Short one

Written by J. On behalf of a friend, a lady.

I was at a friend’s house for his 21st birthday with our classmates from secondary school. Being the first group of girls to reach, we invaded his privacy and I being born in a medium income level family, haven’t really come across massage chairs. He didn’t have one though. It was an iGallop.

Like an excited little girl, I hopped on and chatted with my girlfriends until it was time to start the BBQ. Everyone left the room to prepare for it. Feeling a little cheeky, I turned my body around to sit on the ‘horse’ despite wearing a short dress. Well, there isn’t anyone looking no? I pushed the ‘ON’ button and held on tightly. Feeling confident, I went to the fastest speed and waves of electrifying pleasure running through my body.

‘Oh shit’ I thought to myself. I’m in someone’s house and am turned on by a silly horse ride? I couldn’t stop the iGallop. My body wanted it more than my mind. I was in a black see-through dress, of course I wore a black tube bra and shorts to cover my parts. Still, I managed to stay on the machine for just one orgasm and had to leave it.

Feeling a little unsatisfied, I went to his toilet and masturbated, moving my fingers so fast that I had to use my own ‘honey’ covered fingers to keep myself quiet. Naughty me also used his electric toothbrush for a while and then his underwear to clean myself up. Hehe. Exciting. If only he’s tasty enough for me, his present from me would be an unforgettable one.

Yea I get stares, but I do carry a long jacket which I covered myself with most of the time.

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