Unexpected Conclusion

Sandy watches her iPhone screen as her ex-boyfriend, Tommy, started a video call. He had aimed the camera at his new girlfriend, Sasha, who was much sexier with a barbie slim waist. Sandy had broken up with him after he changed his job to one that required him to work everyday and gave them too little time together. Despite his persuasion that they would still be the same like before, she couldn’t stand not having him around whenever she needed him. In the end, he had to give up this possessive girlfriend who was obsessed with tattoos, too unlike of him to pick up her lifestyle.

The girl’s long hair laid messily over her small but ample breasts and Tommy was pointing the camera at her. She sat down over his dick and Sandy felt a little twitch in her pussy as his new girlfriend lowered herself further. One of Tommy’s hands had reached for her breasts and squeezed it while the girl rocked back and forth, making him groan unlike the sex they had before. Sandy has always been the one demanding him to do things her way, having long spats of no-sex during their relationship, driving him helplessly desperate.

At his new workplace, he had managed to hook up his current girlfriend, who was understanding and did not mind pampering him. Throughout the video call, Sandy’s hands were disobeying her and went down her body, playing with her pussy as the loud moans and groans emitted from the phone’s speakers.

Sandy (on phone): ‘Tommy, please come back to me.’
Tommy (on phone): ‘I’m not going back to you. I want you to know how much I am enjoying myself without you. You can drop the call if you can’t take it. By the way, this is Sasha.’

The girl’s body kept moving tirelessly and she later got off him to give him a blowjob, without a word exchanged. She knew she was on camera, and needed to impress his ex-girlfriend. Sandy’s hormones were getting out of control as she reached for the dildo he bought her, and stuck it into her pussy. Having an idea in her head, she moaned sensually into the microphone, where Tommy suddenly became soft-spoken.

Sasha could sense the change of heart and sucked him harder, while he watched on his screen how the dildo went in and out of Sandy’s pussy. He flipped himself over and parked his rod into his girl, ramming her hard while imagining his ex. It was somewhat like a threesome, but without any physical contact.

Sasha (on phone): ‘She looks quite sexy. Why don’t you invite her over? We can wait.’
Tommy (on phone): ‘You want to come over?’
Sandy (on phone): ‘Yes. Please.’

The line was dropped and Tommy went for a quick meal with his girl while waiting for Sandy to arrive. Living a short distance away, all she took was ten minutes to appear at his door in a long t-shirt, nipples poking painfully at the clothes. The girl pulled Sandy in and brought her to the room they were having fun, and pushed her on top of Tommy lying on the bed. Sandy tried kissing him but since there was no more love between them, he did not reciprocate. His unwillingness spurred Sandy on to pleasure him in other ways and she stripped her shirt off before sliding her body down to his groin, stuffing his cock into her mouth hungrily.

Sasha climbed over his head and let him lick her up, dripping her honey thick juices into his mouth. It had turned into a small battle between the girls to please him as much as they could, but the winner was long decided. Sandy worked her mouth deep for the first time and Tommy was struggling to slow her down. The expression on Sasha’s face was turned to anger when she realised her competition might just make him cum.

Sandy was shoved away and Sasha took her place over his dick, grinding him fast and furious. Her nipples and pussy were being teased by Sandy sitting behind her, until an orgasm took her energy away and was pulled away from Tommy’s body. The violence soon built up to a point Tommy was getting worried. He had never intended them to fight, and a need to break them up was fulfilled.

He separated the two of them and commanded them to get into doggie side-by-side, forcing his dick into Sandy first. His fingers went into Sasha and the girls moaned in ecstasy as he began thrusting, taking his time with the well-behaving girls. He swapped between fucking the two pussies and the girls became quieter, turning into good friends.

After a while of changing pussies, the girls then made him lie on his back and laid at his hips. Their mouths kissed on his dick and licked wetly, wiping their tongues along his shaft. They had decided not to let him do anymore work and Sandy was allowed to sit over his rod, while Sasha rested on his abs and let his fingers stroke her pussy. They were making out as Tommy was fucked cowgirl by the sex hungry ex-girlfriend, and Sasha was enjoying the peaceful orgasms from his fingers.

They took a long while before the girls changed positions, and Sasha loved how his dick brushed across her g-spot, delivering her climaxes at a totally different level. The girls slowly got off him and laid at his side, sleeping beside each other and kissing more passionately. Their fingers were at each others’ pussy and was fingering wildly. The only sounds Tommy was hearing were their moans and sweet whispers into their ears.

Sasha (whispering): ‘You can find Tommy whenever you want k?’
Sandy (whispering): ‘Can I find you too?’
Sasha (whispering): ‘Of course, when Tommy isn’t free for us.’

Sandy’s hand reached behind and jerked his dick, and continued making out. Girls’ lips were especially soft and it was no wonder they took interest in each other. Tommy could only let them did what they wanted and indulge in the pumping fist, zooming up and down his rod.

Tommy: ‘I am cumming.’
Sasha: ‘Just shoot. Don’t disturb us.’
Tommy: ‘Really?’
Sasha: ‘Just kidding with you.’

They turned to him and went to each side, taking turns to suck him until he was about to cum. They placed their lips on his pee hole and held their hands around his dick, moving until the load came into their mouths. The white glue covered their lips and chins, while they occasionally slurp some into their mouths.

Tommy had lost his appetite some time back and merely needed to release. He watched disinterestedly as they exchanged the cum in their mouths and swallowed together.

Sandy: ‘Do you mind if we continue?’
Tommy: ‘Not at all. I’m just going to have a nap.’

Just as he was about to lose consciousness, an interesting phrase came out from Sasha’s mouth.

Sasha (whispering): ‘After he fell asleep, you can wake him up. I will go for the second round.’

And just minutes after he slept, a familiar mouth went down his cock and woke him, to an agonising but pleasurable blowjob from Sandy.

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