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Mavis: ‘I’m sorry for wearing so shabby at home. I seldom have guests over.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I didn’t expect you to invite me too. I’m dressed as bad.’

She had appeared on a social chatting app while I was bored in the neighbourhood and we started off well with her being interested in my site. The quick browse of the stories I wrote soon caught her attention and she had to ask me over so we could chat easier. The attire she wore at home was still considered decent since most people would pick an old t-shirt or some unglamorous long shirt to wear, but she was in a nightdress, at 5pm in the evening.

I went into her room as she led me and sat on the only chair, while the iPad at the charging corner was brought to the bed.

Mavis: ‘You really wrote all these? There are hundreds of them!’
Me: ‘Yeah. I did. It took years though.’
Mavis: ‘So even if not all are real, I bet some of them are.’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just some stories, of my ex?’
Mavis: ‘This this! I want to know what were you thinking when you wrote this.’

I took her iPad and sat next to her, reading thoroughly to remember what inspired me. As much as I could stay focused, the hemlines of her dress had gone to her upper thighs. The long post had already caused a little hard on and explaining the details to her had even worsen the bulge. My thin shorts could not be anymore unhelpful in hiding my awkwardness.

Mavis: ‘Someone is getting hard huh? Now you know how I feel when I read your stories.’
Me: ‘C’mon, stop disturbing me.’

She leaned so close to me I could smell her natural, homely scent and I had almost wanted to bring her down on the bed with me. The distance her face was at felt like a dare for me to do things to her, but the uncertainty was definitely too much for me to just decide right there. I kept my sight in her eyes and used some of the ‘force’ to see if anything came from her. The stillness, silence and warm breaths, were really pushing me to do something I shouldn’t.

I carefully raised my hand and placed it under her long hair, going around her neck without any signs of resistance. The coldness of her neck was warmed by my shy hand, and the pull of her head towards mine was much more gentler. Her eyes did not close when our noses crossed path, and I knew I couldn’t close mine too. It would be the most interesting to feel how an open-eyed kiss felt like.

Finally, she gave a glance at our lips before landing, and her eyelids came to tuck her vision in. I followed suite and took a deep breath as I felt her did the same. Our lips started moving and the parting came to let my tongue wet her pink. It must have been the most sensual kiss I’ve ever gotten. There was an understanding between our hormones, and our saliva was making the necessary communication.

Mavis’ reached deeper into my mouth and the slight resistance to let me in hinted at a side of her that I understood immediately. I slowly sat upright and laid her gently on the bed, where her eyes remained closed while our mouths worked.

I brought my hand to her thigh, and trailed upwards with my fingertips. Lifting her dress even higher, I could sense her underwear strap at her hips, and moving upwards, her cold breasts found warmth in my palm. I lightly kneaded at it and a hot breath of air flushed into my face.

Mavis (whispering): ‘Be gentle k?’

I gave her lips a peck and adjusted her dress to uncover the softies. Bringing my mouth unhurried to them, the tip of my tongue went on to lick a pathway up to her nipple, before a pouted lip came over it. I let my tongue swirled around for a while, and added in the graceful lapping across. Her fingers glided into my hair and my face buried into the bosoms, flooding my nose with her womanly aroma. Both her nipples got equal amount of attention and by the time I had tasted enough of her, she had her legs tightly crossed in shyness.

I picked myself up and moved to her feet, lifting her knees up to admire the hidden gem between. A small struggle broke out to ease her embarrassment and it only made things kinkier, since I had to do a little ‘work’ before getting there. Her feet kept themselves opened as my head went down on her, sucking on her clit before letting my tongue roam up and down her pussy. The uncontrolled trembling of her legs with attempts to silence her moans showed the demure side of her, which was arousing.

Mavis: ‘J, I had enough of it. You can stop now.’

My jaws were tired as well and I stopped, looking at her irresistible, confused expression.

Mavis: ‘So what now?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. Anything you want me to do?’

She took a moment to think and asked me to lie down, handing me a cartoon blindfold to put over my eyes. Although she could just murder me, the petite and innocent looking girl wouldn’t do that to me right? I laid on her pillow and darkened my sight, body tensing up to whatever was coming next.

Her fingernails dug into the waistband of my shorts and I raised my hips to let her pull it off. A cooling sensation came over my erection and she spent a good deal of effort to clean it up, before holding it in her hand. The pause was the worst wait as I assumed she was warming herself up. Once done, the untrained hand began jerking me up and down, in long and careful strokes. The occasional phrases to check if it felt good was considerate of her, but it wouldn’t be a ‘no’ even if she was doing a bad job.

Still clad in darkness, a pause came and a warming fluid flowed down my shaft.

Mavis: ‘I’m not good in this k? Bear with it for a while.’

A tight suction drew the sensitiveness to the tip of my dick and a slimy wet tongue came forth to ease the ache. Her lips had closely wrapped around my girth and was going along the length to her limits. I did not expect her to reach the base but the diligent tries were commendable. After moving her tongue around continuously, she stopped swirling and tucked it under my shaft, along the veins that needed constant attention.

Imagine a soft, wet piece of meat moving on its own under your dick. That was exactly the scene playing in my head. The indescribable sensation of love and care.. suddenly made sense to me. Hearing how she accidentally choked herself soon melted my heart and I had to stop her. It was enough for me to know how much she wanted me to enjoy.

She helped me up and I laid her on the bed again, this time with her legs opened for me without a fight. I leaned over her body and guided her hands to my ribs, where it felt best to know what she was going through. The descend of my hips pierced my meat into her at the same time, my mind monitoring her expression for any signs of pain.

As soon as I was fully embedded, her opened mouth expressed a long lost feeling and her feet hung in midair. Wasting no more time, I started thrusting at her, gradually increasing my pace over the next few minutes. The grasp on my ribs resonated as a slight change in angle caused her to orgasm in seconds, rinsing my shaft with her crystal clear fluid from her pussy. I did not bother asking if she wanted to change positions, since she was the most comfortable in missionary.

After a while, I could tell that the monotonous sex was numbing the usual parts my rod touched, and the word ‘doggie’ popped out of my mouth. She nodded with a glimmer in her eyes and I backed away to let her prepare herself. Her hands rested on the headboard and the opened knees were brought together by me, aware that it would feel different with a small change.

I guided myself into her and remained motionless while finding the best spot to hold her still. Her waist felt so soft and strong that I was moving much faster than in missionary, knowing that she would be able to take it. As I rammed into her body deeper, her hand brought me to her boobs and I squeezed hard onto them as she moaned louder. Slowly, the devil in her was appearing and the tightness in her pussy was increasing.

Shifting my hands to her boney shoulders, it had given me more control to jerk her back harder, right down on my penis. The pressure in my shaft was growing unbearable despite the juices flowing non-stop trying to put out the heat. I admit I was a little berserk when I grabbed her all over her body, searching for a place to relieve the tension in my balls.

After ten minutes of crazy fucking, her chest was lying on the bed, and moans had changed into groans. I placed my butt on the bed while getting her to sit, and ignited an intentional tremble up into her pussy. The depth and speed totally drove her crazy, causing her to sit down on me and taking over the whole domination. I closed my feet together and she sat with her knees by my hips, grinding me so hard that I was too, groaning in pleasure.

Me: ‘Mavis.. I’m shooting.. pull it out.’
Mavis: ‘But.. I’m about to.. ‘

Without anymore delays, the last few strokes collapsed her body forward onto my legs as her pussy broke the dam, sending juices down the sides of my hips. The waves in her vagina completed the session for my unloading and my waist jerked upwards, spraying cum into her while she was still climaxing. As if it had some amplifying effect, the orgasm continued on and her bedsheets were messed up by her struggle.

My mind had gone blank from the ejaculation and was too exhausted to even pull myself out. She rolled over to the side and kept her legs opened, partly to air her worn out genitals and let me catch the event. Thick blobs of mixture were being forced out and she used it to massage herself. I had recovered enough energy to properly tidy things up and managed to wipe her up, with the same wipes she cleaned me up.

I adjusted her dress to its original state and before I knew it, she was so close to falling asleep.

Me: ‘I’ll stay here until you wake up.’
Mavis: ‘Thanks.. ‘

And it was the last word I heard from her. We had a simple dinner across her block and made our separate ways home, excited to plan for the next meet up. Well, she did mentioned about the use of ‘brown liquid’, and coincidentally, I do some lying around.

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