By the Park

Katrina was a 29 year old lady working in Singapore. She was from Indonesia, and staying in a condominium with her siblings who were here before her. We met each other online, and were about to meet for the second time. 

We met at the MRT closest to her house and had a quick meal before buying three bottles of vodka for a walk in the new park at the vicinity. We knew what we were looking for, a quiet, dark, secluded space to have our little fun. 

Since the first time we met, I could only say she is a lady with skills. She would ask me to not do anything and close my eyes while she worked on my balls and dick. Making sure I felt nothing less than her master. I would expect her to take it in her mouth the first time. Since we were doing this solely for fun. 

We finally came to a park we had been to the previous time. And the playground by the road was the last resort. About a minute walk away was a shelter with some old folks. The park wasn’t empty. Every once in a while, a teenager or two will walk past, without noticing us though. 

Sitting high up right outside the entrance to the biggest slide you can find, our hands were roaming each others thighs. Finally stopping at our genitals for a massage. We did so for as long as it takes to make sure the surrounding is clear. 

Katrina was wearing shorts. Solution? She used her scarf made of thin material to cover her hips and then pull them low enough to reveal some pussy space between her legs. Well, all I needed to do was to pull my shorts lower. 

She sat onto me after another round of checks, trying her best to hold on and at the same time slide herself down onto me. She finally did so and it was the first time I had a girl on top. Believe it or not, she was small enough and light to a comfort. 

She starter bouncing up and down even before I scan the area. She didn’t stop at all. Holding onto whatever she could use to support herself, she pulled herself up and lowered herself down, moaning and tilting her head backwards in pleasure. 

Sad to say, I didn’t last very long in the excitement. We went on for a good twenty minutes before I felt the warmth gathering. She went even faster after I let her know despite there was no rubber between us. 

Within minutes, I came and flushed my sperms into her warm vagina. Everything about her showed me how much she enjoyed it. From her moans, throbbing pussy, flushed face, and even the urge for more. Sure enough, a mature woman is definitely more experienced. Somehow, she increased my expectation of sex, and also brought me to the haven of pleasure. 

How could I ever forget this experience with her? She had men before me, and now uses everything she knew to show me her world. 

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