Written by J. On behalf of a friend, a lady.

I met this blogger and seller at Yio Chu Kang to get a toy which made my mind crave for the thrill of being controlled and teased – a wireless vibrator.

He arrived after a good ten minutes wait, in his uniform which I asked him to appear in. All along before this, he’s been teasing me with his ‘the choice is yours’ about meeting up for more than just a simple transaction.

A good teaser, that’s what I would call him, the only one so far that managed to make me wet through chatting. Our rare online tweets and tweets somehow didn’t stop our lust from finally meeting up.

He handed me the bullet and me, passed the money to him. Right there, I could ask for the controller and leave, or go to the toilet to slip the bullet inside me. Luckily or not, I made the latter choice. Off I went into the public toilet at the station and took a long five minutes to get it inside me.

Him: ‘Ready?’

And I was. We walked side by side like any friends going into the school, except that he’s in his uniform which stood out. About halfway, he clicked on a button on the control and I know I’m being prepared for what’s about to come.

We made our way to the far end of the school. He studied here before and knows the way, leading me right outside the handicap toilet. Making great use of his analytical skills about where majority of the students are at this very hour.

Him: ‘I’m going in to change.’

That’s it. I am right here, and I’ve made a choice. Leave regret to later, this chance is not going to come again, at least not anytime soon. To have a fetish for uniform is one thing, and to do a guy in one is a level above it.

Up till now, I have every right to change my mind and turn around. He respected that, I understood that.

I followed him into the toilet and he stood there while I took a seat on the toilet cover. Now what? Surely he wouldn’t expect a girl to animalistically rip his pixelised trousers open and eat him? I’m too shy for it. As though he has been practicing for a long time, he knelt some distance in front of me and gave me my next instruction.

Him: ‘I’ll help you take it off. Stand for me.’

I was in shorts and tee, dressed quite casually to hopefully ‘turn him off’ knowing that I couldn’t myself. Stood up and closed my eyes gently. His hands ran up my thighs and stopped at the buttons, skillfully working them away. Then it was the sliding of the slightly moist panties down my legs that turned me on the most, signalling the point of no return. Not that I wanted it to return anyway.

I hear a whisper, ‘sit’ and I followed obediently. Spreading my legs apart on my own, the gentle heat from his breathing soon could be felt. The tongue. He worked it up and down on my pussy. Thankfully I kept it shaved so nothing would get in his way, and I could feel the nimble little tongue working hard.

With the wireless still buzzing in me, his tongue only heighten the whole experience. I couldn’t remember how long it lasted, but it felt like heaven. I wished it would last longer no matter how long it went for.

Oh! This isn’t just a secret rendezvous with just anyone, I almost forgot to grab a mental picture this scene of a guy in uniform getting me off. After God knows how long, he got heated up enough with my ‘failed-to-hide’ moans.

Taking his suffocated dick out, I watched in awe as I know I won’t get to see this again. There it was, pink, throbbing, like any other I’ve seen, but never against this backdrop of green.

Giving into my mental lust, I resisted against all I have believed in, grabbing it, feeling the warmth in my hands. This thing shouldn’t be out here, it should be somewhere warm and wet. Wasting no time, he squatted lower and leveled himself along with where I wanted him to go. Pulling him by his gun closer, I guided it directly to my void.

For once, I’ll be able to feel what it means ‘NS guys are always horny’. He drove it right in, forceful, but filling. Without stopping, he pumped hard and swift, giving me no time to recover from my first orgasm. Because I was all horny from the thoughts and foreplay, my first came just a few seconds after he dived in. I’ve never felt like this before. To be turned on so much by this boy who is a year younger, yet portrays himself so much more mature.

He did so much by doing so little (physically prior to this). I just wanted him to keep going, it doesn’t matter if he is going to cum quickly, but I want him to keep going. The barrier-free sex enable me to feel every groove and ridges he was made with. My own body was fighting back with more lubrication, but it never seemed enough with his force and speed.

Him: ‘I’m not going to last any longer. Rubber.’

He showed me how much control he has over himself with that statement. He is someone who can control and not desperate to get sex or pleasure. He understood well what our relationship allows us to do. I was unwilling, but his insistence secured me that a rubber would make this own session worth it – worry-free.

He pulled out as unwillingly as I was and capped on. He then made it up to me with his following rigor, giving my body even less time to savour his long rifle. Pleasure. One word to sum the madness after he placed protection between us.

As my mind was bombarded with electrifying signals, he didn’t slow down simply because he was on the verge of cumming. He did stop, right before he cummed.

‘No no no’, I whispered. It felt like everything I had was taken away from me, and he is the only one who could give it all back. Did he want me to finish him off with a blowjob? This shouldn’t be how it ends.

He smiled and plunged back in, pounding my life and desires back.

Him: ‘I’m cumming.’

And I held him closer than ever. I didn’t even know if I myself was cumming, it didn’t matter. Feeling his shotgun pumping like pistons of a car, his load filled the rubber up, warming my insides even more.

It was more than sex and pleasure. I understood what he meant when he said ‘appreciate sex’ now. He showed it to me through his actions. Everything made sense. ‘I do what I mean, even if I sometimes don’t mean what I say.’

We held on to each other for a while, I could tell he was tired. He was the one doing all the work. Now, another choice presented itself before me.

One, I could end it right there. Thank him and let him do what he is there to, change his clothes. Or I could thank him through my actions.

The second option feels right, he showed it to me, he did it for me.

I got up after he recovered a bit and asked him to sit down where I did. Kneeling Japanese style, I took his soften little dick and removed the sperm-filled condom before stroking it. Doing what I can for this boy who would protect the country.

Looking attentively at the smaller him, covered with his cum and a little of myself, I don’t want to imagine how would it taste. I want to taste it anyway. After it started growing a little, I devoured it and stuffed my nose into his glistering pubic, wet with our fluid.

As best as I could, I exercised my tongue in any possible motion to revive it. Within minutes, he was armed again. But he is not going to do anymore work. I placed a new condom I carried with me onto him for the last ride (for the day?).

I climbed over him and hopped onto his joystick, facing him to show him my insatiable horniness. Placing both my feet behind him, my full body weight is on him, it was no big issue. He’s stronger than I was.

I then start to grind him back and forth. His face was red, sweaty, but he knew very well it would take him longer to cum this round. I held onto his neck and lifted my ass up, preparing to go all out hammering him, slapping his thighs with my butt.

And I did so. Going for what seems like days, he showed no signs of climaxing anytime soon. I was enjoying him. Enjoying. No love. Just enjoyment. I put in every ounce of energy and thought into him. Determined to bring up his expectation of sex from other girls. I wonder why I did that though, never doing it to anyone else before.

Part of me want him to desire me, part of me wants him to regret that I’m not his.

Lasting another fifteen or so minutes, I felt his gun being loaded again. Just one round before and I could read his body.

Getting off, I knelt before him once again, and ripped the rubber away, taking his manhood as deep as I could. ‘What am I thinking? Taking this guy’s load down my throat. Does he deserve it?’

Him: ‘You’re having doubts. You don’t have to do it for me.’

He placed my hand on his thing and I jerked him off. Helping his thick tube ooze the precious soldiers out. I managed to prevent any from reaching into his pubs. And he was grateful. I could tell from his actions.

We washed up and got dressed. He was kind enough to let me watch him change into his performance attire, a smart-all-black outfit.

We walked to the auditorium before he pointed the way out for me. Sure enough, a little guilt caught up with me, but that is all I have to handle. No worry, and satisfied. Maybe all he wanted is sex, maybe all his talk is for show. But he did it well. And after that, he didn’t give any of his (hidden or not) agenda away.

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