her toes. The soaked t-shirt she was wearing actually got more translucent with the rain and her strapless bra was brightly showing through it. Even her nipples were poking hard at the thin clothes she had on. Her bottoms were less appealing though, leggings wrapping her legs tightly. Once the bleeding had stopped, she was feeling more comfortable and sat relaxed, checking her laptop that was badly dented at a corner.

Me: ‘What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Call me Nat will do.’
Me: ‘Alright. I’m K.’

The rain got heavier and cold winds were blowing wildly, leaving the poor girl shivering and looking for methods to get home. Although the blocks around my neighborhood had sheltered walkways, the availability of taxis was only applicable at the main roads. So effectively, she was stuck.

Nat: ‘Can we go somewhere else warmer? The rain is not helping.’

I took her bags and helped her on one side, walking into an escalator and going for the middle floors where no gust of wind could wet her anymore. We sat quietly at the steps while she cleaned herself up with the one packet of tissue she had. After doing so, she was still trembling and started snorting from a cold. As much as I wanted to help, I was at my wits end. I lived at the next block, where there was no shelter.

Nat: ‘Thanks for helping me earlier. You really saved my life.’
Me: ‘Nah. It’s nothing.’

Her head rested on my shoulders and I could tell she was warmed, either by me or the stuffiness of the stairwell. The next moment her head left me, she went ahead to take her shirt off, leaving her only in her bra and leggings. She took a pair of shorts from her bag and started rolling the leggings off her legs, black panties saying hi to me.

Nat: ‘It should be safe here right? I need to air myself before getting dressed.’

I nodded dumbfounded at her bravery and she cuddled into my warm body. Although she was in bad shape, her slender waist was so irresistible that I held her closer, bringing her attention to my face.

Nat: ‘Keeping me warm?’
Me: ‘I want to warm you up actually.’

A grin appeared across her face and she bit her lips, digging a finger into my shorts. I got her message immediately and stripped my pants, sitting excitedly next to her. Her cold palm met my dick and a shiver shot across my body. I could tell in her eyes that it was such a cutesy sight, but my mind wasn’t thinking about that. I reached my arm across for her panties and she opened her legs without hesitation. My fingers quickly massaged on her groin and her strokes got faster as I did.

The little moisture from her hair aided the handjob and I was getting drowsy from the mutual masturbation. After a while of silent play, I stood between her legs and she leaned back lazily with her legs together for the panties to exit. I completed the removal of her undies and she widened her legs again, inviting me right home. I perched myself up with my hands next to her head and left my dick to find its way.

As expected, there was no disappointment as the tip touched on the cold entrance.

Nat: ‘It’s so warm. I think I’ll let you do the job.’

I forced my way into the small hole and she gasped loudly. Knowing I wasn’t going to let her down, my hips began moving and her body was warming up to my thrusts. Her lean shoulders, ample boobs, flat tummy, and thin legs, matched her so well that my mind couldn’t let her go. I found myself ramming harder and faster into her as my mind continued fantasizing. Such a kill joy if I came any sooner.

The first orgasm came with a strong tremble across her body and I had to pause inside her, giving her a tight hug while feeling her pussy pulsate over my rod. After the contractions died down, she held me closer and told me to pull out. A little sad at first, but I should be glad for what I received.

I stood back up and she kept her hands on my waist. In front of her face was my dick pointing at the heavens, and her tiny tongue stuck out to catch it. Her lips parted and slid down my shaft like a performance, letting her tongue rest comfortably under. I was so certain I would not last long when she gave the first stroke. The overpowering suction in the warm, slimy environment.. how could anyone take it?

The continuous strokes only pushed me closer to ejaculation and she knew what was happening as well. Her hands were in her bra and at her pussy, putting on a show while her mouth kept swirling between sucks. The moans that came from her made me give up holding myself back, it was just impossible.

I whispered to her to go for it and she sat closer to my hips. Her fingers moved faster into her pussy with her mouth and the wetness changed into a contained tsunami. Once the bell rang for my sperms to say hi to her, I dug my fingers into her scalp and she held by butt with one hand. Pulling me into her face, the last stroke unleashed my monsters into her mouth and she rammed her head fast shallowly. My knees gave way and I held onto the railings for support. This devil whom just blew me kept going and did not let me escape. Her mouth would suck me so hard that it hurt, and if I struggled, her teeth would greet my raw meat.

I let her did whatever she wanted and her intentions were in fact pure, to clean me up with her mouth. Yet another blowjob came and she emptied my chamber, leaving me stumbling to sit down.

Nat: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘I’m now too tired to move.’

She hugged be from behind and nibbled on my ears, whispering her little secret to me.

Nat (whispering): ‘You know.. I was turned on when you carried me in your arms. It’s so touching to see that someone would do that for me. Now, one part of me will not dry in time.’

Her panties clad pussy pressed onto my back and I felt the warmth. It was only right to keep her warm until the rain stopped. Once I’ve rested enough, I made her wear the shorts she brought and draped the dried t-shirt over her. I turned myself sideways in front of her legs and stuck my fingers into the shorts, without her panties since it was beyond salvage (or drying). The few hours we spent together, she had my fingers working tirelessly to keep her cumming and producing enough body heat to dry her clothes.

The rain did stop after that, and her number was given to me in the most kiddish manner. She drew on my back by dragging her fingers over my shirt, and I had to guess what she wrote. I got it easily, and an additional rewards was another round of oral from her. I had never imagined her to be still so energetic to drive me wild with just her mouth, taking no breaks until I came onto her lips.

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