No Need to Know

Before I start, I just need to clarify that this is kind of a pointless entry, just to indulge in my own imagination. If you have nothing to do, feel free to proceed. This isn’t going to make you any harder or wetter than you are, nor will it make you less horny. Cheers!

At the point of orgasm, males and females alike, the sensation of it are described with the words that we have become too familiar with. Euphoria, ecstasy, happiness, bliss, freedom. In some cases, sex do bring back flashes of unpleasant memories, some linking to fear, helplessness, or pity.

We know (through science) that pain, be it psychologically or physically, triggers certain parts of our brains. We know (through movies) that our motor skills, logic, creativity, and everything we humans are capable of, are controlled by specific areas of our brains. From here on, I will talk about a (unproven and unscience-ed) possibility that sex might be doing to us, simply because I feel like thinking out of the box.

No matter how long an orgasm lasts for (especially short for men), it sends our mind into a realm that no one has stayed long enough to visually piece an image of. Distracted by our partners, or the clean up process, or the fear of getting caught, we didn’t bother with ‘where’ did we go for the fraction of a second.

I like to think that while certain parts of my brain is at work during certain tasks, an orgasm will lit up my whole brain under a CT scan. Every useless and useful synapse will be turned on, alive and active for a few seconds before logic takes over.

Taking this ‘orgasm’ one notch slower, we could actually catch a glimpse of the universe that our neurons are always compared to, to the number of stars it holds. How far back did an orgasm go? IF, Adam and Eve, were the first beings on Earth, then it is that orgasm that brought us to centuries of evolution.

Can you imagine, that the very orgasm you just experienced, which is also what Adam experienced (in case Eve didn’t get one), gave birth to the whole, adaptable human species capable of building and doing what you see around you? I’m sure ‘Arghh!’ was what primates said when they created another generation more intelligent than theirs, also capable of fine-tuning speech capabilities and more importantly, awareness that they should never stop pro-creating to improve mankind?

A single load contains billions of sperms able to populate a new planet, but only one is chosen. Darwinism I know, but to the extend of only one survivor? You must be damn special! And then after so much education and experiences gain, it’s our turn now to create a better self.

When we come, or cum, it is only logical for our bodies to throw everything at the winning egg or sperm. You wouldn’t want to reserve your mathematical talent for some other reproduction methods right?

When I mention that 100% of our brains are active during orgasms, it means that our collective emotions, memories, skills, are activated to transfer them to the next generation. You now have the necessary ‘shields’ around your parents’ then (during intercourse) susceptible weakness, you have hyper-learned everything they have gone through and am now outdoing them for your kids. Perhaps you aren’t as fit as your parents, but nature makes it up with intellect. Although you are the receiver of the best of both worlds, nature does play her part to weed out what is not needed in the current world.

Physiques aside, some of us are ahead in terms of thoughts and logical creativity. When we find our ‘love’, they are usually at the same generation, if not one gen before or after. Then, love making happens and your combined efforts will create a life that belongs to you two.

Orgasms. As convenient/ problematic/ rewarding as it may sound, it carries the best of you. I’m sure our brains have found a way to know if you are making a baby or just pleasuring yourselves, so don’t worry about losing your ‘Albert Einstein’ to the gallows. When you make someone orgasm, remember that the whole universe is feeling it. The number of drills (from masturbation) has prepared the world for the next genius, and out there, couples are already making their fruit of labour through wild, intense, passionate sex.

Try to feel what everything is telling you when you climax again. Try and tell everything, something when you scream in orgasm again. At your weakest moment, you have nothing to lose except the chance to incept your own mind about your deepest desires.

It’s finally appropriate to say, YOLO! :D

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