Extra Mula

Adel: ‘Uncle Tim, I need extra money to go out with my friends. Can you spare me some?’
Tim: ‘What time do you end school today?’
Adel: ‘Around 3? But I’ve told my dad I end at 5. So we have some time.’
Tim: ‘Clever girl. I’ll pick you up at your school then.’

Tim went to his drawers and searched for the box of 3 condoms he had bought a long time back. He had been a close friend to Adel’s family since she was not yet born, helping them run errands whenever they needed help. The last time he hung out with Adel was at least six months ago, where she had been ferried to and fro from her grandparents’ place while her parents were overseas.

During that time, he had taken advantage of the secondary 2 girl by letting her drink and made her did sexual things to him. To keep her quiet about it, he gave her $80 and Adel was just happy to receive money so easily. This time, she remembered him and hopped into his van after school.

Tim drove to one of the industrial parks he supplied equipments to and parked in one of the corners, well-aware that no one would bother them at this time of the day. Adel climbed onto the back showing her panties while he turned on some music to sooth the ambience.

Adel: ‘Do you want me to do the same like last time?’
Tim: ‘I can give you more if you try something new.’
Adel: ‘Like blow job?’
Tim: ‘Something like that.’

Although he dressed shabbily, his job often dealt with supplying demands and was cash rich. No one in her family knew exactly what he did, only that he can get things done. Adel was comfortable with him cause he had always pampered her, in some ways better than her own father too.

Adel unbuttoned her school blouse and unhooked her skirt, stripping down to her underwear. Tim too had removed his bottoms and sat on a inflatable air mattress, with his legs opened between her feet. A bottle of banana scented lubricant was handed to Adel and she immediately took a whiff of the fruity aroma.

A gentle smile appeared and she proceeded to place some of the slippery liquid in her palm, rubbing it down his shaft.

The 35 year old man could only groan while his dick was satisfied by a girl 21 years his junior, and the fact she was enjoying herself too. After some time, she took a break and wiped her hands clean, before tying her hair into a high ponytail. An easy bend of her body brought her mouth to his banana and her cute tongue appeared for a lick.

Once she confirmed the taste, she sank his stick into her lips and sucked up and down on it, keeping her pace steady as the uncle shivered uncontrollably. Adel could not understand why did it feel good, but knowing that he did, money was soon coming into her pocket.

Tim: ‘Can you remove all of your clothes?’

Adel nodded without a doubt and went completely naked, giving Tim a good view of her jubilant young body that was kept slim from PE. He reached for the condom he brought and let her rest, while the rubber went down his shaft.

Tim: ‘Turn around and sit on your ankles.’

Adel did as he described and placed her pussy right above his huge dick, way too big for the little girl’s developing pussy. He held it upwards and tucked it into her hole, where he let go of it so she would keep it standing.

Tim: ‘Can Adel sit down on it slowly? Just a bit.’
Adel: ‘I try k? Uncle Tim.’

Her fingers gripped onto his calves and her body lowered, poking the first inch without much trouble. The slight fulfilment in her body was desiring more of the warm rod, but the pain from stretching her genital was slowing her down. Nonetheless, Tim was lazily enjoying the view of the girl claiming her own virginity.

Adel did not give up and kept pushing herself, until halfway, where she wanted to give up. The lift of her butt stroked her insides, making her feel so good that she sat back almost instantly, sending another stroke to tease her pussy.

Adel: ‘Uncle Tim, it feels really good.’
Tim: ‘Imagine how nice it would be if it is all inside you?’

The sick temptation kept her turned on and she sat down agonisingly until her pussy had fully engulfed his rod. The thick slab of meat was pulsating so hard and the warmth took most of the pain away. The unsuspecting girl began riding him and her sweet voice echoed in the van, moaning slutty words so unlike of her.

Tim, who had been relaxing, let her fuck herself for a while before he got on his knees behind her.

Tim: ‘This is doggie style. Let me know if you want me to go faster k?’

He grabbed her waist tightly and started pounded at her firm little ass, thrusting so hard that Adel couldn’t make sense of what she was saying. His dick just kept ripping her pussy open and close, stimulating every area that was sensitive to the max.

Adel let off a sharp scream as she pushed her own body backwards down on his groin, while a painful clench on his dick almost forced him to pull out. She was so tight that Tim felt his dick in high pressure. Taking that once in a lifetime experience in his hand, he started moving again in that black hole and pounded her hard.

Tim: ‘Uncle is shooting!’
Adel: ‘Uncle Tim! Not inside me!’
Tim: ‘But I wore a condom.’
Adel: ‘I don’t want. Please..’

He reluctantly pulled out and laid on the bed, resuming the first position they were in. Adel tiredly went between his legs and unrolled the condom, before sucking him again.

Tim wasn’t that happy with the change of plans, so he took her head and literally fucked her mouth by forcing her down. The weak girl did not resist and just let him continue for a good five minutes. Then a hard shove came and he thrust upwards a few times, before he pulled her head up just keeping his tip inside her mouth.

The forceful jet of cum blasted at her tongue and she just kept her eyes closed, swallowing as the man juice poured freely. Adel did not say a word after he was done shooting, sitting quietly while wearing her clothes back.

Tim: ‘Adel, is something wrong?’
Adel: ‘No. Just that it feels too good. And I am scared I’ll keep wanting it.’
Tim: ‘It’s normal to like it. Uncle can help you anytime.’
Adel: ‘Really?’
Tim: ‘Yupp. Just keep it a secret from your parents.’

She playfully grabbed his dick and leaned forward to kiss him.

Adel (whispering): ‘Cause uncle feels good too?’

With her on her fours, Tim conveniently reached down her body and poked his fingers into her pussy, fingering it for a while.

Uncle: ‘Cause uncle wants to feel good with little Adel.’

They cuddled for a short while before his fingers got her so horny, for another round of cowgirl riding to let her have a short workout. This time, without a condom, and he came into her after she told him her menstruation has not started.

A hundred and fifty dollars exchanged hands that evening, and Adel went went home a happy girl. Tim on the other hand, kept himself busy at the sex shops along Geylang to spice things up the next week they would meet.

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